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T. Gonciarz, M. Perzyk
An expert system for supporting the production of pleasure boats
Abstract: Expert systems can be defined as computer programs, whose main task is to simulate a human expert, usually in a narrow field of expertise. Possible applications of modern information technology are very extensive, ranging from medicine, geology and technology to applications in the field of economic and financial decision support. The purpose of this paper is to present the practical application of an expert system that supports the process of managing the production of yachts and has a high suitability for use in this application. Using the expert system described in the paper reduces the time during the design and production preparation process.
Key words: expert systems, information technologies, production of yacht
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D. Tarnapowicz
Synchronization of national grid network with the electricity ships network in the "shore to ship" system
Abstract: ‘Shore to ship’ system – ships’ power supply from the local electrical substations – is one of the effective ways to limit the negative impact of the ships lying in ports on the environment. Energy infrastructure of the port installation necessary to provide ships with power supply has to be designed so that different types of ships can use it. The important issue concerning ‘shore to ship’ system is the quality of power supply. This can be achieved via sustaining continuity of power supply while switching from the ships’ electrical network over to the national grid. In this article the author presents the way of synchronizing the national grid with the ships’ electrical network during ship’s lying in port. Such synchronization would allow for uninterruptible work of the ship’s electrical devices.
Key words: ‘shore to ship’ system, synchronization, phase-locked loop PLL
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I. Onderková, I. Cholevová, J. Jurman
Mathematical model of attitude control bucket-wheel excavator
Abstract: This lecture deals with the application problems of convertibility GPS system at paddle excavator K 800. The claims of the modern operating surface mining of the excavators requires a lot of information for monitoring of mining process, capacity mining, selective extraction etc. The utilization of monitoring the excavator setting by GPS system proved to be the only one proper because the receivers are resistant to the vibration, dust, temperature divergence and weather changeable. Only the direct contact with communications satellite is required. It means that they can´t be located in a metal construction space (shadow caused by construction elements, influence of electrical high voltage cables) even they can´t be located close to the paddle wheel on the paddle boom (shadow possibility caused by cutting edge created during lower gangplanks mining). This is the reason that GPS receivers are set uppermost on the metal construction excavator and the mathematical formulation is required for determination of paddle wheel petting. The relations for calculation of the paddle wheel coordinate were defined mathematically and after that the mathematical model was composed.
Key words: GPS system, excavator K 800, GPS receivers, mathematical model
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P. Foitová Dernerová, M. Mikoláš
Grants for Ph.D. students on VSB-Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic
Abstract: Projects and grants are unique for development of science and research. For many people it is only source of money for their research. Particularly on universities the projects expanded. From this reason the participation of Ph.D. students in the Student Grant Competition is the best start in this field. Paper discusses in its first part how the Student Grant Competition takes its place on Technical University of Ostrava. Focuses on difficulties with submission of the application, explain process of whole project evaluation and states total amounts acquired from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports for Student Grand Competitions since 2010. Second part of this paper directly shows concrete project for “Research of utilization of mining waste in chosen localities.” In the paper is described subject of the research, concrete goals of project, timetable. It is stated the preliminary budget of project and actual progress in the project.
Key words: student grant competition, grant, project, utilization of mining waste
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V. Moni, P. Klouda, V. Škraban
Comprehensive check measurement of key parameters on model belt conveyor
Abstract: Complex measurements of characteristic parameters realised on a long distance model belt conveyor are described. The main objective was to complete and combine the regular measurements of electric power on drives of belt conveyors operated in Czech opencast mines with measurements of other physical quantities and to gain by this way an image of their mutual relations and relations of quantities derived from them. The paper includes a short description and results of the measurements on an experimental model conveyor with a closed material transport way.
Key words: belt conveyor, belt diagnostics, reliability, tensioning
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A. Matuszak, Z. Matuszak
Comments on adult education
Abstract: The paper presents the characteristics of adult learning environment and models of working with adult learners. Definitions of lifelong adult education, with an emphasis on social sciences are given. Functions that lifelong adult education can perform are presented and described. Forms and methods of lifelong education are characterized. Taking into account different criteria, the major differences in the models of adult education – technological, humanistic and critical are described. The importance of lifelong adult education is stressed, and some of the positive characteristics of teaching adults are highlighted.
Key words: adult education, lifelong education
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A. Belikova, V. Nordin
Cyclists traffic management on roundabout
Abstract: Growth of motorization level leads to the necessity of crossroads modernization and this is reflected in the other movement participants. This article discusses and compares the methods of cyclists traffic management on roundabout in terms of security, efficiency of implementation, simplicity of organization and cost.
Key words: traffic management, crossroad, safety
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W. Kostrzewa, G. Nicewicz
Research of refrigeration systems failures in polish fishing vessels
Abstract: Temperature is a basic climatic parameter deciding about the quality change of fishing products. Time, after which qualitative changes of caught fish don’t exceed established, acceptable range, is above all the temperature function. Temperature reduction by refrigeration system of the cargo hold is a basic technical method, which allows extend transport time. Failures of refrigeration systems in fishing vessels have a negative impact on the environment in relation to harmful refrigerants emission. The paper presents the statistical analysis of failures occurred in the refrigeration systems of Polish fishing vessels in 2007-2011 years. Analysis results described in the paper can be a base to draw up guidelines, both for designers as well as operators of the marine refrigeration systems.
Key words: failures, fishing vessels, refrigeration systems
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M. Tutak
The preliminary analysis of distribution of the velocity field and air pressure flowing throught the mining headings with different geometry of cross-section
Abstract: The basic meaning for the security of persons working in underground mining heading heir ventilation of headings. Providing the fresh air into the active mining heading is a fundamental task of ventilation service in the mine. Very significant impact on the efficiency of the ventilation process has the physical parameters of supplied airflow, such as its amount, speed and pressure. These parameters can be determined based on the "in situ" tests or modeling tests. Carrying out the tests in underground conditions is very expensive and not always available due to exploitation. As an alternative, in such cases the modeling tests can be used, which give more possibilities of analysis the impact of differentials factors on the studied parameters. In the paper there is presented results of modeling of airflow in mining heading, obtained basing on the numerical simulations with use of finite volume method in ANSYS Fluent software. The physical models of headings were prepared basing on the real cross sections of the dog headings. To find the solution of the mathematical model, the k-ε turbulence model was used.
Key words: airflow, velocity, static pressure, geometry of cross-section, computational fluid dynamics
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E. Sujová, H. Čierna
Corporate culture as a tool to improve safety culture
The aim of the article is to explain interconnectivity between corporate culture and safety culture, which aim to utilize motivation to prevent work accidents and other unwanted events in an enterprise. The article deals with ways how to improve approaches to Occupational Health & Safety, OH&S, at work place through proper direction of corporate culture. It introduces internal and external determinants of corporate culture, which have a significant effect. The article introduces common features of corporate culture and safety culture as an element of the OH&S management system with emphasis on system effectiveness. The final portion of the article presents the hierarchy of needs model, which may serve as a basis motivating employees to follow safety and health rules at work place.
Key words: corporate culture, safety culture, motivation to be safe
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