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M. Budynek, E. Celińska, A. Dybikowska, M. Kozak, J. Ratajczak, J. Urban, K. Materene
Strategies of production control as tools of efficient management of production enterprises
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-03-01-2016
Abstract: The paper discusses the problem of principle methods of production control as a strategy supporting the production system and stimulating efficient solutions in respect management in production enterprises. The article describes MRP, ERP, JIT, KANBAN and TOC methods and focuses on their main goals, principles of functioning as well as benefits resulting from their application. The methods represent two diverse strategies of production control, i.e. pull and push strategies. Push strategies are used when the plans apply to the first and principle part of production and are based on the demand forecasts. Pull strategies are used when all planning decisions apply to the final stage and depend on the actual demand or orders from customers. 
Key words: JIT, KANBAN, MRP, production companies, production control strategies

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