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J. Słonimiec, P. Szatkowska, N. Stępień, J. Urban, S. Dobosz, G. Biernacki, Han Yeon Ji
Fulfilment of goals on the integrated product policy in Poland in comparison to other European Union member states

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-01-04-2015
Abstract: The paper presents the progress of implementation of the Integrated Product Policy in Poland in comparison to other European Union member states. It provides a detailed evaluation of certain IPP instruments, i.e. taxes and green premiums, EMAS scheme, eco-labeling and green public procurements. The paper also provides an assessment of the progress of implementation activities and requests further studies in this respect.
Key words: Integrated Product Policy, IPP, eco-labeling, green public procurements, green premiums, ecological taxes, Eco-Management and Audit scheme, EMAS
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W. Biały
Innovative solutions applied in tools for determining coal mechanical proprerties

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-02-04-2015
Abstract: Due to very specific conditions of work of machines and equipment used in coal mining industry, the manner of their selection, taking into account the changing working conditions, is very important. Appropriate selection influences the increased durability and reliability of machines and equipment, which translates into the economic effects achieved. As the issue of measurement and evaluation of coal mechanical properties (including coal workability measurement) is of great importance, previously applied methods for coal workability evaluation have been shortly reviewed. The importance of the problem is confirmed by the number of methods developed in various research centers all over the world. The article presents new instruments for determining and evaluating the mechanical properties of coal material (workability). The instruments have been developed in Poland and the author of this article is their co-inventor. The construction, principle of operation and innovative character of solutions applied in the instruments have been presented.
Key words: workability, measurement instruments, measurement methods, experimental research
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M. Stępień, K. Kurus, B. Białecka
It systems supporting waste management in communities - an overview of innovative functions

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-03-04-2015
Abstract: The aim of this article was to review the most used systems supporting waste management in communities of the provinces of Silesia regarding to innovativeness of the functions offered within them. On the market there can be distinguished many systems dedicated to communities, which more or less are able to meet the demands of their users. Many of them only, in a small area, supports the management process of the waste system, offering only functions related to the accounting and finance service, or only creating reports. It is difficult to find software that would allow communities a comprehensive way for efficient and effective management, and would improve communication between all entities involved in the system. To meet market realities and requirements of users, software producers need to continuously improve innovation of their products.
Key words: waste management system, IT systems, supporting systems, waste
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D. Barta, M. Mruzek
Factors influencing the hybrid drive of urban public transport buses

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-04-04-2015
Abstract: The efficiency of each drives is dependent on many factors. Hybrid drives and specially the drives of urban public transport may be affected by other factors given by transport infrastructure or operational conditions. These factors condition the suitable configuration of the individual elements of hybrid drive and the establishment of good control strategy of such drive. The study of influencing factors of the control strategy is the aim of this paper.
Key words: control strategy, combustion engine, hybrid drive, public transport, bus
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M. Molenda
Quality policy in the quality management system

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-05-04-2015
Abstract: The article describes the problems of one of the key elements of a quality management system which is the quality policy (QP). The quality policy is an element that determines how the quality management is managed in the organization. The phrase, present documents and the implementation of quality policy is the responsibility of top-level managers, resulting directly from the ISO 9000 standards. In the first part of the article the essence and the importance of quality policy for effective quality management is described. In the second part of the article there is a thorough description of a specially developed procedure for the establishment, implementation and monitoring of quality policy. The following procedure is based on years of experience of the author supported by the results of research, which aim was to create practices in the implementation and monitoring of quality policy in several business organizations. The approach presented in this article procedure is designed to assist managers in the development, implementation and monitoring of policy quality. The approach described as proper to the issue of the quality policy management staff will help in creating intelligent quality management system (IQMS). System, which will focus on permanent improvement based on the knowledge generated in the process of monitoring the implementation of quality policy.
Key words: quality policy, QMS, intelligent quality management system (IQMS), ISO 9001
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M. Zasadzień
The effect of implementation maintenance cards in performance of machines in selected production company

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-06-04-2015
Abstract: Intelligent development should become an inherent part of the policy of each enterprise which wants to develop and maintain its position on the competitive market. The article presents investigations related to the implementation of one of Total Productive Maintenance system elements. Reasons for introducing a new procedure for circulating information about machine inspections and overhauls planned, the major element of which are work sheets for key machines taking part in the production process, have been presented. The effectiveness of the new procedure was subjected to analysis by comparing particular machines’ work times and downtimes before and after the implementation of new procedures. The conducted research revealed an increased effectiveness of machines’ work, which resulted from shortened down-times, especially the duration of a failure.
Key words: inspection, schedule, maintenance, TPM, documentation, overhaul, lean manufacturing
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J. Sitko, K. Michalski
An analysis of factors influencing the innovation of products manufactures at Ponar Wadowice S. A.

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-07-04-2015
Abstract: Product innovation is one of the major elements considerably influencing the competitiveness of an enterprise on the market. The article presents an analysis of factors which have an impact on the innovation of the elements of machines and devices produced by Ponar Wadowice S.A. Ponar S.A. is a manufacturer of machine and equipment elements used in oil systems, hydraulic control and transmission systems as well as filter systems. Data from the years 2010-2014 has been analysed, taking into account selected production, organisational and human factors influencing the occurrence of rejects, which in turn generate financial losses for the enterprise.
Key words: product, reject, quality, cost
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J. Wójcik, J. Bijańska, K. Wodarski
Economic aspects of preparing the production of a new product

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-08-04-2015
Abstract: Implementation of works on preparing production of new product should be justified by the positive evaluation of purposefulness, and structural, technological, organizational feasibility, as well as economic efficiency. The results of the latest evaluation are critical. Preparation of production of new product, even it is expedient and feasible, it should not be implemented if it is economically inefficient or has high risk of failure. In the article set out guidelines for the evaluation of economic efficiency and risk according to the features which are characteristic for preparation of production of new product. These features are related to the scope of work of construction, technological and organizational preparation, their duration and time of product life, as well as capital expenditure.
Key words: preparing the production of new product, evaluation of economic effectiveness and risk
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B. Szczerba, B. Białecka
Analysis of complaint problem solving process to smart deve-lopment in an automotive company

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-09-04-2015
Abstract: Complaints management process is very important from the point of view of each company, particularly production companies. Claims both internal and external generate costs, which the companies must face. To identify properly the source of the problems formation all sorts of methods and tools of quality management can be used. This will indicate in an unambiguous manner the cause of the problem and help to take corrective and preventive actions in effective way.
Key words: problem solving, complaint management
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