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ISSN - 2391-9361

Volume 6, issue 9

Edition circulation: 130 copies


1 vol. 6, iss. 9/1

The analysis and improvement of quality products in the selected production company

Abstract: The quality analysis of components of chosen product using selected tools improvement methods were proposed. Air bag module for FORD cars was the selected product. The analysis of non-conformances occurring in components of product was made. The following tools and methods were used in the analysis: Pareto chart, FMEA method, Ishikawa chart and 5xwhy ? The possibility of improvements actions that can be implemented to improve the quality of finished products were also identified. The analysis takes into account the actual results from the production process and covers the period of one calendar month.

Keywords: quality, analysis, improvement, quality, methods and tools, module, component
2 vol. 6, iss. 9/2

Strategic noise management in enterprise

Abstract: The article presents the problem of noise management generated by the company during the realized processes in the aspect of environmental management as part of the company's development strategy. The main issues of noise generation and its spread outside and inside of the plant have been discussed. Organizational and legal issues have been mentioned in terms of noise emission by the plant. A problem in the enterprise was identified, correlated to the lack of continuous and comprehensive analysis of the generated noise. The noise generated by the plant was presented in two system approaches, as a noise emitted to the outside environment of the company and to the noise emitted inside the plant including workplaces and machinery and equipment. An holistic algorithm for continuous monitoring, analysis and evaluation of noise generation was proposed. This approach indicates the need implementing the noise maps as a tool to help with noise management.

Keywords: environmental management, noise, enterprise
p. 24 pobierz
3 vol. 6, iss. 9/3

Stocktaking as a element of the storage management on the example enterprise

Abstract: The article presents the factors necessary for the realized of the warehousing process on the example enterprise. Warehouse structure and process of stocktaking and elements of inventory instruction were presented. Finally, the algorithm for determining and qualifying stocktaking differences was given.

Keywords: warehouse management, stocktaking
p. 38 pobierz
4 vol. 6, iss. 9/4

Marzena OGÓREK, Zbigniew SKUZA, Dominika STRYCHARSKA
Assessment of professional risk in industrial enterprises

Abstract: The article addresses issues and analyzes health and safety at work in an industrial enterprise, the basic element of which is the assessment of occupational risk.

Keywords: health and safety at work, risk assessment, risk matrix
p. 48 pobierz
5 vol. 6, iss. 9/5

Information security risk management in light of regulatory requirements

Abstract: Information resources, as one of the basic assets of enterprises determine a market success of organization and keeping its competitiveness. Therefore, it’s necessary to construct appropriate system in organization, which guarantee information security before threats. The fundamental element of the information security system in the enterprise is the risk management. In this article describes the way of approach to management risk of information security in accordance with PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2014 and PN-ISO/IEC 27005:2014 norms.

Keywords: information security, risk, risk management, PN-ISO/IEC 27001:2014 norm, PNISO/IEC 27005:2014
p. 58 pobierz
6 vol. 6, iss. 9/6

Risk miscellaneous as a tool for evidence of information hazardous risks

Abstract: In order to manage the risk in a given enterprise, it is necessary to precisely define its origins, which we can find in its environment as well as the organization itself. Thorough and accurate identification of the source of the hazards will help prevent the company from destabilizing and over-losses. This article deals with information security loophole in accordance with PN-I_13335-1:1999, which defines guidelines for the management of information systems security. The purpose of this article is to identify the threats that occur in an enterprise, find out where they are, and perform risk analysis with a risk matrix tool.

Keywords: risk assessment, risk matrix
p. 71 pobierz
7 vol. 6, iss. 9/7

Michaela ROSTEK, Ryszard KNOSALA
Productivity forecasting for a manufacturing company

Abstract: The aim of the publication is to determine the value of the total productivity index for the next period in the manufacturing company. In the article uses classical forecasting methods that can be used to forecast the productivity index. An assessment of the forecasts and the selection of the best fit for forecasting has been done. The aim of the analysis is to estimate the future value of productivity so that anticipation can be anticipated in advance. As a result of the research, the smallest mean percentage error was burdened by a model determined by Holt exponential smoothing.

Keywords: forecasting, productivity, smoothing time series
p. 83 pobierz
8 vol. 6, iss. 9/8

Zbigniew SKUZA, Marzena OGÓREK
Analysis of selected elements system health and safety in the research industry

Abstract: The article analyzes data from the period from 2013 to 2016 on the area of occupational health and safety in an industrial enterprise.

Keywords: health and safety at work, accident events non-traumatic
p. 94 pobierz
9 vol. 6, iss. 9/9

Dominika STRYCHARSKA, Marzena OGÓREK, Mateusz NOSAL
Application of integrated information systems on example of selected production company

Abstract: Contemporary companies should build their market position by implementing changes in many areas of their business, inter alia through the use of integrated IT systems. With these systems, managers have a constant insight into the current information that is essential for the efficient management of the business. The aim of the article is to present the advantages and disadvantages of the implementation of MRP, MRP II and ERP systems in the manufacturing company.

Keywords: change, integrated information systems, MRP, MRP II, ERP
p. 105 pobierz
10 vol. 6, iss. 9/10

The vision of improving production that is the way to Lean Manufacturing system under conditions of polish entrepreneurship

Abstract: The article presents the author's concept of lean production systems, in which an efficient and consistent way to lean any production system managed so far in the traditional way is presented. The presented concept was confronted with the fourteen principles of the Toyota Production System TPS. The article also addresses the question of what role a university can play in the reorganization of production systems for "lean" production systems in the context of Polish entrepreneurship.

Keywords: reorganization of production, Lean Manufacturing, kaikaku, kaizen
p. 116 pobierz


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