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R. Mielimąka, Z. Siejka
Algorithms variants of elaboration of the precise gnss network established for geodetic service of building of the mining facility
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-05-04-2014
The article presents the problem of the usage of post-processing services of the ASG-EUPOS system on the example of GNSS network established for geodetic service of building of the inclined drift, to make coal deposit accessible, and also building associated objects. For the purpose of geodetic service of construction realization network was established outside the planned objects. The network consists of six new ground points and four control points belonging to ASG-EUPOS network. Simultaneous, static measurements of the network were performed in three-hour observation session, using multi-frequency and multi-system satellite receivers – Trimble R8. The paper presents three variants of post-processing of the observation results. Calculations were performed using POZGEO-D service and  geodetic software package GEONET. The results of the calculation process revealed, that homogeneous vector networks should be adjusted on the ellipsoid or in the geocentric system. Model of adjustment of the vector network on the plane adopted in the GEONET software package should not be applied for elaboration of this type of network (long reference vectors more than 50km).
Key words: GNSS, POZGEO-D, post-processing
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