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1 2(4)/2013/1

Quality management tools the assessment failure rates mining equipment of technical

Abstract: Failure frequency in the mining process, with a focus on the mining machine, has been presented and illustrated with an example of two coal-mines. Two mining complexes have been subjected to analysis: a combined cutter-loader and a plough system. In order to reduce costs generated by failures, maintenance teams should regularly make sure that the machines are used and operated in a rational and effective way. Such activities will allow breaks in work to be reduced, and in consequence will increase the effectiveness of a mining plant. The evaluation of mining machines failure frequency contained in this study has been based on one of traditional quality management tools – the Pareto chart.

Keywords: failure frequency, quality management tools, mining machine, Pareto chart
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2 2(4)/2013/2

Krzysztof BRZOSTEK
Elements of managing knowledge on the example of the unit KGHM Polska Miedź S.A

Abstract: The article presents the possibilities of development of modern companies in the knowledge based economy. It discusses the impact of globalization on the changes occurring in organizations on the example of the Unit KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. It shows the importance of implementing innovative information technology. The article concerns the chosen elements of managing the knowledge.

Keywords: knowledge management, innovative technologies, tools to assist communication
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3 2(4)/2013/3

Grzegorz ĆWIKŁA, Bożena SKOŁUD
Characteristics of data acquisition from production systems for management purposes

Abstract: The article presents the issues of data acquisition from different types of production systems for the management of the company. In a typical manufacturing companies data is collected for a variety of applications, such as control over the automated processes, diagnostics of machines, equipment and processes, and production management. This paper synthetically presents the specific characteristics of these applications. Issues related to the use of data from manufacturing systems in the MES and ERP systems are also discussed as well as classification of production systems.

Keywords: data acquisition, MES, ERP, automation, SCADA, diagnostics
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4 2(4)/2013/4

Comments on methods and social impacts assessment tools of innovative technologies and products ("Technology Assessment")

Abstract:  Abstract: This paper presents a brief overview of the main problems associated with the process of valuation (assessment of social impacts) of innovative technologies and products carried out from the perspective of participation in that process representatives from the field of technical sciences. With the use of the model of process cycle of meeting the needs the author attempts to identify the needs for methods and tools and then presents proposals for research on the use for TA needs specific, already embedded in the technical sciences, solutions.

Keywords: process of valuation, innovative technologies, products, satisfying the needs
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5 2(4)/2013/5

Assignments of the certifying body in the quality management system

Abstract: In the work there are considerations presented over the importance of certifying body in the quality management system. The analysis was conducted on a widely-understood process of system certification which starts from selection of the certifying body and ends with assessment of the added value resulting from the process. There are research results presented concerning the criteria of certifying body selection and examination of the role of this body in the quality management system. There was analysis made on the results obtained. The external and internal factors were defined which affect the quality of certifying services. There was also the importance of the certifying body determined in the system along with the conditions that should be fulfilled in order to run the certification process properly and so that it would bring various benefits.

Keywords: quality management system, ISO 9001, certifying body, certification process
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6 2(4)/2013/6

Katarzyna MIDOR
The internal audit in quality management system improvement

Abstract: A system approach to activities geared towards guaranteeing a reproducible quality of processes and products in an enterprise can be organised if the requirements contained in ISO 9000 series standards are fulfilled. One of these requirements is the conducting of quality audits. The role of both the internal audit and the auditor is an extremely important aspect in the improvement of Quality Management System in an enterprise and, in consequence, the improvement of manufactured products’ quality. According to ISO series 9000 standards, audits are basic means in management, which enable evaluating the degree of quality system assumptions’ implementation and effectively help to achieve quality objectives. The effectiveness of audits is mainly determined by the auditor’s role, more specifically, by his/her effectiveness in the conducting of audits. In the article, the requirements imposed by ISO series 9000 standards to be fulfilled by audits and internal auditors will be described and an evaluation of an internal audit conducted by employees of a packaging manufacturing enterprise will be presented.

Keywords: audit, auditor, internal audit, management quality system, ISO series 9000 standards
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7 2(4)/2013/7

Delivery’s logistics of the goods, which are producted to individual order, on the returnable stands – transport’s units. Examples of solutions

Abstract: Herein presented three examples of logistic’s solutions of delivery of the goods (delivery of windows, doors, and glasses), which are produced to individual order in connection of production’s process. In example I – presented simply relation of deliveries, ready (sizes and types) of glass units; between supplier – a glass producer factory and recipient – a windows and doors producer factory. In example II – presented logistic’s chain of delivery – produced to order – ready aluminum construction of elevation’s segments; which are produce at the same time by three different factories, localized in three different towns in Poland; to one place of build – localized in fourth different town in Poland. Logistic action of production-transportation was realize during about six month. In example III – presented action, determinants and solutions of logistics; which are placed in windows and doors production factory, where decided for a new organization of transport and delivery – it’s mean transport and delivery on the lorries, but only on the returnable special stands – returnable transportation units.

Keywords: logistics, transport, production, delivery, transport’s management, production’s management, production of the goods to order
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8 2(4)/2013/8

Grażyna PŁAZA, Piotr KALETA, Tomasz WAŁEK, Zbigniew ŻURAKOWSKI
Analysis of users knowledge about innovations for computer workstation

Abstract: Paper presents conditions and demands for computer workplace resulting from Polish Law as well as Laws of European Union. Requirement was confronted with actual state on a basis of survey of 110 workers using so called computer workstations. Surveyed workers described the problems and solutions as well as their knowledge of innovative methods used to reduction of such discomfort occurred on computer workplaces.

Keywords: computer workstation, ergonomics, discomfort, innovative solutions
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9 2(4)/2013/9

Influence the innovation of smelting products on quality a production process

Abstract: The article is introducing the problem of influence put requirements innovative products produced by the heavy industry. Advanced expectations towards products are forcing realization producers drawing up and implementing modern methods of production in production systems, allowing to perform a specific task. In article they concentrated on discussing example the production of smelting waltzes, using the method of central pouring out.

Keywords: innovation, industry, quality, product
p. 107 pobierz
10 2(4)/2013/10

Management of energy and media in buildings

Abstract: The article presents the issue of rational usage of media and energy as an important problem for both individual customers and communities. In many cases energy and media are wasted, but due to various technical activities and efficient management of a building considerable savings can be made. This can be achieved by modernization of the building, but significant financial resources are needed for this purpose. Another way of making savings is a low cost reduction of maintenance expenses for the building by controlling the energy and media consumption. Depending on the building characteristics, the method of reducing the costs should be selected individually.

Keywords: rationalization of the consumption of utilities and energy, improve facilities
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11 2(4)/2013/11

Krzysztof SKOWRON
The pro-innovative actions in the sphere of medical health care on the example of city Bytom

Abstract: This article presents a short characteristic of organization the medical services in Poland and presents the main presumptions of the reform in the circle of medical services. Next was presented innovations in medical services and different definitions of services in medicine. Than was shown the case of innovations in medical services in Bytom. Article presents the main reforms in the organizations of health care system. On the end the Author presents remarks and conclusions flowing from presented contents. The main are: first, the equipment and medical apparatus are more and more new and better; second, purchase the modern equipment for medical wards from European Union funds; third, adaptations and modernizations to requirements of the European Union and to the end, use the modern management: Total Quality Management ant ISO.

Keywords: medical service, innovations, management
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12 2(4)/2013/12

Concept of a spreadsheet application supporting the creation of documents in the steel strip manufacturing process

Abstract: The article provides a discussion on a concept of an information tool proposed to support the creation of documents in the steel strip manufacturing process. Firstly, the author has described the production process focusing on the documents it requires to be used. With reference to the data contained in the documents in question, a relational database structure has been proposed bearing in mind the tool’s functionality envisaged. What follows is an elaboration of specific solutions assumed to enable creation of a tool based on the relational structure of data using a spreadsheet.

Keywords: spreadsheet, database, relational data model, process improvement, document creation
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13 2(4)/2013/13

Quality requirements in welded structure – quality systems consistent with ISO 3834 standard

Abstract: Beginning from 2011, in accordance with the UE regulations - Construction Products Directive (CPD) – construction products should be marked CE. This requirement applies to structural steel components that are manufactured of steel and non ferrous materials as welded or non welded structures or elements. In the paper has been discussed requirements specified in the standard EN ISO 3834 Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials and EN 1090 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures in comparison with ISO 9001 requirements.

Keywords: quality, ISO 9000 standards, trade quality systems, quality in welding
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14 2(4)/2013/14

Agnieszka URBAN, Grażyna PŁAZA
Eco innovations in the production of fiscal cash registers - ergonomic and technological aspects

Abstract: It present in article, to visual manner, history of product, on example of fiscal cash registers, taking into consideration ecoinnovative technology fabricate which limits negative interaction on environment and safety guarantees, as well as ergonomic product (proper (suitable) fitting for person), which effects on its funcionality positively and utility and it alleviates esthetic requirements and comfort of use.

Keywords: ecoinnovations, cash registers, RoHS directive, WEEE directive, ergonomics, nanotechnology
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15 2(4)/2013/15

The use of value stream mapping to introduction of organizational innovation in industry

Abstract: Organizational innovation is an important activity affecting the productivity of the organization. This paper presents a method of lean management – the method of value stream mapping. On the basis of the literature we shows the main features of the method. For example, a sample of industrial companies is an example of applying this method in the field of organizational innovation. This paper presents the current state map and a map of the future by focusing on the effects of the method.

Keywords: value stream mapping, innovation, lean management, just-in-time method 5S
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