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M. Mierzwa
Proposal of the implementation of the QFD method for improving the process of welding in chosen and really existing company

Abstract: The paper presents an analysis and evaluation of selected aspects of the enterprise X, there is shown the selection of the method of pro-quality, which is possible to apply and this method was carried out step by step to follow its course and find out whether the company will bring tangible benefits.
Key words: quality, irregularities, methods and techniques of quality management, QFD, the house of quality
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M. Gawron, J. Zborowska
Changes in the systems of medical waste management in public health protection institutions of lubuskie voivodship 2007-2011-research results

Abstract: The paper discusses the problem of operation of medical waste management systems in the lubuskie voivodship local government health protection institutions 2007-2011. Based on the conducted research, 65% of the existing health protection institution subordinated to the Marshal Office of lubuskie voivodship presents endogenic changes of waste management systems mainly affected by the financial standing of the medical services sector.
Key words: medical waste, waste management, health care units
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M. Wiaterek
Company targeted host cities for EURO 2012

Abstract: Provisions of the Act to prepare EURO 2012 to require the establishment of several companies targeted host cities where tournament will take place. On the basis of agreements to delegate tasks, set the Mayors, the organizers, as they implement enterprise project supervisors in the organization of the preparations for the tournament and perform tasks related to the construction of stadiums and associated infrastructure.
Key words: EURO 2012, Special Purpose Vehicle, stadion, infrastructure
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A. Andrykiewicz i inni
The assessment and use of integrated product policy in Poland

Abstract: The paper presents the implementation of Integrated Product Policy in Poland in the light of the European activities. It analyses the EU laws within this scope. It assesses the progress of LCA implementation, ecolabelling, ecotaxes, EMAS and green public procurement in Poland.  It explains the reasons of slow IPP implementation in Polish organisations. It mainly refers to the distribution and promotion of ecolabelling, based on empirical research in Germany and Poland.
Key words: Integrated Product Policy, IPP, LCA, ecolabelling, ecotaxes, EMAS, green public procurement
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K. Kurus, B. Białecka
Analysis of safety at work rate in chosen mines of upper silesian coal basin

Abstract: The article presents an experimental comparison of safety at work in hard coal mines located in Upper Silesia Coal Basin. The aim was to show the best practices and activities in Poland and Czech Republic which could be successfully implemented in other mines in order to improve safety of their workers.
Key words: mining, safety, accidents, Czech Republic, mines
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A. Zagajewski i inni
Forest monitoring systems as an instrument offenses and offenses against the environment

Abstract: The article surveillance issues in the context of efforts to reduce the number of offenses against the environment carried out in forest in the Lubuskie provincy area. It presents the legal aspects concerning the definition of crimes and offenses against the environment. At the same time provides information on the capabilities and the applicability of forest monitoring and  the legal situation of this type of technology.
Key words: forest areas, offense, against, monitoring
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A. Wolnowska, M. Kopacz
Implementation of control cards and supporting method in production engineering

Abstract: In the article there were presented chosen method associated with statistical control of production processes. Mainly focused on control cards and Pareto-Lorenz analysis. Showed method were implemented to analysis production process stability of hearing aids in X company (the brand name don’t give because date of production is secret). Researches were made few months after new assembly lines starts-up. Main aim of researches was defects types identification occurred in production process and determine the scale of effect. Finally received results were satisfactory, i.e. despite of occurred errors, control cards analysis showed that production process of BTE-type ( Behind-The-Ear) hearing aids was stable.
Key words: production engineering, statistical process control, Pareto-Lorenz analysis
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L. Kaźmierczak‐Piwko
The development of instruments of sustainable development of the enterprises sector

Abstract: The paper prepared within the PhD grant (Sub-Action 8.2.2 „Regional Innovation Strategies”, Activity 8.2 „Know-How Transfer”, Priority VIII „Regional Business Personnel” of the Human Capital Operational Programme, co-funded from the EU resources within the European Social Fund as well as the state budget and the Lubuskie Voivodship) undertakes the problem of universal instruments of sustainable development of companies such as environmental management BS7750, ISO 14000 standards, EMAS and CP strategies as well as CSR. It focuses on comprehensive presentation of their genesis, evolution and current situation in the entities operating in Poland.
Key words: sustainable development, economy, business, international cooperation, environmental management systems, cleaner production, Corporate Social Responsibility
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