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ISSN - 2391-9361

Volume 6, issue 5

Edition circulation: 130 copies


1 vol. 6, iss. 5/1

Concrete block wedding tests

Abstract: The paper presents the possibility of using complex vibration energy estimators used in the concrete block quality test, as part of a dedicated research methodology and detailed methodologies developed in many of the author's earlier papers. Theoretical analyzes and practical verification of the information sensitivity test of measures of complex vibration processes indicate a wide range of applications. Recognizing the need to improve the methods of testing machines and structures for the purpose of assessing their degradation status – this paper presents important results of the research on verification of the effectiveness of the proposed mutual measure in concrete block testing.

Keywords: construction load, state degradation, vibration, vibration estimators, statistical elaboration
p. 7 pobierz
2 vol. 6, iss. 5/2

Quantitative evaluation of producibility of fixture

Abstract: Proposals of the technological evaluation of structure of special handles were presented. Quantitative criteria of the evaluation of functional and technological features were adopted, mainly in the aspect of the assembly of the instrumentation. An example of the evaluation was given in case of drill handles. The suggested method can be particularly useful in designing technical objects by less experienced designers or in the process of engineering education of mechanics-technologists.

Keywords: fixture, producibility, quantitative evaluation
p. 21 pobierz
3 vol. 6, iss. 5/3

Technology assessment problems of lapping of ceramic parts

Abstract: Lapping using loose abrasive is classified as a basic finishing operation. This technology can be used on metallic parts, as well as on non-metallic machine elements, mainly on engineering ceramics which have found use in many engineering applications. In the empiric part items with their exact requirements and matched separators were described. Then time needed to finalize operation (divided into pre- and post-operational, subsidiary and main operational time) was calculated and analyzed. Standard time for one employee and the number of items they are able to work on during one working year were calculated as well. Next part are calculations of lapping costs of products.

Keywords: ceramics, flat surfaces, lapping, technology, assessment
p. 33 pobierz
4 vol. 6, iss. 5/4

Selected problems of social assessment of technical systems assisting the functioning older people in transport and their way of treatment

Abstract: Among the important problems of the present day is the aging of societies. Being over 50 years old may be associated with a worsening of his or her health and dealing with it in life. It is therefore important to meet the needs of the elderly, whose satisfaction determines the quality of their lives. Among other things, these needs exist in the transport environment. The article concern the problems of the elderly persons, occurring in their functioning in the transport environment and the possibility of solving them, which a social technology assessment creates in the design, constructing and operation and maintenance of technical means aimed at improving their quality of life. Issues in the area of TA illustrated by selected examples of technical solutions of gerontechnology applied in this area.

Keywords: older people, (social) technology assessment, transport, exploitation
p. 44 pobierz
5 vol. 6, iss. 5/5

Technology conversion problems in selected range of activities

Abstract: The article present problems of technology conversion in chosen areas. The transformation process related to applied tools, devices or law suits changes in medicine, production, services and management among others. The author undertakes the attempt of evolution performance of applied techniques in transportation, consisting in use of platforms steered e.g. in intertermial movement of airports, using of remotely piloted aircraft systems, the reorientation of the air traffic movement b remotely controled ATC towers. Elaborated substitutes allow to initiate new technical solutions.They encounter however on mental barriers and the lack of the adaptation of legal controls. Technological modernization in many cases meets with the barriers of the social receipt. The mental breakthrough happened in some uses unknowingly, when the applied modernization is promoted by recepient. In different fields such as the air traffic, attempt of the transformation of traditional methods wake the resistance of the environment. The author undertakes the attempt of the analysis of amenity and weakness, advantage and potential threats acompanying special civilization jump connected with the transformation of the chosen areas of the economic activity.

Keywords: laviation,unnamed aircrafts, transformation in communication, innovation, RPAS/UAV
p. 55 pobierz
6 vol. 6, iss. 5/6

Katarzyna MIDOR, Anna Maria HORODECKA
Improving the products by improving the quality of life of employees using a new technologies

Abstract: Nowadays for companies it is very important high quality of manufactured products. The quality of the products is affected by a number of factors among which an important role is played by a man, as a manager and as an employee of the lowest level with its quality of work. The challenges of modern civilization require from the individual activity and creativity in thinking and action. More and more often, it is emphasized that the essential requirements of the modern world are: the quality of the work, competences, creativity, adaptability, passion for contacts and teamwork, transfer of skills, self-reliance and the ability to cope with unpredictable conditions. These requirements of the modern employees without a doubt have an impact on their quality of life. And organizations and managers managing them are supposed to enforce these requirements from employees in order not to worsen their quality of life. In this paper it will be presented how new technologies can improve the quality of life of employees and thus contribute to the improvement of the products of their work.

Keywords: quality of life, employee, technology, product improvement, quality of work
p. 65 pobierz
7 vol. 6, iss. 5/7

Information technology in the area of cyber security of the state and society

Abstract: Security policy is a key issue for information society. In addition to increasing technological resources in cybercrime, new methods, instruments and skills are needed for Staff working in the administration as well as for institutions involved in critical infrastructure. The main theme of this article is to point to cyber security as a phenomenon at the junction of social and technical sciences. Understanding and defining network security threats can help organizations in the public and private sectors. Cybersecurity is a complex phenomenon. This is primarily due to the nature of a modern environment in which key information is stored for many institutions. As both the public and private sectors need qualified staff in cyber security, science plays an important role in cybersecurity.

Keywords: cyber security, information security, cybercrime, education for cyber security, information society
p. 73 pobierz
8 vol. 6, iss. 5/8

Paulina KUZIOR
System of electronic surveillance as an alternative for imprisonment

Abstract: The system of electronic surveillance is an increasingly popular way of serving a sentence for the crimes committed. The system of electronic surveillance comes in three forms, which are separately mentioned in the text. This article investigates the issue, and there are presented conditions to be met to allow a judgment of imprisonment in the system of electronic surveillance. The author takes under consideration the legal regulations which are in force in Poland and in other countries.

Keywords: electronic surveillance, imprisonment, recording equipment, responsibilities of the convicted
p. 90 pobierz
9 vol. 6, iss. 5/9

Bartłomiej SZYMCZYK
Valuation aspects of innovative product and technology solutions

Abstract: The presented paper concerns the aspects of valuation of the innovative resources of the entity. Creating innovative solutions, using modern technology often determines the value of the entire company and its competitive advantage in a given market segment. The first part introduces the concept of valuation; this part presents also the types of the valuation methods of a new product and technology solutions based on studies available in the literature; the second part is an attempt to evaluate the particular product and technological solution with the selected valuation method. The emphasis was also put on the significance and importance of certain characteristics of the subject of valuation, which can determine the type of the method used.

Keywords: : valuation, innovative product and technology solutions, valuation methods, case study
p. 102 pobierz


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