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1 2(8)/2014/1

The meaning of "white certificates" in improving the energy efficiency of enterprises

Abstract: Improving energy efficiency is considered to be the most economical way to reduce energy consumption in the economy. In this paper I analyze of one energy policy instrument, namely a White Certificates (WhC) scheme as an innovative policy instrument for energy efficiency improvement. The evaluation of this instrument were based on the results of the tender for energy efficiency certificates.

Keywords: white certificates, energy efficiency, energy efficiency improvement projects
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2 2(8)/2014/2

Maintenance management of marine power systems supported by risk analysis

Abstract: This article presents the complexity of maintenance of ship power system elements with a view to ensuring its safe operation. Possible maintenance strategies have been shown, indicating those which are most frequently used on ships and their application has been justified. Factors limiting application of maintenance strategies have been listed while indicating insufficient use of risk analysis. Formal and legal aspects of maintenance management have been discussed including the regulations on maritime environment protection which are presently in force. Methods of risk identification of ship power system elements have been studied pointing at the feasibility of the Expert Method. The re-sults of studies on the extension of periods between overhauls of current generating units of engines operating on Ro-Ro type ships have been shown and they confirm that the Method is useful at sup-porting the management of maintenance of a ship power system.

Keywords: condition maintenance, power system, vessel, periods between overhauls, technical risk
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3 2(8)/2014/3

The EMAS system as a stimulator of the enterprise’s environmental innovations

Abstract: The article presents the issues of the European system of eco-management and EMAS audit which impacts on environmental innovation’s stimulations realized in enterprises. The article shows the dependence between this system and the final effect which is shown as a “first graded” environmental innovation. This innovation results of the constant perfection philosophy, which constitutes the base of construction and rules of functioning. Furthermore, it shows the review of definitions connected with eco- innovations and the genesis of the integrated ecological organization’s management systems.

Keywords: environmetntal innovation, EMAS, enterprise
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4 2(8)/2014/4

Is design thinking useful in educating engineers ?

Abstract: The paper presents the design thinking (DT) methodology together with objections raised against it and discussion on them. Example wicked problems to be solved by means of DT have been shown. It has also been pointed that the DT application might be effective in an appropriately designed and prepared creative space being a component of a creative working environment. A traditional class has been compared to the class led in a creative space. An example university structure referring to and containing a creative space has been shown. Finally, the necessity for multidisciplinary education of engineers with the practical use of heuristic methods has been discussed.

Keywords: heuristic methods, design thinking, creative space, prototyping
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5 2(8)/2014/5

Daria DER, Maciej GAWRON, Jagoda ZBOROWSKA
Environmental management as an instrument for reducing environmental risk in the enterprise

Abstract: The article presents the issues of environmental management systems as effective instruments for mitigation of ecological risk in the enterprise. It presents the genesis of the concept of risk and ecological risk by focusing attention on the process of management in business practice. For a practical example of the use of an environmental management system to reduce the ecological risk of the business served production group ROCKWOOL.

Keywords: risk, ecological risk, environmental management
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6 2(8)/2014/6

Human reliability and technical reliability in the work process of the man-machine system

Abstract: This article presents an attempt of synthesis methods for human reliability assessment and methods for the assessment of the reliability of a technical object in the man-machine system. The paper presents indicators of human reliability proposed by psychologists as measures of the probability of human error-free operation. Also presented a proposal to take into account indicators of human reliability in determining the reliability of the human-machine system using mathematical description used in the theory of technical reliability.

Keywords: human reliability, technical reliability, reliability indicators
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7 2(8)/2014/7

Piotr KALETA, Tomasz WAŁEK
The innovative method of providing small and medium size enterprises with thermal and electric energy

Abstract: In the article an innovative method of supplying with the thermal and electric energy in small and medium enterprises was presented. Principles of the gas MCHP XRGI microcogeneration, its virtues, influence limiting the impact on the natural environment, decreasing of primary fuel resources and reducing costs of using the energy in enterprises were discussed. Instruments of the support for investors and users were also introduced to the installation with the MCHP XRGI application.

Keywords: thermal energy, electric power, micro co-generation, natural environment, energy management, SME, MCHP XRGI, support instruments
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8 2(8)/2014/8

Remarks on managing data, information and knowledge in tasks of production engineering

Abstract: In the paper the author tries to introduce his concept of a general model of managing data, infor-mation and knowledge. In the first part, the model presented in a general dimension, the next parts contain remarks concerning some particular aspects of data, information and knowledge manage-ment. These aspects are briefly illustrated by some examples from the field of Production Engineer-ing. The last part contains some proposals of developing the model as well as suggestion of applying the model.

Keywords: Information management, production engineering
p. 88 pobierz
9 2(8)/2014/9

The innovative activity in the enterprise of service industry - summary of the results of survey

Abstract: In these article author presented the terms of innovation, its main strategies, the process of preparing and implementing innovations into organizations and the determinants of innovation of Polish enterprises. Furthermore special attention has been paid to recent surveys connected with characteristic of innovation policy in the enterprise of service industry. The results of the research were formed on the basis of the analysis the questionnaire survey with employees.

Keywords: innovations, strategies of innovation, the stages of implementation the innovations into organization, innovative organizational climate
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10 2(8)/2014/10

Way of using of computer simulation so|ftware for noise abatement in multi storey buildings

Abstract: This article presents way of using of computer simulation software for needs of noise exposure assessment of multi storey buildings. It was assumed that the analysis of the acoustic field at the external facades of multi-storey buildings is the basis for supporting the process of selecting the optimal noise control solutions. Based on the case study various stages of research from identifying the object and the noise sources, by creating a geometric model, selection of computational methods to generate variants solutions for noise abatement at the facades of buildings are presented.

Keywords: noise abatement, computer simulation, multi-storey buildings, case study
p. 112 pobierz
11 2(8)/2014/11

Effect of the isothermal oxidation on mechanical properties of the alloy Ti-6Al-7Nb

Abstract: In this publication, one of the possible methods of modifying the surface of the alloy Ti-6Al-7Nb was analyzed. The issues of the isothermal oxidation and its effect on mechanical properties were mentioned here. The mechanical properties before oxidation and the properties of the oxide layer were examined to determine the influence mentioned above.

Keywords: titanium alloys, isothermal oxidation, the oxide layers, mechanical properties
p. 123 pobierz
12 2(8)/2014/12

Production planning based on foresight - ATP method

Abstract: Well-established tools supporting business management are ERP systems. The need to maintain a high growth company response to the needs of the environment puts new demands on the tools supporting. Information about the trends of changes in the needs of the environment can improve planning in the long term. As a result, the enterprise with minimal inventories of their own, can maintain high dynamic response. Due to the pragmatics of management support to present a solution in the context of the ERP system functionality. In the publication we present a method of ATP, enabling forecasting environment to production planning in the company. This allows you to streamline the management at the smallest possible cost of the reorganization and implementation of new technologies.

Keywords: company, production planning, forecasting
p. 129 pobierz
13 2(8)/2014/13

Technical and organizational aspects of the implementation of the information systems supporting production planning

Abstract: The paper discusses the functional components of APS system supporting the management flows material and information in the company. he issue has also been the representation adequacy of generating activities in the information system and the problem of adapting the company's organizational activities to the requirements of the implemented tools. As a prerequisite for increasing the flexibility of manufacturing processes and improve the quality of products, the author of the article pointed to automate the flow of information, which is conditioned by the integration of information systems in use.

Keywords: production planning, APS, supply chain management
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14 2(8)/2014/14

Relocation of production’s plants; presentation of principles, actions and results

Abstract: In this article we are presenting an examples of relocation of two production’s plants in one company. One way is on example of PCV windows production plant with stop of current production process and second is on example of ALU constructions production plant without stop of current production process; with normal and current production in this plant. Here presented organizational solutions of relocation and changes of production plants and production’s process together with surroundings in situation of full currently production and with “screen” plan and time table - placed in reality.

Keywords: production management, production flexibility, relocation of production plants
p. 153 pobierz
15 2(8)/2014/15

Using of soundscapes in acoustic environment quality of towns – proposal of research

Abstract: Quantitative assessment of the exposure of the inhabitants to noise does not comprise the influence of qualitative factors of perception of sound. Basically, the research on qualitative aspects of noise is conducted with the use of questionnaires. New approach to designing acoustic environment assumes taking into account objectivised features of noise perception combined with quantitative assessment of exposure. The key aspect in the new approach is representation of subjective assessment of reception of acoustic impressions by the inhabitants in the objective way. The starting point for development of the new approach is the use of idea of sound landscapes for the needs of shaping the quality of acoustic environment.

Keywords: perception of sound, soundscape, acoustic environment, quality of acoustic environment
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16 2(8)/2014/16

An analysis of the influence exerted by a workstation located near the belt conveyors’ junctions in the main vertical transport system in a hard coal mine on the level of exposure to noise – case study

Abstract: The publication regards a negative influence of noise at workstations located near the conveyor belts’ junctions in the main vertical transport system of a hard coal mine. In the work the results of meas-urements of noise intensity at selected belt conveyor service stations in the vicinity of junctions as well as the results referring to the remaining measurement points in this area have been presented and discussed. On the basis of the analysed investigations, an influence of a workplace selection on the level of exposure during an 8-hour work-time has been determined. Also zones characterised by the highest noise emission have been identified for the analysed cases.

Keywords: noise, belt conveyor, main vertical transport system
p. 174 pobierz
17 2(8)/2014/17

An analysis of the influence of changes in selected machining parameters on the level of vibroacoustic signal – case study

Abstract: In each area of production, including machining, one strives to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Determining the level of a vibroacoustic signal emitted in the machining process could help to estab-lish optimal machining parameters. The publication presents investigations into the influence of se-lected machining parameters on the level of vibroacoustic signal in the process of machining a seam-less pipe made of structural carbon steel – grade S235JR, using a universal lathe.

Keywords: vibroacoustics, machining, machining parameters
p. 186 pobierz
18 2(8)/2014/18

Technologies of recycling the metallurgical slag – study by reference

Abstract: The article is introducing analysis of possibility and problems processing and using metallurgical cinders from metallurgy steel and Zn-Pb metallurgies. Diversified composit chemical and the structure is creating row of problems which one should defeat for technology of recycling in order to enable wide using cinders in the industry.

Keywords: slag, recycling, technology
p. 200 pobierz
19 2(8)/2014/19

The role manufacturing companies financing environmental protection

Abstract: This article presents a system of financing environmental protection using funds from taxes and environmental fees, paid by manufacturing companies. Analyzes existing provisions and the types of environmental charges. Appearing at the same time the amount of rates for the use of the natural environment. In addition, analyzes, including a detailed breakdown of revenue and expenditure of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in connection with the financing of the tasks of environmental protection.

Keywords: ecological fees, ecotaxes, product fees, financing of environment protection, Fund of Environment Protection and Water Management
p. 211 pobierz
20 2(8)/2014/20

Modern methods of regeneration of used parts of machines

Abstract: The article presents modern methods of regeneration of worn machine parts. Using in theme composites , which have not inferior mechanical properties, and in many cases better, improved compared to the previously used conventional methods. Regeneration technologies, using these materials, allow to recover faster the appropriate performance characteristics of regenerated parts of machines. Technology use of composites does not change the properties of the surface layer of material to which it is applied, as it happens, for example, during welding. Also, the cost of regeneration is lower in comparison with traditional methods. For this reason, the method of regeneration is increasingly being used in various industries.

Keywords: aging and wear of machines, technologies and methods of recovery, polymer composites
p. 222 pobierz
21 2(8)/2014/21

Porous materials for the medical applications

Abstract: The paper addresses the issues associated with the application of porous materials in medicine, properties and technology for their preparation. The review of literature of ceramic and metallic materials and also some results of my own research porous shape memory alloys has been presented.

Keywords: porous materials, bioceramics, shape memory alloys, biomaterials
p. 231 pobierz
22 2(8)/2014/22

The human as exploiter of technical means – state of art and research perspectives

Abstract: The article is an attempt to review actual state of art on human as user and maintainer of technical means. Moreover it presents research perspectives, which should be undertake within building-and-exploitation-of-machines (mechanical-engineering) and production-engineering disciplines for the sake of actual and important problems concerning human functioning in human engineering system. A particular attention should be paid to exploiting technical means by older persons.

Keywords: technical measures, human, construction and operation of machinery
p. 240 pobierz
23 2(8)/2014/23

Analysis of operating efficiency of the passenger rolling stock

Abstract: The research is devoted to the process of exploitation of rolling stock. The analysis is based on the performance of the leading rail operator on the selected passenger railway line. The major operating parameters of rolling stock exploitation are defined and then some multicriterial parameters were calculated. The research process is divided into three parts: an analysis of the carrying capacity of rail wagons, the analysis of the quality measures of passenger transport services, the analysis of the effective working time of wagons. Each of the parts and the whole paper ends with conclusions of the general and particular nature.

Keywords: rolling stock utilization, quality of transport services, transport performance
p. 252 pobierz
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