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Andrzej N. WIECZOREK, Radosław KRUK
Minimization of vibroacoustic effects as a criterion for operation of gear transmissions in accordance with sustainable development principles 
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-02-01-2016
Abstract: In correctly functioning maintenance systems it is most important to prevent possible failures. A reduction of the vi- broacoustic effects accompanying the operation of machines and equipment, including transmissions, is among the factors that lower the probability of a failure. The paper presents the results of the research on the impact of operational factors on vibroacoustic conditions of transmissions. The factors covered by the analysis included a change in the mating conditions of gear wheels associated with the wear of tooth surfaces, operation of transmissions in subharmonic conditions of the main resonance and the temperature of the lubricating oil. The study demonstrated that it was possible to reduce the vibroacoustic effects generated by gear transmissions by changing the conditions of their operation. Based on the results obtained, it has been found that the operation of gear transmissions in accordance with the sustainable development principles requires technical services to take active measures consisting in the search for optimal operating conditions in terms of the vibroacoustic conditions. 

Keywords: vibrations, noise, design, gearboxes 
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