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T. Domagała, R. Wolniak
Reverse supply chain
Abstract: The paper focuses on the presentation of the reverse supply chain, of which the role in the modern business grows along with the increasing number of environmental regulations and possibilities of reducing an operating cost. The paper also describes main problems in developing the profitable chain and possibilities to take an action in order to overcome them.
Key words: reverse supply chain, reverse logistics, remanufacturing
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B. Gala, R. Wolniak
Problems of implementation 5S practices in an industrial company
Abstract: 5S is a one of the tools of Lean Management enabling to organize workplace in an effective way. It could be implemented in all the spheres of the company. The article provides the theoretic description of Lean Management and 5S and also shows a case study based on gained experience. The author also describe the problems occured during the implementation of the 5S.
Key words: 5S, lean management
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M. Mierzwa
Versatile applications of titanium including the medical aspects
Abstract: This article provides a review of the titanium as a material with a wide range of applications. There will be presented both lit. analysis as well as some results of my own research. In the publication will be discussed the relevant properties of titanium and expensive process for its preparation.
Key words: titanium, titanium alloys and compounds, applications of titanium, biomaterials
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A. Bryłkowska et al.
Changes in the systems of wastewater management in public health protection institutions of lubuskie voivodship 2007-2010 – research results
Abstract: The article focuses on the issues of wastewater management systems in the voivodal local government health care departments in the Lubuskie Voivodship, 2007-2010. Based on the conducted research, 65% of the public health care units subordinate to the Marshal’s Office of the Lubuskie Voivodship show changes in the financial condition of these units which are determined by the wastewater management systems.
Key words: wastewater management, wastewater, health units
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K. Marciniak, A. Zagajewski, T. Łagutko
Document management systems as a tool which improve administrative procedures of the local government units
Abstract: This paper presents the overview of the costs incurred by the traditional record-keeping. This was followed by characteristics of document management systems. It also presents the current state of implementation of such systems and presents the benefits of their implementation. Presented tool seems to be a good alternative that meets the expectations of both – clerks and applicants. The paper describes essential characteristics of such systems. There are also important aspects, that have to be considered before the implementation of this type of system.
Key words: electronic workflow, e-government, IT systems of local government units, streamlining administrative procedures, DMS
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J. Słonimiec, J. Świtała
European development of eco-management and audit scheme (EMAS) in the European Union
Abstract: The paper presents the implementation of the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme System (EMAS) in Poland and the European Union. It analyzes the existing rules on the implementation and the process of its implementation. It also defines the benefits and costs arising from the registration of organizations in the system. The paper presents the current status of implementation of EMAS in the European Union.
Key words: eco-management and audit scheme system, EMAS
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M. Stępień, M. Wadowski, Z. Żurakowski
Waste management in the minds of young people
Abstract: The aim of the paragraph was to study young people's awareness on waste management; their attitude towards the amendment of statute on cleanliness and order in municipalities which is coming into effect now; and people's attitude towards waste segregation. The analysis showed that young people do not have sufficient knowledge about waste segregation in their own area, neither about the waste processing machines. They have not acquired enough knowledge about current alteration in this topic as well. However, young people still try to protect environment and have positive attitude towards the issue of waste segregation.
Key words: waste management, segregation of waste, municipal infrastructure, environment
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A. Kratiuk, S. Zendla, Z. Żurakowski
Silesian University of Technology students’ knowledge of fire regulations and first aid. Research report
Abstract: The following report is the result of the surveys conducted among students of Silesian University of Technology. Respondents provided answers to questions about fire regulations and how to react in case of fire. The questionnaire was meant to check students' knowledge in these particular areas. Every year thousands of people die or get burnt as a result of uncontrolled fires. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the fire regulations, to react properly in case of fire and to be able to give first aid when it is necessary.
Key words: fire protection, fire, first aid
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