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M. Tutak
The preliminary analysis of distribution of the velocity field and air pressure flowing throught the mining headings with different geometry of cross-section
Abstract: The basic meaning for the security of persons working in underground mining heading heir ventilation of headings. Providing the fresh air into the active mining heading is a fundamental task of ventilation service in the mine. Very significant impact on the efficiency of the ventilation process has the physical parameters of supplied airflow, such as its amount, speed and pressure. These parameters can be determined based on the "in situ" tests or modeling tests. Carrying out the tests in underground conditions is very expensive and not always available due to exploitation. As an alternative, in such cases the modeling tests can be used, which give more possibilities of analysis the impact of differentials factors on the studied parameters. In the paper there is presented results of modeling of airflow in mining heading, obtained basing on the numerical simulations with use of finite volume method in ANSYS Fluent software. The physical models of headings were prepared basing on the real cross sections of the dog headings. To find the solution of the mathematical model, the k-ε turbulence model was used.
Key words: airflow, velocity, static pressure, geometry of cross-section, computational fluid dynamics
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