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M. Zasadzień
The effect of implementation maintenance cards in performance of machines in selected production company

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-06-04-2015
Abstract: Intelligent development should become an inherent part of the policy of each enterprise which wants to develop and maintain its position on the competitive market. The article presents investigations related to the implementation of one of Total Productive Maintenance system elements. Reasons for introducing a new procedure for circulating information about machine inspections and overhauls planned, the major element of which are work sheets for key machines taking part in the production process, have been presented. The effectiveness of the new procedure was subjected to analysis by comparing particular machines’ work times and downtimes before and after the implementation of new procedures. The conducted research revealed an increased effectiveness of machines’ work, which resulted from shortened down-times, especially the duration of a failure.
Key words: inspection, schedule, maintenance, TPM, documentation, overhaul, lean manufacturing
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