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T. Cepowski
Prediction of the main engine power of a new container ship at the preliminary design stage
DOI 10.1515/mspe-2017-0014
Abstract: The paper presents mathematical relationships that allow us to forecast the estimated main engine power of new container ships, based on data concerning vessels built in 2005-2015. The presented approximations allow us to estimate the engine power based on the length between perpendiculars and the number of containers the ship will carry. The approximations were developed using simple linear regression and multivariate linear regression analysis. The presented relations have practical application for estimation of container ship engine power needed in preliminary parametric design of the ship. It follows from the above that the use of multiple linear regression to predict the main engine power of a container ship brings more accurate solutions than simple linear regression.
Keywords: container ship, design parameters, preliminary design stage, power, main engine power, length between perpendiculars, number of containers, TEU capacity, design, simple regression, multiple regression, approximation
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