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1 3(9)/2014/1

One day forecast of methane concentration on the opening of the longwall N-6 in the seam 330 in the "K3" coal mine

Abstract: The article presents two variants of one day forecast of average concentration of methane on the opening of the longwall. Mean prediction errors were also calculated. The accuracy of the forecas was very high. There were also prepared two versions of one day maximum concentration of methane in similar conditions. Analysis of the results indicated their usability for minig practice.

Keywords: methane, methane concentration forecasts, prediction errors, coal mines
p. 11 pobierz
2 3(9)/2014/2

The importance of social capital for functional activities of local government in the labor market

Abstract: The study identifies main issues concerning the importance of social capital in the fulfillment by the local government its tasks in the labor market. The functioning of the labor market policy depends on many factors. One of them is to promote and create conditions for cooperation between participants in the local community.

Keywords: the social capital, local government, labor market
p. 22 pobierz
3 3(9)/2014/3

Evaluation of the possibility of revitalizing mining tips one of the mines and coal company S.A.

Abstract: The article presented the proposed algorithm evaluate the possibility of revitalization of mining overburden dumps, on one of the mines and Coal Company SA. Included was a legal status, location and have been proposed as potential scenarios with which you have selected one (the best) due to the adopted criteria. The selected scenario has been subjected to further evaluation by using such analyses as: SWOT/TWOS, FMEA and QFD. The analysis has been carried out in order to obtain more effective and reliable results of social and economic aspects.

Keywords: revitalization, the algorithm, scenarios, SWOT/TOWS, FMEA, QFD
p. 34 pobierz
4 3(9)/2014/4

The structure of nonconformities and the importance of visual control types during production packages glass

Abstract: In the chapter the glass industry in Poland was briefly discussed. General characteristics of the analyzed company - glass factory, which manufactures glass packages was made. Glass packages: their components, application, features were characterized. In the research part, the hierarchy of nonconformities, which occur during the production of colorless glass bottles using Pareto-Lorenz diagram was made. Analysis of the part of results of the chosen set of factors of the BOST questionnaire (Toyota management principles in questions) was also described. This set of factors is connected with 7 Toyota's management principle and concerns the most important factors in visual control.

Keywords: glass industry, glass packages, nonconformity, Pareto-Lorenz diagram, BOST questionnaire, visual control
p. 43 pobierz
5 3(9)/2014/5

Tomasz CISEK
The assumptions and the reality on the example of the project "Organisation of wastewater management in the municipality of Lędziny"

Abstract: The paper presents the confrontation of assumptions and expectations related to the implementation of the project of communal sewage wastewater arrangement to actual conditions encountered at the execution stage. Concrete examples of common problems, arising mainly from other stakeholders who were not always interested in the effective implementation of the project, trying the occasion to pursue their own, often not fully aligned with the project goals has been given.

Keywords: sewage management, communal sewage, sewage systems
p. 52 pobierz
6 3(9)/2014/6

The evaluation of the impact of building location on energy demand

Abstract: The issue of improving energy efficiency is one of the most economically viable ways of reducing greenhouse gases’ emission into the atmosphere. The article discusses ecological benefits arising from the performance of the investment based on the thermal insulation of building external walls. The authors determined optimal values of the heat transfer coefficient of the vertical external wall, ecological value of the investment and ecological cost efficiency. Multi-variant systems of the external wall structure were used with respect to construction and thermal insulation materials. Moreover, the location of the building in five different climatic zones in Poland was taken into consideration as well as the heat source used in the building.

Keywords: energy efficiency, LCA, ecological benefits
p. 60 pobierz
7 3(9)/2014/7

Modeling rescue organization – a case study of helicopter crash

Abstract: : For the prevention of crisis centers are organized supervising individual emergency services. Through the center of the information about the event is passed to the emergency services that maintain the autonomy take rescue actions. Emergency services are based on the information obtained during the rescue operation. To prepare for the emergency services to unexpected changes in a crisis situation are needed scenarios with extremely dangerous development crisis. In this publication is presented an alternative scenario created on the basis of the description given crisis situation – accident helicopter MI-24.

Keywords: emergency services, crisis situation, the diagram decision-making process map
p. 74 pobierz
8 3(9)/2014/8

Analysis of static burdens on the positions of the office work

Abstract: In the article was introduced the analysis of the office worker static burdens treating to stepping out the most often irregularities at the organization of the office position according to the report on the subject of the ergonomics of Polish offices. Defining strain of the muscularly-skeletal arrangement through coefficients static uncomfortably for sitting posture with the turn of the head in the direction not centric of the placed monitor and for the inclined standing position the analyses of static burdens were executed the method of the computer simulation of the program Anthropos ErgoMAX. Coefficients static uncomfortably were brought back to the burden of the in the given attitude worker spine.

Keywords: static burdens, organization of the office position
p. 87 pobierz
9 3(9)/2014/9

Italian quality award in public administration

Abstract: In this paper we present and analyze the Italian Quality Award, and in particular presents Italian Quality Award granted to public entities. There is also description of acts, a way of making the selection of candidates and the authorities responsible for the selection of winners. Also we presented a list of winners held editing.

Keywords: reward quality improvement models, model EFQM, CAF, Italian reward quality, public administration
p. 99 pobierz
10 3(9)/2014/10

Variability of trends in certification according to ISO 9001 in Poland and worldwide

Abstract: The article presents data on the quantities certificated management systems in the world, Europe and Poland. Special attention was paid to the change in the number of certificates complying with the requirements of ISO 9001. Attempt was made to describe the trend in the development of certification of the world and in Poland. Presented are also possibilities causes of fluctuations in the quantity certification according to ISO 9001. In the last part of the paper presents a comparison of change and a description of trends.

Keywords: certification, ISO 9001, quality management systems
p. 110 pobierz
11 3(9)/2014/11

Examining the influence of a quality management system on SME competitiveness

Abstract: In the article there is a role, range of influence and significance of the enterprises from SME sector presented in the contemporary economy. The influence of quality management systems on building and maintaining the competitive advantage of enterprises on the market is determined. There is also an attempt made to analyze the range of influence of quality management systems on the processes connected with a direct customer service. The analysis, along with indication of the factors affecting customer choices, was carried out on the basis of own research conducted with participation of the organizations that constitute product recipients from the water supply and sewage disposal industry.

Keywords: quality management system, competitiveness, determinants of competitive advantage, SME
p. 120 pobierz
12 3(9)/2014/12

Model of coal mining waste management system in upper silesian coal basin

Abstract: Underground bituminous coal mining is associated with production of large amounts of mining waste. The significant problem of its utilization exists in Poland and Czech Republic where there are still many collieries in operation. The article presents the model of common system responsible for collecting the best practices and information flow in mining waste management. The obligation of mining waste utilization is derived from Polish mining waste act from 10.07.2008 and its Czech equivalent (157.2009). In Poland and Czech. However the problem of management of mining and processing waste concerns also the areas of abandoned coal basins. The article describes the kinds of produced mining waste and their amounts. Also there are shown currently used mining waste management technologies in both countries. In the summary there are presented the most perspective ways of use of tailings and other waste.

Keywords: bituminous coal, mining waste, mines, coal slurry, recycling, coal processing
p. 131 pobierz
13 3(9)/2014/13

The role of external advisor in creating the quality management system

Abstract: The author of the work examines the role of external advisor in shaping the quality management system. There is his activity range and tasks to be done determined. The research results are presented that concern perception of the advisor, his assessment from a perspective of a quality representative. There is a way of advisor’s selection indicated as well as assessment of his effects. The analysis is conducted on factors and conditions, both external and internal ones, that affect the quality of consulting services. There is the organization’s significance emphasized, especially in regards to its management, in the process of system building. The author analyzes why disturbances occur during the system creation and attempts to determine their causes. In conclusions the attention is paid to the need of involvement and cooperation of both parties taking part in system building. It is stated that the organization takes the final responsibility for the effect of the system building process.

Keywords: quality management system, ISO 9001, external advisor, system building process
p. 143 pobierz
14 3(9)/2014/14

Determinants of quality customer satisfaction surveys

Abstract: Article was devoted to issues of credibility customer satisfaction survey. Customer satisfaction survey is one of the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The purpose of this article is to present the results of a critical analysis of practices in customer satisfaction surveys carried out in one of the examples of large industrial companies established in the territory of the Polish and European market supports. Selected company provides services for business customers. The article contains the results of studies illustrating practices in customer satisfaction survey by the selected company in the years 2006-2013. Critical analysis of practices in the enterprise helped to identify the determinants of the quality of customer satisfaction research.

Keywords: quality, quality management, customer satisfaction surveys, quality management system
p. 154 pobierz
15 3(9)/2014/15

Transfer of knowledge about innovative technical solutions on example chosen coal mine

Abstract: In hard coal mines great importance has use of modern air-conditioners as well as dedusters, that assuring comfort of work. Air-conditioners in mines, in order to grant functionality, it must be designed properly so that it did not present threat for work of miners. Most often centralized systems of cooling are used. More frequently are designed automatic systems securing work without emergency for operators’. Beside temperature, there is other important threat of working environment in mining industry, it is ambient air quality. In polish mines mainly dry and wet dedusters are in use. The aim of this paper is to present recent aspects connected to air conditioning and dedusting devices, among them are research of market of producers and assessment of working climate. In the paper are presented results of research carried with use of questionnaire related to workers knowledge about modern air conditioners and dedusters.

Keywords: air-conditioning, coal mine, dedusting, temperature, dust
p. 164 pobierz
16 3(9)/2014/16

Identification of the main problems of municipal waste management in the light of amendment to the statute of cleanliness and maintenance in communes on the example of Katowice

Abstract: The purpose of the article was to identify the problems of municipal waste management in Katowice, which emerged after the amendment to the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities entered into force. Emerged problems concern three groups of recipients of the Act - residents, municipalities and businesses dealing with the collection and disposal of waste. Identification of the main problems has allowed to create the theoretical basis for the improvement actions that should be taken into account in further efforts to improve the functioning of the municipal waste management systems in Katowice.

Keywords: waste management system, municipal waste, the act of maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities, major problems, Katowice
p. 184 pobierz
17 3(9)/2014/17

Procedures in case of a failure, as part of enterprise risk management in steel industry

Abstract: The article presents a method for identify, analyze and evaluate risks, which cause disruption of the production process in the main department of Steel Mill. For the selected failure was showed a particular algorithm and a list of spare parts to minimize losses due to frequent disruptions. To elaborate plans in case of failure used different kinds of quality tools that improved the process of collect and process data from the company.

Keywords: failure, risk management, business continuity
p. 195 pobierz
18 3(9)/2014/18

Concept of spreadsheet application supporting the application of Shewart control charts

Abstract: The article addresses a concept of an IT tool proposed to support the application of the Shewart control charts. The concept of control charts has been generally explained in the initial sections of the paper, providing a definition of the functionality envisaged for the tool being developed. With regard to the said functionality, data which must be acquired and stored in the tool have been identified. For the sake of the data identification, a specific structure conforming with the relational data model has been proposed. What follows is a detailed description of database implementation in a spreadsheet as well as an introduction of a solution allowing the chosen property to be analysed. All the solutions proposed enable automatic identification of the points forming the configurations specified in the reference standard, indicating situations which require further explanation. The mechanisms developed also make it possible to represent the results obtained in a transparent form, both in tables and by means of appropriate graphs, depending on the range of samples chosen by the user.

Keywords: spreadsheet, database, relational data model, process improvement, quality management, statistical process control
p. 208 pobierz
19 3(9)/2014/19

Architectural barriers to a safe education of persons with disabilities

Abstract: This article presents a system of financing environmental protection using funds from taxes and environmental fees, paid by manufacturing companies. Analyzes existing provisions and the types of environmental charges. Appearing at the same time the amount of rates for the use of the natural environment. In addition, analyzes, including a detailed breakdown of revenue and expenditure of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in connection with the financing of the tasks of environmental protection.

Keywords: architectural barriers, education, disability
p. 226 pobierz
20 3(9)/2014/20

Assessment the potential of production and thermal destruction of fuels from waste in Silesia

Abstract: The purpose of the article was to assess the quantity and energy potential of municipal solid waste in the province of Silesia for production of fuels for power plant. Special attention was paid to the financial, legal and technological aspects of both the waste management system in Poland and the development of technology of waste incineration in processes of electricity and heat production. The analysis of correlation showed a strong positive correlation between the amount of waste generated and the process of urbanization.

Keywords: municipal wastes, energy production, correlation analysis, fuel from waste, regulations
p. 237 pobierz
21 3(9)/2014/21

Preparation of the municipality to the needs of people with disabilities on the example of Chorzow

Abstract: In the article there is a presentation of the issues of architectural barriers for people with disabilities in the city office in Chorzów. The analysis was based on an assessment by persons with disabilities of architectural barriers encountered during the use of the services of the municipality. The research was conducted on a sample of 60 people. Based on the analysis it can be concluded that, according to people with disabilities the things that need to be improved in the first place include: failure to adapt elevators to people with disabilities, and problems with finding the right information on the website. Persons with disabilities who participated in the analysis believe that the town hall in Chorzów is hardly friendly.

Keywords: disability, quality of life, architectural barriers, public space
p. 249 pobierz
22 3(9)/2014/22

Economic and ecological effects of building waste management in the context of sustainable development

Abstract: Merging technology life cycle costing (LCC) and ecological of life cycle assessment (LCA) allows to determine the indicators of the level of economic and environmental impact of the whole cycle, or of selected stages of the life cycle residential buildings. The article presents the processes waste four residential buildings, differing technology performance and meet energy standard. The main objective of the study was chosen linking structure of materials of buildings, the amount of waste, the environmental impacts generated by the waste streams – standing up and the costs and revenues from their end of managing the.

Keywords: sustainable development, life cycle assessment, life cycle of buildings, construction waste, costs and benefits
p. 261 pobierz


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