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ISSN - 2391-9361


Volume 12, issue 1




vol. 12, iss. 1/1


Marek PIESZCZEK, Janusz SMOLIŁO, Andrzej CHMIELA, Małgorzata WYSOCKA
The Method of the Assessment of the Suitability for Re-Utilization of Abandoned Deposits in Liquidated Mines

Abstract: Due to the changing political, economic and legal conditions, it is worth to consider the return of the exploitation of abandoned hard coal resources. The assessment of the possibility of coal resources management in the deposits of liquidated mines has not been the subject of extensive scientific research so far. The study carried out a statistical analysis of the available locations for potentially usable resources. A method of the possibility assessment of their development was proposed. The method simply suggests the level of attractiveness of the exploitation of abandoned resources return. The obtained information can be used as a reference point for a detailed and multi-criteria evaluation and enables the decision maker to make the final decision. The system of the partial assessment method is adapted for liquidated mines, but after some modifications, the method can be also used by another mining entity.

Keywords: development of abandoned deposits, liquidation of a hard coal mine



vol. 12, iss. 1/2


Wes GREBSKI, Michalene Eve GREBSKI
The Professor for the Student or the Student for the Professor???

Abstract: The article focuses on a comparative analysis of the higher technical education system in Poland and the USA. Most of the data in the article concerns higher education in the USA. The authors assumed that the system of higher technical education in Poland is known to the readers. The expectations of students and the role of professors in meeting students' expectations were analyzed. The article describes in detail the procedure for annual faculty evaluation. This evaluation takes under consideration the quality of teaching, research and scholarly activity as well as service to the university. The article also focuses on the importance of the exchange of faculty between industry and the university.

Keywords: higher education, employee evaluation, university



vol. 12, iss. 1/3


Social Innovation – Contribution to Further Research

Abstract: Social innovations can be the answer to contemporary socio-economic problems faced by the world. They are a topic raised by both practitioners and theoreticians from various fields of science. The aim of the research is to discuss the issue of social innovation and indicate the directions of their further research within the framework of Business and Management Science. The article is based on the analysis of domestic and foreign literature. The research was conducted using the desk research method. The method of visualizing scientific landscapes was used. Based on the analysis, we can conclude that the issues of innovation and social innovation are topical. At the same time, the issue of innovation is a concept much more often analysed by researchers than social innovation. Currently, the issue of social innovation is being analysed in three main research areas: entrepreneurship, sustainable development and social impact. This opens up an interesting research field for future analyses within the framework of management sciences.

Keywords: innovations, socio-economic problems, social innovations, research



vol. 12, iss. 1/4


Joachim KOZIOŁ
Direction of Spontaneous Processes and Phenomena in Isolated Systems. Different Concepts of Entropy

Abstract: Based on the so-called second law and the related course of spontaneous processes in the field of phenomenological and statistical thermodynamics in isolated systems, similar directions in other areas of life were discussed. Particular attention was paid to the concept of entropy, which characterizes the above directions. The considerations, apart from natural phenomena (physico-chemical and biological), included cybernetic and economic processes as well as philosophical phenomena. The presence of a large analogy in the behavior of the thematic direction in the analyzed areas was indicated.

Keywords: course of processes and phenomena, entropy: phenomenological, statistical, cybernetic, economic, philosophical



vol. 12, iss. 1/5


Diagnostics in the Assessment of the Technical Condition of Mining Machines and Equipment

Abstract: The dissertation attempts to present an effective method of assessing the technical condition of mining machinery and equipment. The aim is to present effective methods of measuring temperature as well as vibrations and vibrations generated during the operation of mining equipment and machines. Devices that measure temperature without contact with a given object are built on the basis of various types of infrared radiation detectors or matrices of such detectors. Thermal imaging devices show the temperature distribution over the entire surface, unlike pyrometers that measure the temperature at points. On the other hand, vibrations and vibrations generated during the operation of the gear of devices and machines were carried out using a vibrometric pen and a machine condition tester, and the obtained measurements were used to diagnose the wear of individual elements of these machines. The main goal is to develop a method of using diagnostic techniques for the needs of the process of failure-free operation of a mining plant.

Keywords: technical diagnostics, non-contact thermometry, vibroacoustic, technical condition, machine, mining device



vol. 12, iss. 1/6


Inerting Goaves of Active Mining Longwall Using a Mixture of Inert Gases Obtained From Treatment of Gas Engine Exhaust Gases – Introducing the Results of Research and Development

Abstract: The article continues and expands on the paper presented at the previous year's conference. The article presents an innovative technology of fire prevention in goaves, based on injection of nitrogen and carbon dioxide inert gas mixtures obtained from treatment of exhaust gases from a methane combusting gas engine. Currently, under normal conditions in a hard coal mine, the exhaust gases formed during combustion are emitted directly into the atmosphere. Innovative inerting technology which employs processing and reusing of the exhaust gases produced by methane-fueled gas engines, in an ecological context will contribute to the reduction of pollutant emissions in the mining sector. At the same time, integrating carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the correct ratio in the mixture allows to fully exploit the advantages of each of these gases, for which they are known when used in their separate forms. As a result, considering the possibility of generating a much larger amount of inert gases per time unit compared to the available technologies, and combining the physicochemical properties of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in one mixture, the innovative technological solution significantly increases the effectiveness of fire prevention, thus reducing the likelihood of an endogenous fire.

Keywords: endogenous fires, fire hazard prevention, effective inerting, catalytic purification of gas engine exhaust gases



vol. 12, iss. 1/7


Andrzej CHMIELA, Dariusz WÓJCIK, Małgorzata WYSOCKA
Disturbances in the Advancement of the Restructuring, Revitalization and Liquidation Processes of a Large Hard Coal Mine Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract: The article presents the most important changes in the strategic sector, which is the hard coal mining, and shows the effects of industry transformation. The results of the study of the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the restructuring of a large branch of Spółka Restrukturyzacji Kopalń S.A. (SRK S.A.) were presented. The task of SRK S.A. (www.srk.com.pl) is the revitalization and restructuring of the acquired hard coal mines put into liquidation. The market situation also affected the company's operations. The publication analyzes the implementation of restructuring processes in one of the hard coal mines taken over by the company. The processes that are taking place, most often universal for other SRK branches, were presented and the conclusions drawn from the situation were indicated. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays and slowdowns of actions, however, ensuring complete or almost complete implementation of assumed tasks.

Keywords: process management, restructuring of mining enterprises, liquidation of a hard coal mine, COVID-19



vol. 12, iss. 1/8


Forecast of Methane Concentration at the end of and in the Ventilating Roadway – a Case Study

Abstract: Until now, the appropriate one-day forecasts of average methane concentration for walls were related primarily to the end of the ventilating roadway, as they were developed on the basis of the measurements made in that place. In the presented article, predictive equations were used to estimate the methane concentration at the end of the ventilating roadway, in a ventilating roadway at a distance of up to 10 m from the face of the wall, and at the wall end. The results of the forecasts at the end of the ventilating roadway were used as a reference material to compare to the results of forecasts in other, above-mentioned, places. The forecast results obtained are very similar to the measured values and encourage further work to be done in order to check their practical usefulness.

Keywords: forecast of methane concentration, methane longwall, ventilating airway, longwall, forecast accuracy



vol. 12, iss. 1/9


Radon Measurements in Selected Buildings Residential Buildings in the Rybnik Region

Abstract: This paper presents the results of studies on the level of radon concentration in selected residential buildings located in the area of the Rybnik region. A passive measurement method, using alpha particle trace detectors, was applied for measurements carried out in several campaigns between 2005-2010. A total of 122 measurements were carried out in the basements and ground floors of 61 buildings. The exposure time of the detectors ranged from 3 to 6 months. The range of measured radon concentrations was from 10 to 390 Bq/m³ on the ground floors and from 28 to 740 Bq/m³ in the basements. The arithmetic means of the measured values were respectively: 74 Bq/m³ on the ground floors and 128 Bq/m³ in the basements and were higher than the average values calculated for Poland as a whole, as well as for the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (GZW).

Keywords: natural radioactivity, radium Ra-226, radon Rn-222, geology



vol. 12, iss. 1/10


The modernization of the rainwater drainage system from drainless basin in the area of a liquidated mine

Abstract: Many years of hard coal mining affect the leveling of the land surface. The analysis of changes in hydrogeological conditions and the state of water hazards in mining plants forced the mine to work on new ways of assessing and combating water threats. Currently, the special subject of interest is focused on changes in the morphology of the area, changes in water conditions, the most common manifestations of which are flooding and water damages of the most depressed zones as well as changing the direction and intensity of surface water runoff. The publication analyzes the possibility of reducing the costs of liquidation an inactive mine by modernizing the existing rainwater drainage system from drainless basins. The analysis revealed the main factors interferring the dewatering process and the crucial problems resulting from them. Using a multi-criteria analysis, the optimal variants were selected from the group of the proposed technical modernization variants.

Keywords: multi-criteria analysis, restructuring of mining enterprises, liquidation of mine, rainwater drainage, decision-making



vol. 12, iss. 1/11


Wojciech BATKO
Analysis of Acoustic Hazards of the Environment in Terms of Decibel Algebra Transformation of Measurement Results

Abstract: Control and assessment of the state of environmental acoustic hazards has legal regulations, both at home and abroad. They algorithmize how to perform control studies and assess the state of acoustic hazards in the environment. However, their solutions have some unrecognized scientific and application potential. It is related to the properties of the decibel algebra of transformation of measurement results. The issue taken up in the paper, analyzes the properties of the decibel algebra and the related problem of the correctness of capturing exceedances of acceptable noise levels. It discusses the shortcomings of the current methods used to classify exceedances, from the point of view of their perception by humans of acoustic disturbances acting on them, as well as metrological conditions associated with the assessment of uncertainty of the control result. I emphasize the need to look for a new measure of exceedances of permissible values of noise levels in the environment. It presents a new proposal for solving this problem. The considerations undertaken in the article outline the program framework for undertaking broader discussions and research, on the desirability of changing the current conditions for the classification of noise hazards in the environment.

Keywords: Decibel algebra, noise hazard identification, measures of noise exceedances




vol. 12, iss. 1/12


Jacek ZIMNY, Mieczysław STRUŚ, Jakub SZYMICZEK, Krzysztof SZCZOTKA
The Use of Geothermal Energy in the City of Buk

Abstract: The paper presents the potential use of geothermal resources in the town and municipality of Buk. The first chapters present the geothermal conditions for the analyzed region and the potential geothermal reservoirs for the efficient exploitation of thermal water. In the town of Buk, these are the Lower Jurassic, Lower Triassic and Lower Permian reservoirs. The technology of a two-hole geothermal doublet system is presented. In the following chapters, compressor heat pump technologies for maximizing the use of geothermal heat are presented. Finally, the potential heat capacities obtained from the borehole and the potential environmental effect are presented.

Keywords: geothermal energy, geothermal CHP plant, geothermal heat plant, organic Rankine cycle, high-power compressor heat pumps, geothermal doublet



vol. 12, iss. 1/13


Maintenance and Operation of Machines in Industry 4.0

Abstract: The article discusses many aspects of Industry 4.0. In the introduction, the definition of Industry 4.0 was quoted, followed by topics related to maintenance engineering and machine operation, machine diagnosis using AI, the use of AI to maintain industrial plant operation, sensor systems, cloud measurement data processing, redistribution of critical information and system integration. The measurable effects of Industry 4.0 were also analyzed, such as improving production efficiency, reducing machine downtime, reducing maintenance costs, increasing employee safety and optimizing logistics processes. All these elements show how many benefits Industry 4.0 brings to industrial enterprises. However, this is a process that requires a lot of work and investment in new technologies, as well as appropriate training of employees who will operate these modern devices.

Keywords: Maintenance, machine operation, Industry 4.0



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