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D. Tarnapowicz
Quality of supply guaranteed in systems of shore supply connection of ships mooring in a port
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-07-04-2014
Increased sea transport with a constantly growing demand by ships for electric power means  higher emission of pollutions generated by ships to the atmosphere. To turn off automatic generator sets which are the main source of air pollution emissions by ships mooring in the port a ship has to be connected to the power land network. Quality of electric power supplied from the land is of a great importance connected with security of the work of naval systems and economical ship functioning. Complicated computer steering systems more and more frequently used on ships are very sensitive to disturbances and require energy supply of a very high quality. In this article basic information about quality of electric power supplied to the ship from the land network and chosen ways of its improvement are presented.
Key words: “shore to ship” system, electrical power quality, Total Harmonic Distortion, conversion of electrical energy
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