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ISSN - 2391-9361


Volume 10, issue 1



Edition circulation: 130 copies


vol. 10, iss. 1/1


Witold BIAŁY, Katarzyna MIDOR
Problems of the Commune in the Revitalization of the Post-Mined Areas

Silesian communities have experienced the complexity and difficulty of revitalizing of landscape after mining. This process significantly influences the concepts of balanced city development. It not only covers key activities concerning mankind, environment, and economy, but also relates to space management, causing a thorough improvement in local communities functioning. Actions related to the restoration of utility value to degraded areas should be consistently carried out, primarily from the perspective of the inhabitants of these areas. Revitalization of the post-mining area and its proper development may bring huge benefits to the city and its inhabitants in the future. This article presents the problems faced by one of the Silesian cities with the revitalization of the former mine.

Key words: revitalization, sustainable development, commune



vol. 10, iss. 1/2


Breach of personal data protection. Administrator’s obligations

The article presents the guidelines of the EU regulation and the position of the Polish supervisory authority regarding personal data breaches and the manner of dealing with them. The article points out Controller’s responsibilities, manners to handle information about security incidents and ways to define a personal data breach. The article also presents reasons that cause violation of personal data protection, the types of violations and examples of such violations. Importance of documentation and the form of procedures is pointed, as a basic obligation for the Controller (for ex. records of violations). The article also covers the breach notification process and describes the cases of data breaches. The necessity of an individualized approach to explaining information security incidents was emphasized. Security incidents as a result of the conducted risk analysis and determination of the level of this risk may turn out to be a violation, that threatens the rights, freedoms or the ability to exercise control over the data of natural persons. It is accentuated how important is the continuous monitoring of the applied security measures through periodic audits and risk analysis. What is the value of a well-conducted investigation of a personal data security incident.

Key words: 
controller, risk analysis security incident, breach, supervisory authority, natural person, EU regulation, GDPR



vol. 10, iss. 1/3


Romuald AWSIUK
Benefits and threats of building a nuclear power plant Poland

Abstract: In this article, the author addresses several issues related to nuclear energy and nuclear power plants. Firstly, the phenomenon of nuclear energy release and its usage in energy reactors is explained as well as the advantages of nuclear energy is pointed. Additionally, the attention to the problem of radioactive waste generation, neutralization and storage is discussed. Next, the largest failures of nuclear power plants and their effects were briefly characterized, since such accidents had a strong impact on decisions to close or even abandon the construction of such power plants. However, the implementation of new solutions in the construction of nuclear reactors, based on the conclusions of previous accidents, significantly reduces the possibility of their occurrence in the future. Finally, the author discuss the issue of construction of nuclear power plants in Poland pointing to the fact of elimination coal and gas from electricity production in order to reduce CO2 emission. This is motivated by the fact that energy obtained from the so-called renewable energy sources will not fully meet the energy demand. However, a few problems should be solved before starting the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland.

Key words: binding energy, nuclear reactor, radioactive waste, nuclear power plant



vol. 10, iss. 1/4


Witold BIAŁY
Computer Systems Supporting the Management of Mining Machines in Hard Coal Mine

Abstract: Computer systems which support the management of equipment use and maintenance in enterprises have been successfully applied in many branches of industry. Over the last years these systems have become considerably transformed. Also their use in the operation of winning machines in hard coal mines seems inevitable, as productive maintenance generates high production costs. If implemented, these systems will enable the optimization of stocks, parts and materials, supply, outsourcing and maintenance-repair works. The application of a system for supporting the management of mining equipment will also enable a more effective use of employees. As a result, the time needed for the preparation and repairs will be shortened, which will directly translate into the economic results of a mine.

Key words: maintenance, hard coal mine, support systems



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