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1 1(1)/2012/1

Henryk BADURA, Henryk STABLA
Atmosphere parameters control in the underground coal mines

Abstract: This paper refers to the hazards in mines caused by or connected with a possibility of emission to the atmosphere of gases which can be damaging to health. This paper specifies which gases damaging to health can be emitted to mine atmosphere and allowable composition of mine air is also given. A telemetrical system intended for determination of mine atmosphere composition, manufactured by PKiMSA CARBOAUTOMATYKA S.A. is discussed. Attention was also paid to the components of safety system connected with physical parameters of mine atmosphere. Example of telemetrical detectors arrangement in the longwall area is given as well as its intended use.

Keywords: methane, toxic gases, air velocity, telemetrical measurements, detectors arrangement
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Method of surgical staff competence improvement using the augmented reality technology

Abstract: This article includes the issue of gaining competencies in the professional group of physicians. In particular, there are indicated the needs for development of competencies of surgical staff and modern ways of delivering trainings based on IT techniques are described. An essential part of the article is an example of using the Augmented Reality technology (AR) in improving the way of performing by surgical personnel the activities occurring during the surgery of knee arthroplasty.

Keywords: competencies, surgical operations, virtualization techniques, augmented reality technologies
p. 29  pobierz
3 1(1)/2012/5

Jarosław BRODNY
Application of the finite element method in determination of the natural vibrations frequency of frictional joint

Abstract: In the paper the results of studies on the natural frequency of frictional joint applied in yielding support of dog headings are presented. Analysis was performed on the structural model of frictional joint developed on the basis of finite element method. In the result of conducted studies the natural frequency of the frictional joint and the forms of vibrations corresponding to them were determined. These frequencies were compared with the frequency of vibrations of the dog heading’s contour. The analysis was carried out for two ways of attachment of the frictional joint, and for joints with two and three stirrups.

Keywords: frictional joint, vibration own, MES
p. 51  pobierz
4 1(1)/2012/6

Jarosław BRODNY, Marcel ŻOŁNIERZ
Determination of frictional contact coefficient of rope with surface contact of wires and frictional lining

Abstract: In paper a history of development of steel ropes' constructions taking into account the ropes of area contact called compacted ropes. Their advantages and disadvantages, as well as principle of operation, are given. Review of selected tests of mechanical properties of compacted ropes and presentation of their results was also performed. Then methodology and results of test of kinetic friction coefficient between steel compacted rope and Modar R3/Mz lining are presented. Tests were carried out on specialized stand and included two values of pressure of rope on the lining.

Keywords: steel rope, rope compact, test stand
p. 60  pobierz
5 1(1)/2012/7

Methods for supporting the flow of information about the environmental factors in emergency services and prevent action

Abstract: With the development of systems forming the human environment, such as production systems, energy, transport, information be increased the impact the crisis situations on their operation. The basis for the smooth operation of prevention and rescue services in countering the effects of crisis events (such as mass events) is the close coordination and cooperation. Successful operation of emergency services and prevention requires efficient decision-making at all levels of rescue action. Currently, the development of methods and tools of Augmented Reality allows for the delivery of information to support decisions on a wide range of activities undertaken by man. Effective use of this technology requires the collection of information characterizing the environment of potential crises and to provide of this information to the emergency services and prevention. In the context of the current disposal of the central organization of emergency and prevention services in the publication we show supporting for information flows. On this basis, one can consider that the tools of Augmented Reality may significantly contribute to the success of the operation of the emergency services and prevention.

Keywords: supporting, environmental factors, rescue, prevention services, emergency services
p. 71  pobierz
6 1(1)/2012/8

Influence of employees’ attitudes and behaviour on safety culture in company

Abstract: The paper presents basic issues related to safety culture. It also includes information about the factors determining desired and undesired, good and bad (right and wrong) safety culture, and the most important information about improving safety culture. The empirical part presents the research on influence of employees’ attitudes and behaviour on developing safety culture in a company. The research included such elements of culture development model as work environment and conditions and employees’ behaviour and attitudes.

Keywords: safety management, organization culture, safety culture, human factor, work environment, accidents at work
p. 87  pobierz
7 1(1)/2012/9

Patrycja HĄBEK
Companies’ responsibility for sustainable development. Sustainable production patterns in small and medium – sized enterprises

Abstract: Issues connected with changing unsustainable production patterns are considered in this paper. In the first part of the article the author discusses enterprises contribution to sustainable development through implementation of corporate social responsibility concept (CSR) and in its scope the idea of sustainable manufacturing. The second part of the article shows the selected indicators of sustainable production patterns implementation in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland, with reference to the European Union situation.

Keywords: CSR, sustainable manufacturing, cleaner production, EMAS, ISO 14001
p. 97  pobierz
8 1(1)/2012/10

Analysis of gaseous hazards in mine workings using an automatic monitoring system

Abstract: The article presents working of system automatic monitoring of gaseous dangers in fringe drift in the coal-mine KWK Mysłowice. Indications sensors of methane, carbon monoxide and anemometers working in monitoring system of atmosphere on two coal beds on the deepness 465 m and 665 m was analysed. Incidents of exceed alarm threshold of mine gas concentration and their reasons was analysed. In the article were presented results for one example of month. On the basis of alarms incidents was identified also dangerous places in fringe drift.

Keywords: gaseous hazards, mine workings, alarm threshold of gas concentration
p. 106  pobierz
9 1(1)/2012/11

Application of gps technology in surface mining

Abstract: VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, institute of geodesy and mine surveying has been cooperating with Severočeské doly j.s.c. (SD) in important research project since 2007. The main goal is improve control system for opencast mining. Two bucket wheel excavators (K800/103 and KU300/27) were equipped with measurement hardware at the Libouš Lignite Mine (North Bohemia brown coal basin). The position of the bucket wheel centre is computed by means of GPS data, inclinometer and incremental measurements. Data is transferred to a base. All the values measured are saved in this database. The surface layout of the mine as well as positions of underground geological layers are updated on a regular basis in the digital model of the mine. The main aim of the research is verifying the system in connection to digital model for short time prognosis of qualitative parameters of coal (Ad, Sd, Qr, Wr and MS), continuous automatic computation of mined materials (m3, tons) and continuous checking of creation of the movement surface/plane of the excavator and mining goals. Mine surveyors have a lead role in the working team. The paper describes possibilities of using the GPS for mine surveying and for production planning.

Keywords: analysis, bucket wheel excavator, digital model, GPS, inclinometer, incremental measurements
p. 116  pobierz
10 1(1)/2012/12

Audit versus development in a certified quality management system

Abstract: In the paper the analysis was conducted on two types of audits in a certified quality management system in the context of obtaining and processing information concerning development. There were the objectives and stages of widely-understood process of audit and there were the factors identified that have influence on determination and use of development suggestions. Also, the organization’s influence on particular stages of audit process in the first and third party were determined. The attention was paid to the type of information concerning development that are obtained in both analyzed types of audit. There was the responsibility indicated for identification and use of information. It was attempted to answer the question what the appearing problems may result from and what their cause is.

Keywords: analysis, quality, management system
p. 124  pobierz
11 1(1)/2012/13

"Tango down". Some comments on the security of cyberspace of republic of Poland

Abstract: The article presents selected issues of terminology related to: security and safety, information security management systems, government activities about security cyberspace and work on the Government's Program for the Protection of Cyberspace in Poland. Also a schedule of attacks on government services after the signing of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) was presented and examples of unprofessional behavior of government employees after the hacker attacks were noticed.

Keywords: security, cyberspace, ACTA, public administration
p. 133  pobierz
12 1(1)/2012/14

Preparation of handling equipment for approval of the office of technical inspection – case study

Abstract: The article presents construction and functioning of a skiploader. The author describes legislation that regulates procedures of its modernisation and reparation. Basing on a precise case there was presented a process of proceeding with used equipment manufactured before entering into force EU Directive on Machinery to the first registration by the Office of Technical Inspection and issuing administrative decision allowing for its exploitation.

Keywords: skiploader, modernisation, EU Directives
p. 146  pobierz
13 1(1)/2012/15

Michał MOLENDA, Sebastian KRAFCZYK
Quality Assessment of Municipal Services in the Selected Municipality of the Silesian Province

Abstract: This article is dedicated to the issue of public services quality. It presents, beside theoretical considerations concerning services quality, the results of the survey in respect of assessment of municipal services rendered in the Silesian municipality Zbrosławice. This survey covered three types of services: water supply services, waste (solid and wastewater) disposal services as well as housing conditions maintenance services. The survey results enabled to formulate the conclusions concerning the quality of services provided by the municipal entity in the examined municipality.

Keywords: quality, services, municipal services, public services
p. 153  pobierz
14 1(1)/2012/16

Analysis of garment manufacturing defects in x clothing manufacturing company

Abstract: In the article the results of analysis of garment manufacturing defects in X clothing manufacturing company in a whole calendar year during 5 years are presented. Using such tools of quality management as the Pareto-Lorenz analysis and the Ishikawa diagram quantification of these defects based on their importance and a number of occurrences has been carried out. Then, causes of these defects in relation to each month and conditions of the working environment have been determined.

Keywords: sewing garments, garment manufacturing defects, garment manufacturing, Pareto-Lorenz analysis, Ishikawa diagram, valuation of a workstation, valuation of working environment
p. 163  pobierz
15 1(1)/2012/17

Ireneusz PINDEL
The contract for public procurement in system of public sector institutions’ the management

Abstract: This study refers to the issue of contracting for giving public procurement, realized by public sector’s recipients. These contracts institute a very important instrument of public procurement management, what is additionally restricted by the necessity of proper care treatment and what is the effect of suitable rules of law referred to the rules of expending public recourses. Therefore, this elaboration brings forward some law solutions, required in discussed range, indicating at the same time the wide range of possibilities in unrestricted creation of contracts’ contents in the process of public procurement management. This study case also emphasizes the necessity of contents’ forming of analyzed contracts in agreement with rules of careful economy, that are obliged for public sector institutions.

Keywords: management, finance, public, order, contract
p. 172  pobierz
16 1(1)/2012/18

Acoustic environmental hazards of work on main road haulage levels in the coal mine

Abstract: The paper presents the main characteristics of the haulage of coal mine levels, where the acoustic tests were carried out. The results of preliminary tests and their assessments and detailed studies on the main haulage road leveled. The analysis of preliminary studies for further detailed studies enrolled two divisions. Detailed study covering these regions were analyzed and interpreted, also defines the security sterfy sound.

Keywords: noise, identification, conveyor belt, hauling Main Level
p. 179  pobierz
17 1(1)/2012/19

Minimizing noise emission of the main road haulage evels in the coal mine

Abstract: The paper presents ways to minimize noise emissions through the main haulage levels in coal mines based on data from earlier studies. Some exemplary opportunities to minimize noise emissions include: reduction of noise emissions at source, acoustic adaptation excavation section, housing the conveyor chute Flow Rate and modification of the conveyor housing.

Keywords: noise, conveyor belt, hauling main, minimizing noise
p. 188  pobierz
18 1(1)/2012/20

Jacek SITKO, Krzysztof MICHALSKI
Selected aspects associated with preparing the production and industrial period – storing

Abstract: The article is moving and analysing problems associated with production and industrial preparatory stages of smelting products. Due to functioning still in domestic industry, traditional system of storage, storing and storing products, blanks and the materials intended for production, analysis of functioning systems storing and storing and making an attempt to streamline them seem essential, because a crucial element of the industrial engineering constitutes it.

Keywords: system, production, magazine, product
p. 197  pobierz
19 1(1)/2012/21

Tomasz SZULC
Application of methods of strategic management in developing urban renewal programs in the largest cities in Poland

Abstract: The article presents outcome of the research on use of strategic management methods in urban renewal programming. The research was divided into two parts covering level of proficiency in applying given tools and intensity of use of them. The research was preceded with thorough textbook study and identification of methods that may be potentially used for the aforementioned purposes. The research activities were funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the project no N N115 415740 “Application of creative problem solving tools and strategic management methods in development and implementation of local urban renewal plans of degraded areas” completed in December 2011.

Keywords: strategic management, textbook study, identification of methods
p. 208  pobierz
20 1(1)/2012/22

An evaluation of the efficiency of quality management systems implemented in small enterprises – reserach results

Abstract: The publication presents the results of research conducted in small production and service-providing enterprises having an established quality management system. The aim of the studies was to evaluate the efficiency of the implemented quality system understood as an ability to achieve the set goals. The studies included self-assessment conducted by the company management board or by management representative for quality systems. The results obtained in survey research have been verified in a form of a third party’s audit. The investigations have been supplemented with tests carried out among the management board and plenipotentiaries, whose aim was to evaluate such personality features as the ability to communicate, to teach others and to introduce changes.

Keywords: small enterprise , quality management system, effectiveness, efficiency, audit, management
p. 219  pobierz
21 1(1)/2012/23

Dilemmas of public participation in acoustic climate management in the context of elaborating action plans against noise in urban areas

Abstract: The article presents the possibilities and limitations of public participation urban environmental noise management in the context of EU requirements to elaborate acoustic maps and action plans against noise for urban areas. The legal and social determinants of public participation in this field were described as well as specificity of social noise perception that does not depend only on the acoustic characteristics of noise. Potential benefits of supporting participatory processes through tools such as Participatory GIS were also indicated.

Keywords: public participation, acoustic cli mate management, action plan against environmental noise, participatory GIS methodology
p. 233 pobierz 
22 1(1)/2012/25

Juliusz WÓJCIK
Civilizations and production methods

Abstract: The article presents issues related to the impact of a given civilization on the quality of production techniques and methods used by a given society/in a given country. It is based on the comparative science of civilizations founded by Feliks Koneczny. An essence of a civilization is explained and a mutual interaction between civilizations (the battle of civilizations) is pointed out. Five civilization's components (the categories of social being) are described as a tool for identifying the type of a given civilization. That components' interaction (having influence on a given civilization's resilience and ability to meet the social needs) is highlighted. Seven civilization types existing nowadays (according to F. Koneczny) are characterized and their capabilities to develop science, economy and to generate capital goods are discussed. A conclusion is that the Latin civilization is the most capable. Using presented distinguishing marks civilizations are divided (acc. F. Koneczny) into two groups: collectivistic and individualistic. A model of a new civilization introduced by Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi is presented and is confronted with the Latin civilization. It is stated that the mentioned model of European civilization meets the criteria of the collectivistic civilization. Properties of an economic development and production in societies of collectivistic and individualistic civilizations are identified as consequences of the choice of a social system.

Keywords: civilization, collectivistic civilization, individualistic civilization, Feliks Koneczny, Richard Nikolaus Coudenhove-Kalergi
p. 250  pobierz
23 1(1)/2012/26

Evaluation of waste packaging management system in Lubuskie

Abstract: An important objective of the Directive 2008/98/EC is to break the links between eco-nomic growth and the generation of waste in all EU countries and increase of efforts to prevent waste. In case of production of wastes, the national harmonized standards deter-mine the level of recovery and recycling of wastes, which should be achieved in each province by the end of 2014 and the ways of disposing of them in a safe way for humans and the environment. This article presents some parameters concerning a packaging waste management (including achieved levels of recovery and recycling) in Lubuskie in propor-tion to the country and are subjected to analysis.

Keywords: waste management, waste packaging, recovery, recycling
p. 267  pobierz
24 1(1)/2012/27

How to merge environmental information using meta-analysis

Abstract: The article describes how to merge (integrate) information derived from different environmental studies. For such methods that are designed especially for combining of multi-sources information the term meta-analysis was coined in the statistical literature. Meta-analysis is a large family of advanced and continuously developed methods that go far beyond the well-known classical methods of data merger (integration), i.e. based on correlation or regression analysis. This issue is especially important in practice of environmental research when many results of detailed, but independent studies are available, e.g. obtained by different scientific groups, at different time or during different campaigns, from samples of different sizes etc., whose results must be properly generalized in order to take well-founded and precise conclusions.

Keywords: meta-analysis, data integration, funnel plot, Fisher’s method, Liptak-Stouffer’s method environmental studies, statistical inference
p. 279  pobierz
25 1(1)/2012/28

Mariusz ŻÓŁTOWSKI, Wojciech ŻARSKI
Structure of computer management systems design

Abstract: A Computer system for company management is of a module structure and provides control of all the areas of the company operation, from planning and supply through production distribution, sale, equipment maintenance, finances and accountancy. The module structure of the system provides a possibility of implementation only of those components which due to the company character and specificity of its operation are indispensable and useful. Attention should also be focused on the system flexibility, that is, possibility of its adjustment to changing environmental conditions, through modification and addition of new modules.

Keywords: management information system, system construction
p. 288  pobierz
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