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1 1(13)/2016/1

Selected satellite remote sensing methods in environmental monitoring of mining areas

Abstract: Environmental protection and monitoring in mining areas is a complex issue which includes a variety of aspects, as a consequence of complicated activities related to the mining of mineral resources. A degradation of environment is different depending on areas where hard coal is mined and where lignite is mined in open cast mines. Among others, related main environmental problems are: subsidence, fire hazard on heaps of coal wastes, soil moisture changes, land use changes and complex environmental degradation caused by one or more of the above-mentioned factors. Investigating and monitoring of those aspects of environment in the mining areas, especially over the vast areas, using field methods, is difficult, time consuming and expensive. Systematic using of remote sensing methods, especially based on satellite data, as supplementary or even as primary methods instead of field measurements can save a lot of money. An undoubted advantage of remote sensing is acquiring of information at virtually the same time, which ensures consistency of time of the measurements. It is very important in monitoring of phenomena with high time variability (such as soil moisture). Another advantage is possibility to analyze initial state of environment using historical data for many years ago. Remote sensing methods are also convenient tools for planning, supervising and monitoring the rehabilitation of degraded areas.

Keywords: mine areas monitoring, satellite remote sensing, subsidence, soil moisture
p. 11 pobierz
2 1(13)/2016/2

Development of magnetic technologies in shale gas extraction

Abstract: The paper presents the current and potential use of magnetic materials and methods of shale gas exploration and exploitation. Furthermore, with reference to the main objective, the principle of the hydraulic fracturing process, as a way of shale gas exploration, was outlined.

Keywords: shale gas, hydraulic fracturing, magnetism, magnetic materials, mining technologies
p. 25 pobierz
3 1(13)/2016/3

Mine rescue during difficult period of mining industry restructuring

Abstract: The article’s goal is to analyze the basic rules of the Polish mine rescue operations within the structures from the time of its creation in 1907 through changing organization forms within 100 years in connection with ownership changes in the coalmining industry, legal regulations including the amendment to the Labour Law and the Geology and Mining Law to the present times. On the basis of that analysis the author has drawn several conclusions concerning the Polish mine rescue operating rules in difficult times of restructuring of the mining industry as well as conclusions for the future. The conclusions are included in the main text in bold.

Keywords: mine rescue, mining industry restructuring, work safety
p. 38 pobierz
4 1(13)/2016/4

Witold BIAŁY
Registering coal cutting force using the POU-BW/01-WAP device

Abstract: This article presents the structure and operating principle of a globally unique device which allows for the measurement of forces involved in the process of cutting (coal breaking), named POU-BW/01-WAP by the author. It is the only device in the world which makes it possible to directly determine the value of the two component forces involved in the coal cutting process: the cutting force Fs and the contact force between the pick and the coal solid Fd. Determining the value of the forces involved in the cutting process is possible with the use of two independent measurement blocks, each consisting of strain gauges. The forces were measured using a tangential-rotary pick utilised in drum shearers. The calibration process of force strain gauges has been described and the results of verification research presented. The device has been approved with the ATEX certificate, which allows it to be operated in real environment as a device intended for use in explosive atmospheres in accordance with the 94/9/EC directive.

Keywords: cutting force measurement, strain gauge measurement, measurement device, head calibration, result verification
p. 50 pobierz
5 1(13)/2016/5

Reducing dust concentration in mines

Abstract: An important and most frequently used means of dust disposal in mines is water spray. Recently, it was found that its efficient operation depends on the relation between the size of the dust grains and water drops. The article gives examples showing that at the current level of water jet design, this requirement is not met. This leads to the conclusion that it is necessary to develop a new type of nozzles.

Keywords: dust concentration, nozzle, dust particles
p. 65 pobierz
6 1(13)/2016/6

Joachim KOZIOŁ
Factors determining the energy use of coal

Abstract: Presented circumstances conducive to safety as the element of quality of life. Analyzed objective factors, ie. independent of the executive bodies governing mining and energy as well as subjective factors on which these bodies may be affected. It summarizes the conclusions concerning the possibility of the use of coal.

Keywords: factors of coal utilization, energy security
p. 73 pobierz
7 1(13)/2016/7

The shutdown of the main fan at the locality Sviadnov, the Paskov mine, OKD, a.s. – Czech republic

Abstract: The article deals with the reduction of the mine ventilation network, thereby saving electricity in connection with the shutdown of the main fan at the locality Sviadnov,the Paskov mine based on moving mining activities to the takes of a pit Staříč and Chlebovice, the Paskov Mine, OKD, a.s. (Ostrava-Karviná Mines).

Keywords: underground mine, ventilation, main mine fan, mine safety
p. 84 pobierz
8 1(13)/2016/8

The process of employees preparation to safety executing their work baseing on coal mine example

Abstract: In the following article has been shown a process of newly employed workers to safety executing their work in a coal mine. In described company emphasis has been put on the safety at work improving including proper work adaptation, developing and improving employees skills, showing them dangers at work, courses and trainings.

Keywords: safety management, trainings, professional adaptation, human factor
p. 92 pobierz
9 1(13)/2016/9

Comprehensive solution of technological improvement of the progress of the longwall’s exploitation in 510/1 bed of C3 section in “Borynia-Zofiówka-Jastrzębie”, coal mine

Abstract: The paper presents the attempt at working out and putting into practise the comprehensive solution of technological improvement of the progress of the longwall’s exploitation in 510/1 bed of C3 section. In broad outline the paper describes the conception, the way of putting the solution into practise and obtained results.

Keywords: progress, costs, safety
p. 103 pobierz
10 1(13)/2016/10

The cooperation between local government units and mining industry. The case study ofcounty of Wodzisław Slaski

Abstract: The article is taking the issue of twelve-years-long cooperation between county of Wodzislaw Slaski and local coal mines in the area of vocational education of youth as an example of difficult relations between local government and mining industry in Poland.

Keywords: vocational education, job security, the cooperation between coal mines and secondary schools
p. 113 pobierz
11 1(13)/2016/11

Dariusz MUSIOŁ
Action on aerological prevention as a necessary element of expenditure on mining in the longwalls

Abstract: Characterized borne by the coal companies financial expenditures to improve safety. It pointed out the need for properly selected prophylaxis within aerological threats in the longwalls of supplies. Characterized example of two longwalls carried out under a coalmine in terms of ventilation hazards and applied preventive work limiting the impact of existing threats on the production process. We analyzed the cost of operations and preventive factors calculated costs used in prevention.

Keywords: mining, aerological threats, preventive work, the costs of preventive work
p. 122 pobierz
12 1(13)/2016/12

Lining of drums in belt conveyors and his influence on the transfer of tractive force

Abstract: At every point of contact between the belt and the drum, the equalization of velocities occurs, which manifests itself in creeping even in the case of relatively dry and clean contact surfaces. This leads to the development of heat absorbed by both the elements – the belt and the drum lining. In contrast to the belt, the temperature in the drum lining grows until a certain steady limit that depends on many factors is reached. If the temperature of surface of drum lining of about 60 0C is exceeded, structural changes in the material of this drum lining already occur, and at the next increase in the temperature, a danger of belt ignition and of the destruction of drive unit threatens. This can be avoided by lining the drum with new materials that eliminate friction on the contact surfaces and that are heat resistant.

Keywords: belt conveyor, ceramic lining, creeping
p. 138 pobierz
13 1(13)/2016/13

Analysis of changing mine fire development

Abstract: Mining coal seams in Polish coal mines are connected with natural hazards occurrence. One of this hazards is fire hazard resulting from mining combustible material. Each type of coal is more or less combustible. Although in recent years the number of fires has decreased significantly, the occurrence of fire in the underground mine is very dangerous. It endangers miners’ lives and also leads to substantial material damage. Usually the detection of fire is relatively quickly, because in mines CO-detection systems are used. However, it’s very important to take prompt decisions when a fire occurs in a mine. The most important thing is not to allow for the development of a fire. The analysis of changing in the mass of burned coal and prediction of fire gases temperature are conducted in the article. These analysis show that the best way to reduce the fire development is reducing significantly the volumetric airflow through the excavation with fire.

Keywords: underground mining fire, spontaneous fire, fire development, fire control by ventilation ways
p. 143 pobierz
14 1(13)/2016/14

The influence of mining working conditions on protections against electric shock

Abstract: The article presents the effects of electric current on the human body. The article analyzes the relationship between the parameters of the specific working conditions of mining, and the threat of electric shock. Analyzed the work of security in the form of a system of grounding protective conductors in the selected medium voltage switching stations in KWK Murcki-Staszic (exploitation levels on the 500 and 720 m). Analyzed the measurements of earth electrodes resistance in the area of selected switching stations and specified the actual touch voltage and compared with permissible touch voltage.

Keywords: impedance of the human body, electric shock, permissible touch voltage, earth electrode resistance, protection against electric shock, earthing system of protective conductor
p. 159 pobierz
15 1(13)/2016/15

Contribution to the assessment of mercury emissions from burning coal waste dumps

Abstract: Coal mining waste dumps are responsible for the emissions to the atmosphere of gases such as: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and the highest emission intensity occurs on the burning coal mining waste dumps [1, 2, 5, 6]. In the hard coal mining and processing waste dumps very often combustion can be observed. The fires are a direct outcome of applying inadequate dumping technology and depend on the physico-chemical properties of the dumped waste rock. The conducted analyses of the burning coal mining waste dumps leave no doubts: the burning dumps are also the source of mercury emissions. Unfortunately, so far in Poland not even estimations of the mercury emission level from this type of objects have been conducted and, thus, the scale of the problem is not known. The article presents the results of preliminary ratings scale problems as well as an estimate of annual mercury emissions from burning coal mining waste dumps in Poland.

Keywords: mercury emissions, coal waste, dump
p. 171 pobierz
16 1(13)/2016/16

Marian PONIEWIERA, Krzysztof SOKALLA, Magdalena WRÓBEL, Lucyna JUZEK
Designing of the shaft safety pillar based on numerical mineral deposit model

Abstract: The paper presents the possibility of use Numerical Deposit Model to design of the safety pillar for the ventilation shaft in an exemplary coal seam, based on the data from the boreholes.

Keywords: safety pillar, Numerical Mineral Deposit Model, TIN surfaces
p. 178 pobierz
17 1(13)/2016/17

Stanisław KONSEK, Krzysztof MACIOŃCZYK, Michał MENŻYK
Deepening the 8 shaft of „Jankowice” coal mine as a perspective of developening the mine after 2020

Abstract: The 8 shaft is the fundamental element of a mine model and putting it into operation would make it possible to eliminate the 6 shaft including the infrastucture and unblock resources being trapped in a protective pillar. The process of deepening the shaft with 8,5 m diameter was started in November 1987 and finished in August 1991. The shaft has been 731,76 m deep – from the shaft framework, simultaneously a single-sided inlet at the level of 250m and double-sided inlets at the levels of 400 m, 565 m and 700 m has been done. In September 2004, the mine obtained permission to shaft hoisting motion in the eastern range whereas in the first half of 2006 in the western range. In 2008 the contractor for the conceptual project of building levels 880 and 1070 m as well as technical and technological project of shaft deepening to 1103,7 m level was chosen. In November 2010, the realisation of technological excavations indispensable to 8 shaft deepening was started. These actions were finished in January 2013. Next, the work was ongoing, which was connected with a large-diameter hole drilling from 880 m level to 731,76 m level. Currently, the mine is performing the contract “Deepening the 8 shaft on measuring distance from 731,76 m level to 1103,7 m level, together with making a shaft housing and two double-sided inlets on 880 m level and 1070 m level, and also inbuilding shaft reinforcement for the Coal Mine joint-stock company, Branch Jankowice Coal Mine”.

Keywords: shaft, building, deepening, resources, future
p. 190 pobierz
18 1(13)/2016/18

Nikodem SZLĄZAK, Dariusz OBRACAJ, Justyna SWOLKIEŃ
Effectiveness of air conditioning systems in coal mines

Abstract: It is difficult to ensure stable parameters of microclimate by means of ventilation and air-conditioning in underground excavations. In the nearest future a further deterioration in ther-mal hazard in Polish coal mines can be expected as a result of mining at deeper and deeper levels. The aim of this article is to present used methods of climatic conditions control and to indicate errors in design. There are natural and technological heat flux sources in mine airways. High air temperature and humidity lead to worse climatic conditions. It results in slowing down some functions of a human organism, such as perception, concentration and attention. This unfavorable effect of air temperature and humidity on human body is known as thermal hazard. Problems connected with design of ventilation and cooling systems in underground mines are becoming more and more important.

Keywords: climatic hazard, underground air conditioning systems, effectiveness of air conditioning sys-tems
p. 202 pobierz
19 1(13)/2016/19

Piotr GŁUCH, Wojciech LEKAN
Integrated with the rock mass vertical supports

Abstract: Mining supports are often made on the outline breach of the excavation in the point connection of the rock mass. In the vertical overage technologies used execution of monolithic concrete casing when mining rock explosive don’t guarantee a full fusion of rock mass, which is fractured and stratification before the final casing. The article presents modern solutions applied practically covers the excavation of vertical units of the rock mass in order to obtain high performance in terms of system capacity of the housing complex of the rock mass.

Keywords: mining, construction and mining, shaft support
p. 217 pobierz
20 1(13)/2016/20

Analysis of physico-mechanical properties of hydromixtures prepared based on ashes from fluidized bed boilers regarding possibilities of liquidation of the underground excavations and cavities

Abstract: For many years in Polish coal mines there are succesfully used fine grade energy waste in form of ashed or water suspension, which are transported to selected places using pipelined gravity installations. One of this waste are ashes from fluidized boilers. Due to the pozzolanic properties, fly ashes can be used in mining technologies, which require filling selected underground cavities with material with required strength. According to some differences in physical properties of ashes, in this paper there are presented the results of hydromixtures’ researches made on the basis of the ashes in the three electricity boards.

Keywords: flying ashes, waste removal, filling cavities
p. 228 pobierz
21 1(13)/2016/21

Krzysztof KURUS, Monika STĘPIEŃ
Post-mining areas in the district of Gliwice – case study

Abstract: The aim of this article is to draw attention to the problem areas degraded by mining activities in the municipality of Gliwice. This article is a case study for three post-mining areas, which in varying degrees, actions were taken for the revitalization of these areas or they were completely abandoned. The article presents a comparison of selected areas and objective evaluation of the authors, which helped to determine the directions of their future development.

Keywords: post-mining areas, industrial areas, revitalization, land reclamation
p. 239 pobierz
22 1(13)/2016/22

The complexity of multidimensional enterprise performance measurement – contribution to further research

Abstract: Paper is based on research of literature in the field of efficiency. It discusses the issues of defining and measuring enterprise performance. Multidimensional approach was presented. The paper indicates the directions for further research in the field of the relation between interorganizational cooperation and firm’s performance.

Keywords: efficiency, performance, measurement
p. 248 pobierz
23 1(13)/2016/23

The experience of the Zakład Odmetanowania Kopalń „ZOK” sp. z o.o. w Jastrzębiu-Zdroju, in the design and construction of surface and underground methane drainage stations

Abstract: The article presents the essence of methane drainage using surface and underground methane drainage stations. The solutions used nowadays in mines have been described with the division because of the range of scope and their location on: the central surface stations, central underground stations and local methane drainage stations. It presents the history of the devices and their operation in relation to modern solutions with an indication of improvement in the gas parameters that is sent to the recipient and the capacity of its economic usage. Equipment and technological solutions are described on the basis of long-standing practice of the Zakład Odmetanowania Kopalń “ZOK” Sp. z o.o.

Keywords: methane drainage, methane drainage stations
p. 255 pobierz
24 1(13)/2016/24

Methane and ventilation analysis, as a tool for the ongoing assessment of the level of methane hazard in coal mines

Abstract: The paper presents selected results of the research conducted in the framework of the AVENTO project, funded by the Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). one of the objectives of this project was to develop the principles and conduct ventilation-methane balances for the operated longwalls areas based on the data registered by the automatic methane sensors and the velocity of the ventilating air. For methane hazard assessment an indicator was proposed, which is the ratio of the ventilation methane bearing capacity to the criteria methane bearing capacity. Increase of this indicator indicates an increase of methane hazard level. Based on the results of the research of methane-ventilation balancing an algorithm for assessment and visualization of methane hazard in the areas of the active longwalls was developed.

Keywords: safety, mining, ventilation, methane hazard, analysis, assessment
p. 267 pobierz
25 1(13)/2016/25

Professional burnout syndrome – identification, division, results and ways of counteracting

Abstract: The article includes general characteristics of job burnout, description and symptoms of professional burnout syndrome as well as ways of counteracting the syndrome.

Keywords: job burnout, professional burnout syndrome
p. 279 pobierz
26 1(13)/2016/26

Krzysztof KOTWICA, Paweł MENDYKA
Accessing ore deposits using TBM machines

Abstract: The article presents the possibilities annd problems connected with accesing mineral deposits with decline shafts using gripper type full diameter TBM Machines as well as closed shields and Multi-mode ones.

Keywords: ore deposits accessing, TBM machines, EPB shields, slurry shields, multi-mode TBM
p. 287 pobierz
27 1(13)/2016/27

Krzysztof KUŚ, Arkadiusz KRÓLICKI
The reduction of the climatic threat for example, the building the collective air-conditioning in the coal layer 405 in the region L

Abstract: The reports talks about the collective air–conditioning of the headings and the longwalls in the region L in the southern district of the “Halemba-Wirek” mine. According to the research applying to the temperature scheme in the exploiting headings and longwalls it shown that the air cooling in the coal-headings is highly necessary. Basing on the temperature thread analysis the need of the air – conditioning power for the headings and the longwalls in the L region was estimated. The air conditioning system for the headings and the longwalls will be based on the cooling units producing icy water. The water will be sent by water pipelines to the air – cooling radiators located in the headings and the longwalls situated in the exploiting region L. The temperature of the condensation from the cooling units will be sent to the mine dewatering system.

Keywords: climatic threat, collective air–conditioning
p. 302 pobierz
28 1(13)/2016/28

Andrzej Józef LIS
The industrial revolution in Europe, in the former polish lands and in upper Silesia

Abstract: This article describes the social and economic changes in Europe and Poland in the 18th and 19th centuries. It presents the period of the industrial revolution in cause and effect categories. The article discusses the most important technical discoveries and their influence on the development of industry (textile, coal, metallurgy), agriculture (large-scale mechanized agriculture) as well as their indirect impact on social change (urbanization, development of industrial districts, inflow of the rural population into cities, liberation of peasantry, formation of new social classes- the middle-class, factory owners, laborers). The article also demonstrates the geographic diversification of the industrial revolution, with Great Britain and the USA leading the way. The geographically diversified industrial revolution also included the former Polish lands (i.e. Polish territory belonging to three different countries, the economies of which were completely different from one other – Germany, with a thriving economy, Russia which remained far behind in terms of innovation, and Austria with a slow-growing economy) with its developing Upper Silesia region.

Keywords: the industry in the XIXth century
p. 314 pobierz
29 1(13)/2016/29

Paweł ŚWIERK, Konrad FOKS, Marcin WILCZAK, Wiesław ZIEWIECKI
Monitoring of machinery and equipment work

Abstract: This study shows the implementation of the Electromechanical Supervision Center (CNE) in the "Piast" mine, and selected examples of existing applications used to monitor the essential parameters of the manufacturing process.

Keywords: Electromechanical Supervision Center, visualization, ATVisio, DEMKop
p. 324 pobierz
30 1(13)/2016/30

Underground radio communication systems

Abstract: Described selected radio systems used in mining, including in particular those that use free propagation and directional one with leaky feeder cable. Also presented systems based on standard WLAN in the mines.

Keywords: telecommunications in mining, radio communication, leaky feeder cable, wireless net-works
p. 337 pobierz
31 1(13)/2016/31

Damian CZOIK
The risk of entrepreneur mining activity related to hiring employees

Abstract: Managing a business is linked with various risks. One of the most important, resulting from the rules of the labor law, is the risk associated with hiring employees. It concerns legal systems all democratic countries. Its level is also increasingly associated with a wider and more effective protection of freedoms and human rights, including employee (eg. the right to safe and healthy working conditions, the right to privacy, protection of personal data). In Poland, due to historical circumstances and dynamic changes in the period of political transformation, in some respects this risk is of specific character. In extreme cases, the level of this risk can decide about economic prosperity of implemented business venture. The biggest problem is the fact that in the case of different types of risk, employer has little opportunities to minimize them. Given the level of threat and a well-developed worker protection, the situation has particular importance in the mining industry. The purpose of this article is to draw attention to this issue, because it seems that in a democratic legal state, protecting the employer in this area should be higher.

Keywords: risk, employer, employee, protection, mining industry
p. 350 pobierz
32 1(13)/2016/32

Dariusz RĘBIELAK, Romuald PASTERNOK, Mariusz ZELDER, Stanisław SZEWCZYK
Cooperation of mining industry with local governments

Abstract: This paper covers the subject of negotiating the area of mining exploitation with local government and the owners of buildings as well as of technical infrastructure network, within administrative borders of Ruda Śląska. It proves that a substantive dialogue makes coal exploitation possible even in highly urbanized areas.

Keywords: local governments, mining damage, mining exploitation project
p. 363 pobierz
33 1(13)/2016/33

Numerical simulation of dynamic effects of a rockmass shock on a mine working

Abstract: The paper presents results of numerical modeling of the effects of dynamic loads in an area of a mine working resulted from a rockmass shock. The assessment of changes affecting the working area has been evaluated with use of an anisotropic ubiquitous joint model. Computer simulation covered two main stages: static simulation, which includes assessment of the destruction state of rock structure in the surroundings of the mine working, and dynamic simulation that includes additional loads of the rockmass, which surrounds the working and its support in the result of the shock. Conducted numerical calculations demonstrated that increased loads resulted from a rockmass shock results in significant increase of destructions in the rockmass and increased deformations of the working profile.

Keywords: destruction zones, rockmass model, shock, stresses, working’s deformations
p. 373 pobierz
34 1(13)/2016/34

Equipment for auxiliary work mechanization – equipment UPZ-1 for scraper conveyor board realignment in the logwall

Abstract: The goal of this article is to remind of the long-forgotten UPZ-1 device that used to be produced by the RAGOR Radzionków. It is not a description of a new invention but a reminder and an encouragement to use the device again in order to lower costs which, nowadays, is the “to be or not to be“ of the mining industry. The article presents data to calculate savings resulting from the use of the UPZ-1.

Keywords: realignment, boards, UPZ-1
p. 387 pobierz
35 1(13)/2016/35

Katarzyna MIDOR
Social preferences of directions revitalization in a selected mining area of Polish-Czech borderland

Abstract: Mining activity causes negative changes in the environment, which are most frequently referred to as mining damage. The major effects of mining activity include deformations with secondary effects, discharge of saline waters from mining plants’ drainage, mining waste, areas requiring reclamation and management, methane emissions from mines, emissions of dust and gases. It should be emphasised that mining damage has a strong influence on the psyche of people inhabiting the degraded areas and can cause the sense of hopelessness, loneliness and helplessness, which results from living in such a place. The appearance of degraded areas is closely related to the change of industrial society into post-industrial society. These changes refer not only to economy and economic activity, but also to spatial standards and all kinds of lifestyles. These new forms of activity should become a priority for degraded areas. In post-industrial society the spatial demand for production purposes is lower, whereas for services, consumption and recreation this demand is higher. Phenomena related to the unfavourable effect of mining activity are particularly visible in the border area of the Silesian Province (Poland) and Moravian-Silesian Region (Czech Republic). The article presents a discussion of the results of studies the aim of which was to become acquainted with the local community’s opinion on the preferred directions of post-mining areas’ revitalization. In the conducted studies the opinions of different social groups according to their occupation, age and education have been analysed. The research was conducted in a commune near the Polish-Czech border.

Keywords: degraded area, the local community, mining activities, revitalization, trends
p. 397 pobierz
36 1(13)/2016/36

Computer aided design of powered roof supports according to method of Zakład Remontowo-Produkcyjny KW S.A.

Abstract: Presentation of Zakład Remontowo-Produkcyjny’s copyright calculation program, tasked with improving of the design of powered roof support.

Keywords: powered roof support, optimization, design process, lemniscate mechanism
p. 407 pobierz
37 1(13)/2016/37

Jan GIL, Anna ŻAK
Optimization of power roof supports renovated and modernized in Zakład Remontowo-Produkcyjny for the needs of mines the KW S.A.

Abstract: The article describes methods optimization of powered roof supports, renovated and modernized by ZRP for the needs of the KW SA. Objective of optimization is adapt technical parameters of the power roof support to real needs of the system operated longwall while improving safety and minimizing costs.

Keywords: power roof support, optimization of construction, supporting of roof
p. 418 pobierz
38 1(13)/2016/38

Monitoring of machines and devices – the concept of the technical implementation of the regulations

Abstract: We present the concept of protection Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition Systems both with unautorized access and posibility to data sharing betwen them.

Keywords: dedicated IT networks, data security, data mirroring server, remote access, SCADA systems
p. 430 pobierz
39 1(13)/2016/39

Determination of the influence range of exploitation pressure ahead of longwall face by the seismic profiling method

Abstract: Cyclic seismic investigations have been performed in the haulage inclined drift drilled in coal seam no. 510, during approaching of face of the longwall with caving no. 506 in the same coal seam. Performed investigations enabled determination the changes of velocity and attenuation coefficient of seismic P-wave in coal seam with the shortening distance between the longwall face and the inclined drift. With the use of the measured velocities of seismic P-wave, the changes of stress level in coal seam no. 510 were determined. The distance between the longwall face and the inclined drift, with the observed increase of stress level in coal seam no. 510 in the area of inclined drift due to the influence of exploitation pressure coming from longwall no. 506, has been determined. The study results should be useful to design the zones of the enhanced rockburst hazard in similar geological and mining conditions.

Keywords: exploitation pressure, seismic profiling, rockburst hazard
p. 443 pobierz
40 1(13)/2016/40

The 5 Whys method as an element of maintenance management in a coal mine – an implementation attempt

Abstract: Coal mines in Poland increasingly often introduce quality management systems, which oblige them to adhere to the rules of constant improvement of main and auxiliary processes. Constant improvement in organisation can be achieved through a number of quality management tools and methods, which effectively enhance the efficiency of organisational processes. Nonetheless, quality management tools are massively underused in Polish coal mines. The author of this article would like to present a possibility of applying select quality management methods in a coal mine, which would be innovative for the company and introduce a new quality to the processes conducted. One of the more important auxiliary processes in a coal mine is the maintenance process. The effectiveness of this process depends on a number of factors, such as: keeping technical assets in a state of constant readiness, efficient failure elimination, and reducing the stoppage time due to breakdowns to an absolute minimum. The priority of the maintenance process in a coal mine is to keep in a state of readiness the machinery and equipment involved in the extraction line. A high readiness level can be maintained by, among others, reducing the failure elimination time. This is especially important due to the fact that the extraction line is a chain of machines involved in the process – a failure in one of the machines automatically stops the operation of all the others. That is why this article will present the implementation of a selected quality management method in order to improve the efficiency of the maintenance process in a coal mine. This should make it possible to identify the primary causes of prolonged stoppages and find an optimal solution to the problem.

Keywords: mine, failure, downtime, management, improvement, maintenance, quality
p. 457 pobierz
41 1(13)/2016/41

Qualifications – selected ways of classification of knowledge, skills and social competence

Abstract: The article presnts ways of qualification classification and new possibilities of their acquiring. It discusses European and Polish qualifications framework, ways of their registration and benefits coming from their classification. It also talks about the ECTS accumulation model employed by higher education institutions. The article also mentions the issue of validation and certification.

Keywords: European gualifications framework, Polish qualifications framework
p. 465 pobierz
42 1(13)/2016/42

The use and formation of a solution of linings straight-arch shaped in experiences’ condition “Jas-Mos” mine

Abstract: The article discusses the use of a solution of linings straight-arch shaped where the straight section of construction is supported by stand supporting from the one side of side wall, from the other side of side wall is arch shaped. A solution of a support was used in liquidation duct, starting sidewalks and roadway. Based on experiences the article presents movement’s adventages of arch-straight supports, the problems of their usefulness and solutions in order to improve their carrying capacity. The technical and technological requirements are condition in use of coal mines’ excavation.

Keywords: mining, underground construction, housing
p. 478 pobierz
43 1(13)/2016/43

KWK “Rydułtowy-Anna” as an example of reclamation of post-industrial grounds

Abstract: The mine „Rydułtowy-Anna” has been leading the exploitation of bituminous coal since 1792 in Rydułtowy and its suburbs. Exploitation has effected on many problems like: mine’s damages, environmental degradation or water pollution. The City Hall in Rybnik and the City Hall in Rydułtowy cooperated and devised the concept in order to arrange the land use which was demolished by exploitation waste. The best examples of that cooperation could be: building and shaping the landscape with the land use next to the Leon II shaft of KWK “Rydułtowy-Anna” or leveling and reclamation of former dumping ground of KWK “Rydułtowy-Anna” , former Ruch “Ignacy” in Rybnik-Niewiadom. Every action is taken in concert with the City Halls and local society. After finishing the activity of the main they will be the hosts of these grounds.

Keywords: reclamation, the waste mining, dump, landscape
p. 491 pobierz
44 1(13)/2016/44

Influence of causes of various types longwall coal shearer KSW-460/NZ failures on machine available time

Abstract: The following paper presents wide range of different failures of the coal shearer KSW-460NZ. The article reports issue of mechanical failures and hydraulic system problems and its influence on available time. The most interesting of them were elaborated. What was also analyzed were methods of diagnosing and troubleshooting and the causes of failures.

Keywords: longwall coal shearers, failures detection, available time
p. 506 pobierz
45 1(13)/2016/45

Prospects Rybnik coal mines

Abstract: This article aims to present the situation in the mining district of Rybnik – the current difficulties and the prospects for its development. The reader is presented statistical data showing the relationship between the national demand for energy generated in the combustion of coal, and the possibilities of mining and sales Rybnik mines. There has also been a brief analysis of the reasons for the overall low profitability of the Silesian mines. Article aims to minimal draw attention to the prospects for the development of mining in Poland, with honors business areas that require deep mines and the planned restructuring, taking into account the current economic standards. The publication also attempt to indicate on the outside of mining activities mines that are often involved in the development of the local.

Keywords: mining, restructuring, profitability, cooperation mines
p. 517 pobierz
46 1(13)/2016/46

Monitoring systems in underground mine

Abstract: The efficient functioning of the mine depends heavily on properly functioning mining equipment and acceptable to the miner technical environmental conditions found in excavations. Monitoring systems are an essential element of effective management of the mine.

Keywords: telecommunications in mining, dispatching system, monitoring
p. 526 pobierz
47 1(13)/2016/47

Stanisław KONSEK, Czesław MAZUREK, Korneliusz JENDRZEJEK, Tomasz PIECHA
Application of minning cooler of nitrogen as additional element of fire prevention in KW S.A. Jankowice coal mine

Abstract: The article presents a method of cooling nitrogen for the inertisation of gobs for fire prevention at KWK “Jankowice”. Application of mining cooler of nitrogen increases the efficiency of fire prevention. The practical application of the cooler is shown on the example of coal seams 501/3 and 417/1. Application of mining cooler of nitrogen allowed to maintain the coal self-heating process at a low level.

Keywords: mining, cooling, nitrogen, prevention, fire
p. 537 pobierz
48 1(13)/2016/48

High altitude mine rescue teams

Abstract: The paper presents the organization and the way of functioning of specialized rescue teams working in mine shafts or steeply sloping excavations. The requirements of regulations for work on the heights were described. The specialist equipment and the way of conducting trainings were presented. The examples of the rescue operations and prevention services using climbing techniques were presented.

Keywords: high altitude rescue, work at heigths, climbing techniques, specialized mine rescue teams
p. 552 pobierz
49 1(13)/2016/49

Correlation of occurrence of surface buildings damages with mining tremors by examples of Piast coal mine in the years 2014-2015

Abstract: Mining tremors are one of the most important side effect of mining operation from the point of view their influence on infrastructure located on the surface of the mining area. Protection of surface and buildings located on the surface is one of the requirements to fulfil by present-day coalmines, because each mining operation is awkward for users of buildings. Piast Coalmine has operated coal seams for over 40 years, that is reflected in a large number of high-energy tremors and thus the vibration that may affect the condition of surface buildings. In the paper the reality referring to the number of examples of high-energy tremors is shown, that may cause mining damage to surface buildings in correlation with the amount of damage reported and the cause and effect relationship between the tremor and the reported damage.

Keywords: mining tremors, mining damage, buildings damage, scale GSI
p. 569 pobierz
50 1(13)/2016/50

Marek MICZAJKA, Małgorzata WYSOCKA, Krystian SKUBACZ
Assessment of radiation hazard caused by natural radionuclides in underground galleries of Chwałowice colliery

Abstract: The monitoring of radiation hazard, caused by natural radioactivity, is performed routinely in underground galleries of Chwałowice Colliery since many years. The main goal of the monitoring is to estimate the radiation hazard for the miners. The important issue is to take into account all possible sources of the radiation hazard. Accordingly to the current regulations following sources of natural radioactivity have been monitored: the potential alpha energy concentration of short-lived radon decay products, the concentration of natural radionuclides in mine waters and sediments as well as gamma doses, received by miners due to working in the underground galleries.

Keywords: radiation hazard, natural radioactivity
p. 588 pobierz
51 1(13)/2016/51

Andrzej SOJKA, Grzegorz SZUBA
Development and conotouring the seam 405/1 in “L” part of the mining area halemba ii at „Halemba-Wirek” coal mine

Abstract: The proposed development, contouring and mining the seam 405/1 by means of four longwalls with total extractable resources estimated at 3,874 mln T results in maintaining the production levels of “Halemba-Wirek” coal mine with the maximum use of the its infrastructure and simultaneously in increasing the quality of the production. The discharge of exhaust air toward the shaft „Północny II” was proposed with the “Y” airing system which increases the safety of extraction and maximizes the methane drainage system efficiency. It is associated with the proposed direction of excavation and will result with selective transportation of high quality output. Taking into account limiting the influence of the Halembski fault, the contouring and excavating fields shapes were designed adequately. The proposed solutions doesn’t harm the future exploitation in this area.

Keywords: „Halemba-Wirek”, coal mine, development and contouring the seam
p. 603 pobierz
52 1(13)/2016/52

Normalization in the mining

Abstract: Paper presents basic principles of standardization activity om national and international levels. Emphasized is a problem of standardization in mining in organizational and technical aspects. Detaily are described the PN-EN standards relating to explosion safety in the underground coal mines.

Keywords: PN-EN standard, ISO standard, technical committee
p. 617 pobierz
53 1(13)/2016/53

Implementation of mechanical device for local reverse men transportation type pce-ut in “Piast” coal mine

Abstract: In this paper the meaning of underground crew transportation to and from mining areas was discussed, as well as current underground means of transport and issues of introducing a new mechanical device for local reverse crew transportation. The role of all devices reducing labour during getting to worksite was emphasized. The possibilities of further progress of local reverse crew transportation systems and need of searching other innovative ways of crew transportation was pointed out.

Keywords: transportation, safety, comfort, efficiency, crew
p. 627 pobierz
54 1(13)/2016/54

Assessment of technical condition mining machines based on the criterion of the Weibull distribution

Abstract: : In exploitation of machines one of the prior parameter is dynamic condition of an object. The most popular method of giving results about dynamic condition is observation of residual processes. Especially dynamic residual processes are carriers of diagnostic information. measurements of vibration and noise of working machines provide knowledge about dynamics of a evaluated machine. Long-term knowledge and experience allowed to create diagnostic procedures. In mostly devices created in industry, procedures are written in standards ISO 10816 and ISO 7919 which allows effective diagnostic and optimal management of devices. Applicability of this standards is most popular, but there also appear devices which parameters forbid their applicability. To this devices can qualify some of used in underground mining. Giving a diagnostic mark for a longwall shearers, scraper conveyors and many of the others devices being in technological sequence, application of mark spheres compatible with ISO 10816 and ISO 7919 is incorrect. In diagnostic evaluation this kind of a machine we usually use analysis long time trends. Determination acceptable levels of vibrations are getting in heuristic way, by observation a development of a damage to an emergency state. In article there is presented methodology of giving a diagnostic mark about machines which uses models of degradations of a device, based on Weibull analysis. Presented method were used to gave real marks of vibration machinery and equipment for underground mining in one of the coalmine. Conduction of analysis showed a more effectiveness of a presented methodology.

Keywords: technical diagnostics, Weibull distribution, assessment of the state machines, analysis of trends
p. 639 pobierz


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