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1 2(11)/2015/1

The use of modern technologies in identification, limiting and counteracting industrial hazards

Abstract: This article presents examples of the use of modern technologies in order to identify, counteract and limit industrial hazards. The article focuses on the possibility of using computational methods to shape the work environment and to design effective means of noise reduction. The issue of whether acoustical maps of industrial establishments are useful for the purposes of analyzing men's exposure to noise in excess of norm-defined standards, as well as the idea of creating a new indicator to assess noise hazard in the environment, have both been elaborated. The article covers basic examples of research being conducted by Creation of Systems for Reduction of Industrial Hazards Team working for the Institute of Production Engineering of Faculty of Organization and Management of Silesian University of Technology.

Keywords: industrial hazards, noise, simulation methods, exposure to noise
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2 2(11)/2015/2

The use of computer methods for the assessment of the effectiveness of the reduction of noise at workplaces

Abstract: Usage of computer simulation enables creation of optimal wibroacoustic conditions of environment by right planning builds of new towns, communication systems, plants and pre-build existing ones. This usage also gives possibility of estimation of activity of passive noise control media (for example acoustic baffle) on a stage of their design and also enables estimation of influence of these items acoustic environment of investigated object.

Keywords: noise, simulation methods, the acoustic impact assessment
p. 26 pobierz
3 2(11)/2015/3

Jarosław BRODNY
The concept of using the model of overall effectiveness for operation analysis of mining machines

Abstract: Modern mining industry requires implementation of modern diagnostic systems based on proved management methodologies of machine parks, connecting innovative technical solutions in the field of industrial automation, and information technology. Such advantages will possess the system, which is based on the adaptation of methodology directed to enhance the total effectiveness of the hard coal exploitation process. Application of the system will allow to control of efficiency of usage and maintenance of machines. It will allow achieving of the improvement in effectiveness of their exploitation, and in practice it should translate to extension of their work time, limiting breakdowns and shutdowns. The paper presents the concept of using the model of overall effectiveness for operation analysis of selected mining machines.

Keywords: model of overall effectiveness, mining machines, mining exploitation
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4 2(11)/2015/4

Anthropocentric and technocentric approach in creating innovation

Abstract: The paper discusses selected aspects of creating innovation and the place of human and technology in inventics. We described the essence of human centred design. We demonstrated the stages of design thinking, discussed selected examples of its application for solving problems and showed its popularity as a method that places human in the focus while solving problems. We characterised the styles of thinking used for creating innovation. We discussed selected aspects of algorithmic product development and illustrated this by a technocentric approach called TRIZ. We presented TRIZ tools i.e. specific parameters of technical systems, principles of eliminating technical contradictions and contradiction matrix. Selected examples of TRIZ applications have also been described. We concluded by pointing at the necessity of education in the area of presented methods and their promotion as still unpopular in Poland.

Keywords: innovation, inventics, design thinking, human centred design, TRIZ
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5 2(11)/2015/5

Selected aspects of teaching operation procedures for marine propulsion systems with shaft generators

Abstract: The paper discusses the purpose of application of shaft generators in marine propulsion systems. A comparison of operation conditions is made between the Power Take Off and Power Take In modes. Basic methods of current frequency control generated by these propulsion systems are discussed. Engine operation in booster, emergency and take me home modes are addressed. Configurations of propulsion systems with shaft generators installed on marine ships are presented. The usefulness of application of engine room simulators to teach operation principles of these systems is indicated. Operation procedures are discussed and basic technical parameters are specified for the propulsion system with a shaft generator implemented in engine room simulator Konsberg Neptune owned by the Institute of Ship Power Plant Operation, Maritime University of Szczecin.

Keywords: education of engineers, marine propulsion system, marine power plant, shaft generator, operation procedures, engine room simulator
p. 64 pobierz
6 2(11)/2015/6

Tomasz DUDEK
The development potential of enterprises employing modern it support

Abstract: Many organizations identifies and increases its potential, that prepare for future roles, by entering new strategies and tasks. Process innovation can be the key to competitive advantage. Exploiting specific technologies and development strategies can decrease costs, prepare for new challenges, improve quality and implement new capabilities. The analysis made it possible to draw general and specific by nature conclusions.

Keywords: competitiveness, management, process optimization, corporate strategy and IT
p. 77 pobierz
7 2(11)/2015/7

The use of gis technology for production line modeling in the context of counter crisis

Abstract: The publication is devoted to issues using GIS technology to model the production line of a large industrial plant. GIS layers are modeled to serve the issues of preventing a situation of crisis related to the activities of the whole company. The dynamics of crisis in manufacturing companies with large importance for the entire region of Poland is a challenge not only for managerial staff. Due to the type of activity production processes implemented in these companies they are at risk of failure having a big impact on the environment. Given the scale of production and enterprise scale, we must take into account the situation uncontrollable leading to the crisis. To prevent such situations, you need to identify the factors critical business and production processes. You need a camera research and concept testing nonintrusive in the company. GIS Information technology – already proposed in a number of scientific publications by the author of the publication to be used in assisting emergency services management – allows you to provide information to support decision-making a wide range of activities undertaken by man. The problem is how to "fill" GIS relevant information. This publication is an attempt to answer the question.

Keywords: crisis management, GIS, production line
p. 87 pobierz
8 2(11)/2015/8

Information systems supporting port container terminal operations

Abstract: Optimization of manufacturing processes is to achieve high quality products at the lowest cost, at the right time. Highly competitive market and increasing customer demands force producers to seek new solutions. One such solution is now becoming a value stream mapping, which is a tool to optimize production processes. The purpose of this paper is to present selected aspects of the optimization of the production process using the mapping. The study characterized the most important processes for the production of components Trios 3Shape scanner. Presented to assist this process the operating system. They presented the results of a particular process in the form of performance analysis, service time and events affecting extension in the process. The results of the studies and the analysis made it possible to draw conclusions about general and specific nature.

Keywords: mapping, value stream, optimization, manufacturing process
p. 98 pobierz
9 2(11)/2015/9

Comments on selected problems of social impact evaluation Of innovative products and technologies (“Technology Assessment”)

Abstract: In this paper the authors refer attempts to selected problems connected with the idea of Technology Assessment. In successive parts of the paper the current state of research is briefly introduced by the project implemented in the Institute of Production Engineering within the statutory research. In this problematic regard reported the reported research project has focused on four main tasks which in the opinion of the authors are key elements of the methodology and methodic of TA processes. The summary of the paper contains some proposals for further research in this area.

Keywords: product and technology innovations, social impact of innovations, Technology Assessment
p. 110 pobierz
10 2(11)/2015/10

Adam KONSEK, Jarosław BRODNY
The implementing rules of the new reference on the example of the global automotive industry companies

Abstract: Launching new product on a competitive market is very laborious and time-consuming process which needs a large of financial resources. Not always allocated resources are a guarantee of success. This process has a lot of threats and dangers , so it is usually risky especially to automotive industry where with high competitive an another variable is introduction new kinds of finish goods (car types) on the market. The requirement for this situation is necessary to have fast and effective reaction to the needs from market. In such conditions projects management needs special attention, speed and economic efficiency. This elaboration shows basic of manufacturing project management and presents general rules of launching new product on the market in the automotive industry.

Keywords: new reference, project management, automotive
p. 125 pobierz
11 2(11)/2015/11

Use of scheduling algorithms for scheduling the work of specialists

Abstract: This paper presents the stages of building management system supporting the work of specialists, allowing to automate the decision-making process dispatcher. The author developed a mathematical model elements and scheduling optimization criteria defined skilled labor. She also presented a prototype system implementation.

Keywords: work schedule, scheduling algorithms, optimization
p. 136 pobierz
12 2(11)/2015/12

Adaptation of truck crane to other applications in the light of applicable standards - case study

Abstract: The article discusses the issue of the mobile cranes, used primarily for moving cargoes to other needs, especially related to transport people. The applicable law in the European Union (in particular the New Approach Directives), imposes a requirement on technical equipment to meet the relevant conditions for the protection of health and safety. Marketing authorization may be granted only to a machine which does not pose a threat or when risk levels during its use are known and acceptable. The levels are defined by European standards which, in this case, are called harmonized standards. If a device can have various applications, it must meet the requirements of various harmonized standards. This often forces the need to make structural changes to them.

Keywords: machinery standard, harmonized standards, safety, truck crane
p. 149 pobierz
13 2(11)/2015/13

Katarzyna MLECZKO
Factors affecting the process of design and construction of innovative medical tools

Abstract: This paper contains a description of design and construction process of innovative medical tools. The description take into account the reasons initiate an action under this process, the factors that influence on process and the range of end-user participation in the process. The author undertook to try to confirm the need to develop of tools to support communication between the participants of user-oriented design process.

Keywords: designing, medical tools, user-centered designing
p. 161 pobierz
14 2(11)/2015/14

Using of research audiometry methods in identification of noise annoyance inhabitants

Abstract: In the article there was proposed the use of method of loudness scaling to identify and evaluate the level of annoyance of people exposed to traffic noise. There was described the way of doing audiometric measurements with the use of simulated acoustic signal sources. There were also presented possibilities of description of urban environment variables, both of acoustic and non-acoustic nature, with the use of appropriate indicators. There was indicated the need of creation of a model of evaluation of acoustic quality of the environment with the use of environmental indicators and outcome of the audiometric measurement.

Keywords: noise annoyance, quality of acoustic environment, audiometry research
p. 170 pobierz
15 2(11)/2015/15

Marek PROFASKA, Krzysztof BARAN
Investigations into the influence exerted by the type of rock mined in a hard coal mine on the level of recorded vibrations as a dangerous work environment factor

Abstract: In the process of exploitation in hard coal mines, which involves drift mining by means of a road header, there are many dangerous work environment factors. These factors include vibrations, which are transferred onto the whole construction system and a person staying at the workstation. The publication presents investigations into the influence exerted by the type of rock on the level of recorded RMS vibrations’ acceleration at a workstation, which were conducted in a drift having a cross-section composed of three different layers.

Keywords: road header, mechanical vibration, work
p. 180 pobierz
16 2(11)/2015/16

Analysis possibility the processing of by-products in smelting prodction

Abstract: The article contains chosen elements of technological process and information concerning the chemical composition and influence on the technology, ecology and possibility of generating by-products in the form among others dusts and cinders as well analysis of scope the processing, allowing to use slags in the industry and economy.

Keywords: recycling, product, dust, technology
p. 192 pobierz
17 2(11)/2015/17

Analysis of the EU environmental management decision-making information system

Abstract: In this article the main issues of environmental management decision-making processes was presented. The main functions of the environmental information system in the European Union as the main source of information and knowledge to support decision-making in environmental management was discussed. There were presented examples of information categories that may be used for undertaking decisions of activity to improve performance in this area.

Keywords: environmental management, decision-making information system, environmental information system
p. 201 pobierz
18 2(11)/2015/18

Spreadsheet application in the process of a project preparation and implementation against an example of an enterprise operating in the electrical machinery production industry – case study

Abstract: The article addresses results of studies aimed at determination of the manner to apply spreadsheets to support processes connected with information acquisition and processing for the sake of preparation of project proposals and project implementation in an enterprise representing the electrical machinery production industry. In the area studied, one could identify well-developed tools continuously improved throughout years and cooperating with other elements of the company’s IT infrastructure as well as simple worksheets created in order to process individual tasks. Both the former and the latter have been described in this paper. With regard to individual tools, specific objectives and ways to use them have been discussed, and for each of them, spreadsheet elements used to develop the former have been identified.

Keywords: spreadsheet, computer-aided processes, information processes, project
p. 214 pobierz
19 2(11)/2015/19

Information systems supporting port container terminal operations

Abstract: Seaport container terminals are managed with the use of contemporary information technology IT solutions such as terminal operating systems (TOS). The development of IT systems and continuous demand for efficiency of container terminals forces the continuous improvement of the TOS functionality. TOS systems are now becoming the primary tool for terminal processes optimization. The purpose of this paper is to present certain aspects of terminal optimization using TOS. Therefore, the key handling processes and the operating system assisting them are described. The paper gives the results of performance analysis of chosen processes, including: terminal throughput, events affecting the lengthening of the handling process, number of moves made by gantries. The analysis presented enabled to draw conclusions of a general and narrowing nature.

Keywords: management, container terminal, IT tools, transport processes optimisation
p. 227 pobierz
20 2(11)/2015/20

Analysis of logistic proces in the supply for the implementation of information system supporting production management

Abstract: Currently, most systems supporting manufacturing activities are characterized by a narrow range of functions. There is a need to develop innovative tools to coordinate auxiliary processes such as procurement and distribution on a par with the manufacturing process. This publication describes the procurement process and presents the main tools used in the area of logistics company.

Keywords: procurement process, information system
p. 239 pobierz


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