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I. Onderková, I. Cholevová, J. Jurman
Mathematical model of attitude control bucket-wheel excavator
Abstract: This lecture deals with the application problems of convertibility GPS system at paddle excavator K 800. The claims of the modern operating surface mining of the excavators requires a lot of information for monitoring of mining process, capacity mining, selective extraction etc. The utilization of monitoring the excavator setting by GPS system proved to be the only one proper because the receivers are resistant to the vibration, dust, temperature divergence and weather changeable. Only the direct contact with communications satellite is required. It means that they can´t be located in a metal construction space (shadow caused by construction elements, influence of electrical high voltage cables) even they can´t be located close to the paddle wheel on the paddle boom (shadow possibility caused by cutting edge created during lower gangplanks mining). This is the reason that GPS receivers are set uppermost on the metal construction excavator and the mathematical formulation is required for determination of paddle wheel petting. The relations for calculation of the paddle wheel coordinate were defined mathematically and after that the mathematical model was composed.
Key words: GPS system, excavator K 800, GPS receivers, mathematical model
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