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B. Rachid, A. Hafajfa, M. Boumehraz
Vibrations detection in industrial plumps based on spectral analysis to increase their efficiency
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-09-01-2016
Abstract: Spectral analysis is the key tool for the study of vibration signals in rotating machinery. In this work, the vibration analy- sis applied for conditional preventive maintenance of such machines is proposed, as part of resolved problems related to vibration detection on the organs of these machines. The vibration signal of a centrifugal pump was treated to mount the benefits of the approach proposed. The obtained results present the signal estimation of a pump vibration using Fourier transform technique compared by the spectral analysis methods based on Prony approach.
Key words: Spectral analysis, vibration signal, vibration analysis, rotating machinery, centrifugal pump, signal estima- tion, Fourier transform, Prony approach

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