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ISSN - 2391-9361

Volume 6, issue 2

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1 vol. 6, iss. 2/1

Interaction between excavated material and belt in mining belt conveyors - selected issues

Abstract: The subject of the paper is the phenomenon of interaction between excavated material and the belt in mining conveyor belts. The belt loaded by excavated material is deformed affecting in a number of operational parameters of the belt conveyor. The sag of the belt between the idlers is one of the important parameters describing the interaction between excavated material and the conveyor belt. The paper presents a modified test rig to identify the frictional contact between the excavated material and conveyor belt under forced vibrations. In the paper are given mathematical models in static and dynamic conditions describing the sag of the belt between the idlers.

Keywords: conveyor belt, friction test, coefficient of wall friction, elastomeric belt, belt sag
p. 11 pobierz
2 vol. 6, iss. 2/2

Sergiusz BORON
Current-carrying capacity of mining flexible cables at intermittent and short-time duty

Abstract: The basis for a selection of conductors’ cross section of mining power cables is the continuous current carrying capacity, resulting from continuous running duty of motors. Polish Standard for rated parameters of motors determines, besides the continuous running, other types of load that can be described numerically, graphically or by selecting one of the predefined types S1 to S10. In case of intermittent, short-time or variable load, the selection of the cable cross-section based on the continuous carrying capacity may lead to unjustified overestimation of cross section or excessive temperature rise of the cable insulation. The methodology for determining the intermittent or short-time current carrying capacity has been described in the article. Results of current carrying capacity calculations for intermittent load and of the time of cooling to an ambient temperature have been presented.

Keywords: current carrying capacity, mining power cables, intermittent and short-time duty
p. 21 pobierz
3 vol. 6, iss. 2/3

Piotr BUCHWALD, Piotr GOLICZ, Janusz ŚLIWA, Aleksandra KOWALIK
RESYS - a new telecommunications system designed for rescue teams

Abstract: In the article the authors present a new telecommunications system designed for rescue teams. RESYS system provides: phonic radio communications, data transmission and monitoring of rescuers involved in the rescue operations in underground mines. It was made in the scope of one of the tasks of a research project which was related with improvement of work safety in mines, entitled: "Develop a functional system of wireless rescue communication with the possibility of use in mine excavation exposed to the risk of methane or/and coal dust explosion”.

Keywords: mine rescue, rescue communication, rescue operations
p. 31 pobierz
4 vol. 6, iss. 2/4

Krzysztof SŁOTA
Evaluation of measurement of working parameters of cooler air - case study

Abstract: In the mining industry and for air cooling uses air coolers. The power of these devices has an impact on the parameters of the air after the transformation, but you can’t always talk about the correct operation of the device accepting to analyze only the air temperature. The aim of this study is to analyze the various parameters of the air flow through the cooler or the system-fan cooler will be presented before the impact of air parameters conversion parameters of the transformation. In the Mollier’s chart showing the change of the air as it passes through the cooler and the cooler-fan system. Assuming the constant air volume tspu temperature of 30°C (air temperature before cooling) and the constant cooling air temperature tszu of 20°C and three different relative humidities: tpu1 = 100%, tpu2 = 75% and tpu3 = 60% difference enthalpy heat between the first and the third case is almost 210%. The study is a diagram of the air flow through the cooler or cooler-fan system, using the Mollier’s chart. Shown in a case study, it was assumed constant temperature of the air before and after the transformation, and the variable was the relative humidity of the air. It has been shown that the size of the cooling capacity is highly variable, and the difference between the minimum and maximum values can be very large.

Keywords: air conditioning, mining aerology, air coolers
p. 42 pobierz
5 vol. 6, iss. 2/5

Computer simulation of dynamic loads in the selected constructional nodes of a boom–type roadheader body when carrying out the mining process

Abstract: Boom–type roadheaders represent the fundamental group of working machines used in underground hard coal mining for drilling of dog headings. The cutting process, especially of rocks with low workability, is causing strong dynamic loads likely to lead to low effectiveness of a roadheader‘s work and to the failure of its key subassemblies due to significant loads exerted on them. The identification of dynamic states of a roadheader body when carrying out the mining process – a machine treated as a complex dynamic object – is therefore of fundamental importance in the context of designing such machines and for optimising the parameters of working processes performed by them. The article presents the selected results of computer simulations of R-130 roadheader body dynamics when carrying out the cutting of rocks with differentiated workability. Such situation is common in drilling dog headings in rock mass with a layered structure, where easily workable rocks (such as for instance hard coal) are accompanied by rocks difficult to work with (for example sandstones). The examples are presented of dynamic characteristics of the drive of boom deflection mechanisms which are responsible, apart from the drive of cutting heads, for performing the cutting process effectively. The sensitivity of the boom deflection mechanism drive to the cutting process implementation conditions was also established.

Keywords: roadheader, cutting process, simulation model, dynamic load, computer
p. 54 pobierz
6 vol. 6, iss. 2/6

Analytical determination of the average strength of cuts made with transverse heads of roadheader

Abstract: The research conducted at the Institute of Mining Mechanisation, Faculty of Mining and Geology, Silesian University of Technology pertaining to reduction of energy consumption of cutting by controlled movement of cutting heads include the cutting of a rock block made of equivalent materials with various compressive strength, made of five layers inclined diagonally in relation to the floor. The article presents a method of analytical determination of geometrical parameters of cuts made with transverse heads of a roadheader and of the cut position relative to the floor and to the boom’s longitudinal axis. This enables to determine the limit of layers in the cut cross section, hence the average compressive strength of rock in this cross section. The examples of calculations of average strength of cut performed on a test station were made.

Keywords: roadheader, cutting process, geometry of cuts, rock mass with layered structure, determination of average strength of cut rocks
p. 68 pobierz
7 vol. 6, iss. 2/7

Krzysztof FILIPOWICZ, Mariusz KUCZAJ
The influence of metal flexible coupling on selected parameters of drive system start-up

Abstract: Machinery for mining and haulage of excavated material are the main core of mine mechanized complex. The nature of the work of these machinery is characterized by frequent starts-up. Start-up stage adversely affects the drive system assemblies. The aim of the overload protection them is used flexible couplings. The Institute of Mining Mechanization Silesian University of Technology has developed a new design of the torsionally flexible coupling. Unlike other currently manufactured couplings it's characterized by a relatively large angle of relative displacement of the members. The article presents the results of research that show the impact of drive system start-up on the electrical parameters of the power supply of a drive motor and the effect of dynamic load of gear transmission system. The measurements were performed for different values of braking torque to simulate operation of the drive system under load. Based on analyzes conducted of research results were formulated a number of specific conclusions. Finally, it has been shown that the application of the new design coupling has a positive effect on the work parameters of basic drive system assemblies such as an electric motor and gearbox.

Keywords: torsionally flexible coupling, drive system, start the drive system
p. 80 pobierz
8 vol. 6, iss. 2/8

Analysis of behavior of mine rescuers before and after the rescue on the basis of surveys

Abstract: The article presents the results of the survey on the behavior, response and feel under stress. Each rescue operation is analyzed individually due to the factors that influence its course. From the point of psychology, an important element is to maintain a lifeguard, his reactions not only before and during the action but also carried out the rescue operation. With the survey you could analyze feelings of rescuers involved in the rescue operations.

Keywords: rescue, mining, behavior, psychology, survey
p. 93 pobierz
9 vol. 6, iss. 2/9

Stereovision methods in granulometric analysis

Abstract: Stereovision is a way of three-dimensional image acquisition based on the imitating the operation of the human visual system. The article discusses basic stereovision principles and the concept of application of this method to the granulometric analysis of the surface layer of a particulate material stream on a moving conveyor belt. Through the use of of the belt movement it is possible to design a simple stereovision system with a single high resolution camera, recording two pictures within a short time interval. There have been presented some results of preliminary tests performed on a laboratory stand. There have been also described the advantages and disadvantages of stereovision methods compared with other types of three-dimensional images acquisition methods. The main advantage is a low hardware complexity, relatively low cost and high resolution of recorded images, but the main drawback - high computational complexity for images involving a large number of particles (fine granulometric classes), associated with the need to identify the corresponding points in the sequence of two successive images.

Keywords: stereovision, image analysis, particle size distribution
p. 103 pobierz
10 vol. 6, iss. 2/10

Method of testing the influence of unstability on resistance to motion of longwall shearer

Abstract: In this paper there is presented original method of stability testing, which is based on sense of reactions in supports. Program called GeneSiS can calculate forces in every cutting pick, and reduce all the forces into three forces and three momentums in chosen co-ordinate system. These three reduced forces and three reduced momentums are active forces of longwall shearer drums. Reatcions are calculated based on spatial model of longwall shearer. The article features the influence of chosen parameters (such as wall high and haulage speed) on stability of KSW-880E longwall shearer. This method allows to include features, such as: lomgwall height and inclination, cutability of coal, diameter and web of cutting drums.

Keywords: longwall shearer, stability, resistance of motion
p. 114 pobierz
11 vol. 6, iss. 2/11

Simulation model of a radiometric density meter

Abstract: Radiometric density meters are widely used in the industry to monitor different technological processes also in coal preparation such as: Heavy-media separation, Jigging, Flotation. Operation of the radiometric density meters is based on the method of gamma radiation absorption. The measuring head of the radiometric density meter consists of a radiation source and a detector usually in the form of a scintillation counter. The output signal from the detector is sequence of pulses which is always a stochastic signal with Poisson distribution. These pulses are often counted by a counter being a kind of a low-pass digital filter. The relation between the measured medium density and the mean intensity of registered pulses is theoretically exponential. In the paper there has been presented a simulation model of the radiometric density meter. There have been described the measurement method and given densitometer model equations. Example simulation results have also been presented in a graphic form.

Keywords: radiometric density meter, Poisson distribution, counter, low-pass digital filter
p. 126 pobierz
12 vol. 6, iss. 2/12

Sets of machines and systems for sinking the II underground coal storage bunker in the JSW S.A. KWK “Pniówek” coal mine

Abstract: The article presents the sets of machines and systems for sinking the II underground coal storage bunker at the level of 830 m in the JSW S.A. KWK “Pniówek” coal mine and the analysis of the conditions related to the sinking of the bunker. The small distance between the first bunker and the newly built bunker, that is only 30 m, turned out to constitute a technical difficulty. This distance resulted in the withdrawal from the traditional method of driving using explosives and forced a proposal to apply a new technology of driving without the use of explosives as well as the selection of machines and devices. The innovative solutions that have been applied had to guarantee that the structure of the existing tank I would remain intact and that the space between the elements of the concrete enclosure would be completely filled. The sets of machines and devices related to the construction of the bunker have been compared depending on the selected variant of sinking technology. Based on the conducted analysis of the conditions related to the construction of the bunker and the sinking technologies, the use of machines and devices fulfilling the specified requirements has been proposed.

Keywords: design of sinking, technology of sinking without using explosives, underground coal storage bunker, sets of machines and devices for sinking a bunker
p. 135 pobierz
13 vol. 6, iss. 2/13

Determination of static characteristics of multichamber flow flotation machines

Abstract: Determining the static characteristics of the enrichment process in industrial flotation machines is a difficult problem because of the influence of many parameters on the process. It is assumed that a parameter which contains information about the factors affecting the process is the velocity coefficient k of the flotation particles. This parameter is characterized by distribution of the particles flotability f(k). The function of this type is obtained based on the course of the kinetics of the mass feed components in the batch flotation process. Determining a function f (k) is carried out indirectly by a mathematical model based on the course of flotation kinetics m(t). The determined parameters of the kinetics model are also the parameters of the model of the distribution density function of the coal particles flotability. Based on previous works has been shown that the feed heterogeneity can be well characterized by the model of the triangular distribution function f (k). Using the distribution of the particles flotability it can determine the distribution of the ash content depending on changes of the coefficient of the flotation velocity. On the basis of these dependencies can be determined the static characteristics of the flow flotation machine. The static characteristics of single and multi-chamber of the flow flotation machine in the paper have been presented. Obtained on the basis of simulation the static characteristics of the concentrate recovery and ash content in the concentrate depending on changes in the intensity of the air are similar to the characteristics determined by the authors based on the research of the industrial flotation machines. Knowledge of the characteristics of the density of the fractions distribution together with the distribution of ash content will allow a better assessment of the phenomena occurring in the enrichment process. The static characteristics of the single and multi-chamber flotation flow machines determined on the basis of these models can be used in the design of systems of the process control of the minerals flotation.

Keywords: models of the kinetics flotation, coefficient of the flotation velocity, density function of the distribution of the coal particles flotability, static characteristics of the flow flotation machines
p. 150 pobierz
14 vol. 6, iss. 2/14

Carbon footprint levels analysis for the world and for the EU countries

Abstract: The increase in the world population and global economies causes a permanent increase in demand for electricity. The basic fossil fuels for the electricity production in the world are oil, coal, natural gas and other such as: nuclear power and renewable energy. Burning fossil fuels causes greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute in varying degrees to global warming. The aim of the article is to analyze the carbon footprint for the world and for the EU countries. The article contains the characteristics of the concept of the carbon footprint, which is the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, e.g. methane and nitrous oxide in relation to emissions resulting from the product life cycle, including its storage and disposal. The carbon footprint is quantitative and universal indicator, which can be calculated for the enterprise, a specific product, service, process, organization, country or region. The paper also presents a comparative analysis of this index for different countries in the world and in the EU. Calculations of the carbon footprint in total and per capita are shown which significantly differentiates assessment of world economies in terms of emissions.

Keywords: carbon footprint, CF, Greenhouse gases, GHG emissions
p. 160 pobierz
15 vol. 6, iss. 2/15

Research of risk diversification of accidents at work for example of analysis of accidents statistics for mining industry and Poland

Abstract: The publication presents an analysis of statistics on accidents at work in the mining industry and in Poland, which is based on data from the Central Statistical Office entitled "Accidents at Work". The study used criteria for absolute analysis, based on the comparison of selected measures of accidents rate (number and consequences of accidents), and ratio analysis, based on the comparison of selected indexes of accidents rate (indexes of frequency, index of severity, index of risk). The work includes the results of comparative analysis of occupational accidents rate in Poland for the years 2005-2015, taking into account total accidents, fatal accidents and serious accidents.

Keywords: accidents at work, accidents statistics, mining, Poland
p. 169 pobierz
16 vol. 6, iss. 2/16

Zbigniew SŁOTA
Safety underground tourism routes in ZKWK "Guido" – proposal for survey

Abstract: ZKWK "Guido" which is part of the Museum of Coal Mining in Zabrze is unique in the world. In addition to presenting the monuments of mining technology on the surface of the earth provides tourists underground roads. At present ZKWK "Guido" provides several underground tourist routes. Most are located on level 170 (the work of the miners at the turn of the century in the area of Silesia, the hazard of mines, mining traditions) and 320 (excavation maintained in a position as close as possible to the original). Level 355 (opened on 4th February 2016 years) can be visited either during the so-called "szychta" (visitors in work clothes with a guide-miner perform simple jobs mining), or as so-called "darkness of the mine" (visitors receive a personal lamp and visit the route in the dark). The aim of the article is to propose a survey on the safety of tourist routes in the mind of the visitors themselves, together with the results of pilot studies carried out in ZKWK "Guido." For this purpose, a special questionnaire (as contained in the work), which included questions concerning three main areas: general security (including the respondents were asked about the signs and lighting routes, elements that may constitute a danger to the public, the symptoms of malaise, behawior guide), events potentially dangerous (trips, falls, hitting his head and other dangerous occurrences), and the satisfaction of tourists (satisfaction with tours, attractions, sense of security, other comments on safety). Based on the developed survey was conducted a pilot study in ZKWK "Guido" among 100 randomly selected visitors to the different routes in underground mines. The test results are provided in the charts, taking into account also the gender, age and education of respondents. The survey was anonymous, and its fulfillment voluntary. The results of the pilot survey should allow for refinement of the survey, the results of which can become an indicator of the problem areas, the safety of tourist routes in the feelings of visitors, require attention from policy-makers at the Museum of Coal Mining in Zabrze.

Keywords: underground tourist routes, safety, historic mines, survey
p. 178 pobierz
17 vol. 6, iss. 2/17

Influence of frequency innverters on operation of induction motors in mine environment

Abstract: The paper contains analysis of cooperation between induction motors with the intermediate frequency inverters that supply them. In the mine environment, parasitic elements of the cables, parameters of the filters’ elements, and a method of control over inverter transistors have an impact on the regime of motors fed by the intermediate frequency inverters. An important feature of such a converter is that it is not a source of sinusoidal voltage. Deformation of voltage output is a result of inverter transistors being switched up multiple times with pulse – width modulation (PWM) control. Large steepness of the converter output rising voltage is related to switching of the transistors. The steepness reaches values of up to a dozen or so kV on μs. Such a large steepness of output rising voltage can cause passage of large capacitive currents. The paper discusses also the influence of the parameters of individual cables on values of the overvoltages and earth leakage currents. Various ways to limit this negative phenomena (overvoltage, the earth leakage current) are also discusses in the paper.

Keywords: intermediate frequency inverter, inverter, PWM, induction motor, overvoltage, the earth leakage current
p. 188 pobierz
18 vol. 6, iss. 2/18

Impact of mining work conditions in health of employees work in coal mine

Abstract: In the article on the basis of statistical data on pensions charged of Social Insurance Fund endeavors to point out that the conditions of work may have an impact on life expectancy and the production capacity of employees.

Keywords: safety in workplace, hazards in the mining industry, pension privileges, mining pensions
p. 197 pobierz
19 vol. 6, iss. 2/19

Stress among employees professional mining – proposal for survey in coal mines

Abstract: For many people, professional work is a source of strong emotions. Anger, wrath, anxiety, fear or nervousness strong perception disorganize and disrupt thinking and execution activities. Indirectly affect the perpetration of a variety of errors, including the accident. Therefore, an important element is the identification and elimination in the workplace causes of occupational stress and immunization of humans under stress. The article presents the problems associated with occupational stress among employees of coal mines. Describes the general concept of stress and occupational stress, as well as stressors or stimuli that trigger the body's response. Presents the health effects associated with occupational stress and the effect of stress on the functioning of the company. The article presents a proposal for the survey regarding the occupational stress among employees of mining. Included in the survey it consists of three parts endearing following problem areas: physical environment, social factors working environment and stress factors caused by poor work organization. The survey takes the form of an open and anonymous. Respondents may provide one or more of the answers given, or they can express their opinion. Research will include a representative, randomly selected group of people employed in positions of underground and will be carried out on a periodic safety training. In addition, studies will be included information on age, length of service (including in the mining industry) and education unions. Surveys regarding occupational stress make it possible to take appropriate preventive measures in order to identify and eliminate occurring in the mining industry job stressors. Will see that stress is a problem for both individual employees and the entire company. Employers will help in the design of appropriate working conditions with limited potential to cause stress and give possibility to equip employees with the knowledge and skills to handle the stress.

Keywords: stress, occupational stress, stressors, questionnaire
p. 205 pobierz
20 vol. 6, iss. 2/20

Dariusz MUSIOŁ
Price of implementing preventative measures against aerologic hazard compared to coal prices under conditions of one of the hard coal mines

Abstract: The study shows the cost incurred by coal mining companies in order to increase security of work environment by utilizing preventative measures against aerologic hazards. Three mining faces of one of the mines have been characterized, where mining work was being conducted at the same time period and under similar mining and geological conditions with comparable aerologic hazards. There has been an indication that there is an analogical range of preventative measures implemented that limit an impact of existing hazards on production process. The cost of preventative measures has been analyzed. Calculated the cost of indicators. Indicated size the cost of preventative measures on coal prices.

Keywords: mining, aerological threats, preventive work, the costs of preventive work
p. 214 pobierz
21 vol. 6, iss. 2/21

Andrzej NOWROT
The technical capacity of the wide-band analysis application to prediction of rock burst and mining tremor

Abstract: The underground rock burst and mining tremor are well-known phenomenon, which are a serious threat to beneath the underground people and can cause significant economical losses. The early enough detection of approaching dangerous would significantly improve the safety of the crew and it would reduce economic losses. Unfortunately, they have not yet developed sufficiently effective systems for prediction of these phenomena. However, the rats that live in the underground of the mine can detect the coming dangerous much earlier in relation to so far used equipments. unique ability of these rodents largely due to the possibility of their senses for the registration of mechanical vibrations in a wide range of infrasound to ultrasound. An important technical problem in the development of devices mimicking the senses rat to obtain adequate sensitivity and resolution of the detector in the low frequency range while ensuring appropriate the signal to noise ratio.The paper presents the concept of construction wideband micro-vibrations detector as a part of the seismic hazards prediction system.

Keywords: prediction, MEMS, wide-band analysis
p. 224 pobierz
22 vol. 6, iss. 2/22

Grzegorz PACH
Substitute characteristics of ventilators in the forced airflow problems

Abstract: In this article the results of the research on the substitutive characteristics of ventilators have been presented. There has been reminded the basics knowledge concerning the forced airflow (the old name: mine network regulation) and different kinds of solutions applied to it. There has also been presented the possibility of using substitutive characteristics in the matter of forced airflow in the mine ventilation nets and especially in the case of appearing the dependent currents of used air uniting the subnets of fans of the main venting. Above mentioned characteristics can be presented as dependencies of the volume of the air in a chosen ventilatory branches and the required pressure drop of the fans which are to maintain the requested beforehand amount of air in the branches where its usage takes place. Another form are the characteristics allowing to define the output power of each fan and the aggregate output power of all the fans in the main venting in the mine with respect to the cubic amount of air in a chosen branches. In the article there has been presented a calculative example for the ventilatory net comprising two fans of the main venting whose subnets are interlinked in the area of the used air. Attention has been drawn to the possibility of using the titulary characteristics in lowering the costs of ventilating the mine and at the same time in maintaining the fixed and safe amount of air in the place of its reception, i.e. in the excavating regions or functional chambers.

Keywords: mine ventilation network, forced airflow, dependent air currents in mine ventilation network, fan useful power, mine ventilation network optimization
p. 232 pobierz
23 vol. 6, iss. 2/23

Simulation of impact of gob shield load on the load bearing capacity of a powered roof support’s section

Abstract: The article presents the simulation of the impact of load exerted on gob shield on the load bearing capacity of a powered roof support’s section. The resultant force of the pressure of gob on the gob shield was calculated by assuming that the load may be understood as a pressure of ground on a wall. While comparing the calculations of load with the previously applied methods, it is a new approach of, as it gives consideration to all forces in the support’s section – rock mass system. The work includes calculations and analyses of the load bearing capacity characteristics of a section of powered roof support in case of load of a collapsed gob on the gob shield and lack thereof. The simulation utilizes a general model of a powered roof support's section and a method of calculating the load bearing capacity of the support in the conditions of a given wall – giving consideration to the increase of the force in props depending on the increase of the inclination angle of the canopy.

Keywords: powered roof support’s section, shield, load bearing capacity characteristics of a section
p. 247 pobierz
24 vol. 6, iss. 2/24

Joachim PIELOT
The influence of analog low-pass filtering in the measurement circuits on the signal parameters

Abstract: Measurements of various physical quantities are usually performed so at first instantaneous values of the measured quantity are converted into instantaneous values of the electrical voltage, and then this voltage signal is transmitted to the analog-to-digital converter through the measurement channel. However – in the measurement practice – it happens, that inadequate attention is paid to the issues of the signal filtering in measuring channels, or this filtering is performed in an improper manner. In this paper has been presented an analysis of the analog low-pass filtering impact on the useful signal parameters and noise signal parameters in the measurement channels. First, there has been analyzed an influence of this low-pass filtering using a 1st order RC filter with no load and with load at the filter output. Then there has been compared an operation of passive RC filters of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd order. Since the operational efficiency of the passive filters is often insufficient, there has been provided an example of the higher order active filters operation.

Keywords: low-pass filtering, analog filters, anti-aliasing filters
p. 257 pobierz
25 vol. 6, iss. 2/25

Tuning of the PI controller in discharge of products control system in JIG - selected aspects

Abstract: The study briefly characterized the jig distribution zone as an control object. Accepted for research purposes, incremental algorithm of the digital PI controller has been described. Also, issues related to setting the digital PI controller have been discussed. Then, for the purpose of simulation, controller settings based on the identified parameters of linear model has been chosen. In the rest of the paper two cases of changes to the separation density were examined. In order to make a comparative analysis, positional algorithm with the antiwindup compensator has been used. The results of simulation studies were presented in graphical timelines of the control variable. At the end, the effects of control for both algorithms were compared.

Keywords: coal enrichment in jig, PI controller, windup phenome
p. 273 pobierz
26 vol. 6, iss. 2/26

Krzysztof TWARDOCH, Artur NAWRAT
Influence of the intersegment scale on interaction of drive gear with a rack with an oval cross-section pins at the eicotrack haulage mechanism – FEM analysis

Abstract: The article presents a proposal for numerical analysis of the interaction of drive gear with a rack with an oval cross-section pins at the EICOTRACK haulage mechanism with two drive wheels (2BP) taking into account the influence of changes of the intersegment scale. The 2BP chainless haulage system was modeled in three-dimensional CAD environment by creating geometrical 3D models of the drive gear and rack pins. Due to the complicated meshing process and long FEA, resulting from the computational complexity, model of 2BP mechanism has been simplified. The aim of the FEM analysis, carried out in ANSYS Workbench, was to determine the values of intermesh force and directions of its impact during the feed for the simulated changes in pitch between the rack segments. The first part of the paper presents the EICOTRACK type chainless haulage system applied in longwall shearers, which is produced in Poland under the name 2BP. Then shown by the way of parameterization spatial 3D model of 2BP mechanism in ANSYS. It was conducted by the consecutive steps of modeling the interaction parameters relating to the drive gear with rack pins included the contact modeling, boundary conditions etc. Model discretization was made by sharing the continuum of solid model into finite elements. Forces acting on the drive gear was modeled. Tests were performed using a quasi-dynamic model by using the Finite Element Method. The results of FEM analysis are illustrated graphically in the form of characteristics a vertical component of intermesh force.

Keywords: EICOTRACK, 2BP, haulage system, drive gear, rack, oval pins, longwall shearer, CAD, MES
p. 283 pobierz
27 vol. 6, iss. 2/27

Programming aspects of integration of minedispatcher systems

Abstract: In the control rooms of mining operate a variety of telecommunications systems. These systems can work under the supervision of the THOR dispatcher system, which ensures their integration and unified processing and presentation of data to the user. The article presents important issue, which is the communication between autonomous systems and THOR dispatcher system. It explains the structure, activities and tasks of the communication drivers, dedicated computer programs, that perform the functions of communication between systems. Presents developed methods and protocols for communication between systems used in existing mining installations.

Keywords: integration of dispatcher systems, monitoring and visualization, communication protocols
p. 301 pobierz
28 vol. 6, iss. 2/28

Risk connected with electric threats in the coal mining

Abstract: According to data collected between 2011-2015 there have been fifteen accidents in coal mines, where the effect was electrical arc burns. State Mining Authority exactly publishes the event of the electric arc and simultaneously, in this way, imposes preventive measures which have in view improving the health and safety at work. As a preventive action suggested by an author of this dissertation is a modernization of an equipment in order to avoid the socalled ‘bridging’ and the introduction of a new risk assessment in the electro mechanical department taking under consideration all possible risks occurring in the branch.

Keywords: electric threats, job security, occupational hazard
p. 314 pobierz
29 vol. 6, iss. 2/29

Distribution logistics in mining companies

Abstract: The paper describes Polish coal market and presents the organization of the coal distribution in mining companies. Presented analysis was conducted on the example of Katowicki Holding Węglowy. The results allowed the authors to identify methods of distribution that will enable companies to survive in a competitive market.

Keywords: mining, distribution, distribution channels, distribution logistics
p. 324 pobierz
30 vol. 6, iss. 2/30

New possibilities of the rescue tasks realization by the specialist rescue teams of CSRG S.A.

Abstract: In this article authors have presented a specialist rescue teams of Central Mines Rescue Station JSC., their equipment and situations forcing to obtain the new rescue equipment which is necessary for carry out rescue tasks in a safe way.

Keywords: mining, mine rescue, rescue action, specialist rescue teams
p. 334 pobierz


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