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J. Kaźmierczak
Production engineering in poland: a point of view
Abstract: This paper follows some earlier works of the author, who tried to look widely at important questions, concerning the “Production Engineering” as a new discipline, formally established two years ago in the domain of technical sciences in Poland. In the introduced approach, the author proposes some general structural model which could be a base for identifying and describing the actual and perspective areas of scientific activities belonging to this discipline. Additionally, potential benefits of opening the research on multidisciplinary problems and being active in some new challenges are indicated as well.
Key words: production engineering
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J. Sitko
Problem non pay motivation of production workers in foundry
Abstract: The work in the foundry is connected with a row dangers of the appearance injuries and occupational diseases. Specificity the production casts, requires great commitment, the professionalism and experience from employees. In this situation apart from technical infrastructure and the organizational back suitable motivation for performing everyday tied tasks is very important with the preparation and completion of individual production treatments. In article chosen factors, affecting for employing production workers at the unit were described. Diverse systems and factors of motivation have task among others of increasing effectiveness of applied technology with simultaneous keeping safety rules.
Key words: man, work, motivation, foundry
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M. Strojek-Filus
The importance of other comprehensive income for managers in a production entity
Abstract: One of the main parameters of the evaluation of financial position of entity is the level of total comprehensive income reported in financial reports. The study contains an overview of the other comprehensive income as the part of total comprehensive income. The research problem related to the significance of dates about the other comprehensive income ingredients for production entity management. The essence, arise reasons and main principles of the other comprehensive income in relating to the changes in own capital of entity was explained within the scope of law-regulated accounting. The paper concentrated on the producing tangible fixed assets problems.
Key words: other comprehensive income, revaluation reserve, statement on comprehensive income, financial result for a period, fair value
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W. Paszkowski
Managing the acoustic climate in local government units – a new approach
Abstract: The paper presents a new approach to shaping acoustic comfort as a process of managing the acoustic environment in urbanised areas. The research in this area focuses on the psychoacoustic aspect of shaping acoustic comfort in an urban environment. This approach permits, depending on the purpose of land, not only to reduce the noise to the allowable limits but also to evaluate the acoustic quality of sounds originating in different sources. In this context, a review was performed of the research carried out on identifying soundscapes as a way of shaping acoustic comfort in the urban environment.
In this paper it is suggested that the entropy method be used for the assessment of auditory sound perception. The research carried out by the author shows that linking the relationship between the quality of perceived sounds with the elements/factors which shape the acoustic environment can be used to valorise soundscapes.
Key words: acoustic climate, acoustic comfort, acoustic environment, soundscape, entropy, stimuli
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T. Hrapkowicz et al.
Decision making process in cardiac surgery – concept of building an expert system
Abstract: The fundamental goal of modern information technology is to support decision making process in organizations, for both routine and highly complex problems, based on heterogeneous data sources. The main objective of the paper is to present the construction concept of knowledge base for an expert system designed to support the decision making in cardiac surgery. A knowledge-based medical expert system is designed to support decision-making process in cardiac surgery where knowledge from medical guidelines, risk scales, and registries is applied to reason the medical procedure in a particular case scenario.
Key words: expert system, cardiac surgery, knowledge base, decision-making process
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M. Zasadzień et al.
The functioning of e-maintenance services in selected devices of the building industry

Abstract: In this article the existing solutions within the scope of e-maintenance services for machines used in the construction industry have been presented. The major factors influencing the quality of e-maintenance services from the point of view of the service recipient, i.e. the user of a machine, have been identified. Owing to the conducted analysis, it was also possible to formulate auxiliary assumptions for creating and modifying a technology for equipment remote diagnosis and monitoring.
Key words: maintenance, diagnostics, digging machine, prevention, repair, network, ICT
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