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1 4(6)/2013/1

Legal basis intellectual property in of management in the organization

Abstract: The basic framework for the protection of intellectual property governed by Polish law includes many remedies. The main tools to protect the interests of employers included in a team consisting of standards for intellectual property rights. The regulations in this area contain important solutions to protect intangible property company. However, despite the fact that the organization has at its disposal a number of tools the legal protection of intellectual property, it is the same right is not enough. It is necessary to ensure that appropriate procedures for the management of intellectual property in the enterprise, so as not to lose the developmental significance of it.

Keywords: intellectual property, the Polish legislation, the procedures in the management of intellectual property
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2 4(6)/2013/2

Witold BIAŁY
Coal in Poland – export, import, new opportunities

Abstract: This paper describes coal mining industry in Poland. Perspectives and possibilities of using coal as an energy source in the EU countries were presented. At present, the price of electricity produced from coal is the lowest when compared to energy derived from other media. Having regard to situation in the global energy markets, energy produced from coal will continue to be one of the lowest. This applies to both electricity and heat energy. The final section presents a new efficient combustion technologies, new processing technologies of coal into liquid fuels and the production of organic carbon assortments of high quality.

Keywords: coal mining industry, energy security, export, import of coal
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3 4(6)/2013/3

A concept of model supporting technical infrastructure maintenance processes at hospital object

Abstract: The article describes a concept of model supporting technical infrastructure maintenance processes at hospital object, which is aimed at emerging Intelligent Building and delivering facilities to its clients.

Keywords: facility management, Intelligent Building, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), hospital object, maintenance processes
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4 4(6)/2013/4

The usage of temporary diagnostics method for evaluation of technical condition of mining machinery and equipment

Abstract:  This paper attempts to present an effective way of assessment of technical condition of mining machinery and equipment. The main objective is to present effective methods of measuring the temperature and vibrations generated during the operation of transmission of mining machinery and equipment. Devices that measure the temperature without a contact with the object are based on different types of infrared detectors and swage of such detectors. Thermal imaging devices illustrate the temperature distribution over the entire surface as opposed to pyrometers which measure the temperature pointwise. However, shock and vibration generated during the operation of transmission equipment and machinery, carried out using a vibrating pen and a tester of the status of the machine, and obtained measurements were used to diagnose the usage status of the individual components of these machines. Such an evaluation of the state of the usage of various machinery parts in production is used in the Department of the Coal Company KWK "Jankowice" SA in Rybnik.

Keywords: machinery, mining equipment, shock and vibration measurements, diagnosing
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5 4(6)/2013/5

The concept of e-municipality – technological and socio-economic dimension

Abstract: The paper presents the concept of e-Municipality, which corresponds to the today observed changes, as the consequence of the development of ICT and the information society. Particular attention was paid to the technological determinants of e-Municipality implementation, i.e. network infrastructure of e-Municipality and there was considered the impact of ICT, used as a part of discussed concept, on the functioning of local governments and their citizens, as well as local businesses.

Keywords: ICT, e-Services, Internet access, network infrastructure
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6 4(6)/2013/6

Patrycja HĄBEK
Performance reporting in the integrated form

Abstract: In the paper the author raised the issue of sustainability reporting and current trends in integration of financial and non-financial reporting of companies. In the first part of the paper the current state of sustainability reporting is presented. The second part discusses some initiatives related to the development of integrated reporting practices.

Keywords: sustainability/CSR reporting, non-financial disclosure, integrated reporting
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7 4(6)/2013/7

Patrycja HĄBEK
The concept of sustainable manufacturing and the example of its practical implementation in the automotive business

Abstract: This paper presents the concept of manufacturing products consistent with the assumptions of sustainable development idea. In the first part of the article the essence of the concept of sustainable manufacturing is discusses as well as selected practices in this area are identified. Subsequently, an example of development of a set of indicators to measure performance of sustainable manufacturing process in a company from the automotive industry is presented.

Keywords: sustainable development, manufacturing process, automotive, decoupling, indicators
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8 4(6)/2013/8

Karina HERMANN, Witold BIAŁY
Independent demand forecasting as part of a material requirements planning in manufacturing companies

Abstract: The article presents the application of the selected methods of forecasting in a material requirements planning in manufacturing companies. This paper shows the place of manufacturing companies in supply chain and pointing out to essence the integration and exchange of informations in independent demand forecasting. Author also characterized the chosen methods of evaluating the admissibility and quality of forecast and the monitoring tools allowing to the verification of the fit of chosen forecasting method to empirical data. Moreover, the article presents the potential benefits resulting from the aptly choice of forecasting method and the consequences of the incorrect forecast.

Keywords: demand forecasting, material requirements planning, logistics, production stocks
p. 87 pobierz
9 4(6)/2013/9

Improving the production of sanitary ceramics on the example of Roca

Abstract: This article shows opportunities associated with improving production process of sanitary ceramics which involves focusing on the times, associated with different activities, and presents the most common causes of problems. The last section provides conclusions allow still improve the process.

Keywords: manufacturing process, improvement, good practice
p. 99 pobierz
10 4(6)/2013/10

Bidding commission as the body managing the bidding procedure for the public procurement

Abstract: Analyzed problem refers to crucial issues connected with creation of public procurement proceeding’s by managing body. This elaboration shows the catalogue of instruments giving possibilities to manage the public procurement proceeding’s to assure receiving the order agreed with needs and expectations, which is implemented by the contractor guaranteed its proper realization.

Keywords: public procurement, the organization conduct the tender commission, the management of public procurement
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11 4(6)/2013/11

Impact of the economic crisis on the effectiveness of quality management system

Abstract: Article devoted to the issues of the impact of the economic crisis on the effectiveness of the quality management system (QMS) based on ISO 9001:2008. The paper contains the results of studies performed in one of the large industrial enterprises established in the territory of the Polish and European market supports. The article contains the results of studies showing the relationship between the decline in sales turnover, and the effectiveness of the quality management system (QMS).

Keywords: the effectiveness of the quality management, standard ISO 9001:2008, the economic crisis
p. 125 pobierz
12 4(6)/2013/12

The introduction of the ATP method for controlling a network of enterprises supported ERP systems

Abstract: The well-established tool to help manage the company's ERP system. However, due to the division of the production process of co-operate with each other to form a network of logistics. In general, these networks do not have an identified organization. Individual enterprises are completely autonomous in establishing new relationships. An important problem of the management is the dynamics of such networks. Due to the exchange of information between companies this network shows inertia. Prevention of inertia increase the competitiveness of companies in the network. In response to this problem, presented in the publication, is to control a network of enterprises using the method of ATP. We show that this can be applied to existing technologies, information technology – ERP systems supporting the management of enterprises. This allows to improve the manage with possible small costs of reorganization and implementation of new technologies.

Keywords: analysis, organization, information system, process modeling, information system, material flows, the company
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13 4(6)/2013/13

The role of production engineering in solving problems of growing old society – bibliography study

Abstract:  Abstract: The article is an attempt to present comments on problems, which may be experienced by older persons as users and maintainers of technical means. An response to these problems are detailed and described research areas, which should be a point of the interest of researchers of problems within production engineering discipline, engaging subject matter of production/service and maintenance management.

Keywords: technical measures exploitation, older people
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14 4(6)/2013/14

Application of reliability measures for an analysis of failure rate of crucial machines in a production enterprise – case study

Abstract: In this chapter, the results of investigations into the failure rate of crucial machines in a selected enterprise manufacturing pre-insulated pipes for the needs of the heat generating industry have been presented. The failure rate analysis has been conducted using the indices of availability, effectiveness and efficacy, on the basis of reliability measures, such as MTTR, MTBF, MDT. The functioning of two machines and their systems: mechanical and electrical over a period of three last years was subjected to analysis. The investigations allowed determining in which machines failures occur the most frequently, which systems are the most likely to break down and what the time of failure removal is. The research results enabled identifying weak points in the maintenance process and made it possible to formulate some recommendations for this process improvement.

Keywords: operation, machines, reliability, index, maintenance, availability, effectiveness, efficacy, failure, MTBF
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15 4(6)/2013/15

Cluster as part of regional development

Abstract: This paper presents the cluster policy in Poland, particularly in relation to the regional level. In addition, the article sets out the factors of cluster development. This article contains the analysis of the diversity of regions in terms of clusters and cluster initiatives development.

Keywords: clusters, economic development, regions
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