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P. Gajdemski, E. Gaweł, K. Gardziej, B. Kluczyński, M. Orłowski, K. Hortizuela
Timber production market in Poland and selected EU countries - current status and future challanges
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-06-01-2016
Abstract: The paper discusses the issue of the development of timber production market and timber industry in Poland and select- ed EU countries. The potential of forest resources in Poland against the background of other European countries is pre- sented, as well as selected aspects exerting impact on the development processes of the sector of production. Particular attention is paid to the structure of ownership of forests in Poland and selected countries of the European Union. The structure of the use of means for research and development is analyzed with particular focus on those branches which allocate the biggest amounts for such purposes. Technological trends in the timber industry in Poland is described. Final- ly the prospects in the development of timber industry in the near future are discussed.
Key words: wood, timber industry, timber production, forest resources

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