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ISSN - 2391-9361


Volume 8, issue 2




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vol. 8, iss. 2/1


Witold BIAŁY

Lean Management as a method optimization of the production process


Abstract: Presented was the Genesis of the proces changes, for example, the printer „Serigraph”, in reference to the problem good luck changes for the external and internal conditions. Implemented improvement method – Lean Management. Developed, conducted and presented a study related to the detection of problems arising during the production proces, have become the starting point when choosing the appropriate tools to eliminate waste.


Key words: restructuring, Lean Management, JIT, Kanban, MRP, opitmization, quality, TPM

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vol. 8, iss. 2/2



Energetic efficiency



Currently, one of the main goals to achieve is the optimization of the use of energy to reach the highest energetic and economical savings. Therefore, regulations are focused on promoting and including policies that help to accomplish this aim progressively. However, most of them are mainly based on the use of LEDs and other similar elements.
This project has developed a managing method to turn on and off the lighting based on the twilights (civil and nautical) instead of the current methods, which are based on the sunrise and the sunset or in the luminosity variations. So, the developed method calculates the exact position of the Sun every day of the year and it provides the time of turning on and off with a higher accuracy. In comparison with current methods, it also produces energetic and economical savings.


Key words: solar calculations, energetic savings, rise and set calculations, twilight calculations, energetic efficiency

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vol. 8, iss. 2/3



The application of marketing techniques to improve the efficiency of a commercial enterprise


Abstract: The article analyzes the range of production and commercial enterprises using the methods of ABC, XYZ – analysis. To identify more profitable positions and measures to increase profits, the commodity positions of the enterprise are ranked. The analysis of marketing directions using the method of paired comparisons in order to identify the most effective of them to promote products and ranking the order of application, as well as the distribution of resources between them. An assessment of the price risk of the goods, with which it was revealed the projected value of the income of the enterprise in the sale of goods. Risk assessment is made for further development of the marketing strategy of the enterprise.


Key words: marketing, ABC-analysis, XYZ-analysis, marketing strategy, pricing policy, product range, ranking, method of paired comparisons, criteria, marketing directions, price risk assessment, Gauss curve

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vol. 8, iss. 2/4


Marta Gándara MILLÁN

The new industral revolution: Circular economy in European Union


Abstract: The industrial activity and consumption habits are using the natural resources disproportionately over the time. Meanwhile, waste generation is increasing too fast, causing continuous accumulation of waste in landfills and contamination to the atmosphere. Decoupling economic growth and rising living standards from waste generation is urgent for our survival. The objective of this article is to provide an overview of the environmental problem that European Union (EU) is facing and how can change the business model in industries to prosper in the society without detriment to future generations. In this way, this document describes the lines of action to achieve sustainable economic models, as well as some examples of new business framed within the circular economy, and how are being implemented in Spain, as a member country in EU, with the purpose of contribute to the common improvement.


Key words: productivity of resources, industrial ecology, circular economy, raw material, eco-design, servitization, upcycling, refurbishing

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vol. 8, iss. 2/5


Grzegorz WILKOWSKI, Witold BIAŁY

Analysis of the production process/sale of toothed gears, used in driving machines/mining equipments. Case study


Abstract: The publication presents basic toothed gears used in the mining machinery/equipment industry. Plants producing machinery and equipment for the mining industry are forced to search for new markets for their products in the downturn in the mining industry, or to start manufacturing a completely new range of products for industries other than mining. The basic division of toothed gears was characterized and the basic parameters with which gears are characterized are presented. In the second part of the article, the production process of the toothed gears manufactured by Zakłady Mechaniczne GLIMAG S.A. was analyzed. Then, economic analysis of gear production for the mining industry and other industries was carried out. Barriers to entry into a new production segment and potential profits were pointed out. Even if the plant has a high technological level and highly qualified staff, it is difficult to cross the economic barrier (low prices of the product range).


Key words: toothed gears, mining machines/devices, economic effects, production process

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vol. 8, iss. 2/6


Arkadiusz DĄBROWSKI, Agnieszka GUNIA, Dalia GÓRSKA, Katarzyna SOKALSKA, Patrycja ŚWISTAK

Barriers to sustainable rural development in Poland


Abstract: The following article picks up difficulties of barriers to the operationalization and implementation of the assumptions of the concept of sustainable development in rural areas. The article presents and characterizes the main barriers in the harmonious shaping of environmental, social and economic order in these areas, with particular emphasis on the allocation of funds for the functioning of this process.


Key words: sustainable development, barriers, rural areas

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vol. 8, iss. 2/7



Eco-innovation determinants in the agricultural production sector


Abstract: The following article picks up difficulties of barriers that occur during the implementation and functioning of sustainable development in rural areas. The article presents the topic of defining the barriers and the concept of sustainable development, as well as data on the allocation of funds necessary for sustainable development in rural areas.


Key words: eco-innovations, sustainable development, barriers, rural areas

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vol. 8, iss. 2/8


Arkadiusz DĄBROWSKI, Małgorzata KORN, Daria NOWICKA, Joanna POŹNIAK, Marcin SIKORA

Role of social infrastructure in sustainable development of rural areas


Abstract: The article indicates the role of social infrastructure as one of the most important factors in the sustainable development of rural areas. There is a close relationship between the social infrastructure and sustainable development, because infrastructural equipment determines the pace of development. The article also presents the topic of the concept of infrastructure and sustainable development.


Key words: social infrastructure, sustainable development, rural areas

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vol. 8, iss. 2/9



IT and ITC in enterprise logistics


Abstract: The article presents and discusses the role and importance of two trends in IT (information technology) and ICT (internet and communication technologies) in enterprise logistics. A case study of an IT company was also discussed.


Key words: economy, enterprise, information technology, telecommunications, internet, costs

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vol. 8, iss. 2/10



Parameters of safety culture among different employee groups


Abstract: The paper presents the results of research on the level of safety culture in the subjective feelings of copper mine employees in Poland. The research was carried out using the author's survey to measure the level of security culture in the company. The general level of safety climate depending on the employment structure was presented. Collective results of these studies were also presented.


Key words: security culture, surveys

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