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S. Borkowski, K. Knop
An evaluation of validity of the second Toyota’s management principle factors with the use of the BOST research in chosen production company
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-04-02-2014
Abstract: The paper presents the assumptions and method of significance evaluation of the second Toyota’s management principle in the production process of chosen company manufacturing flexible packaging for the food industry. Opinions about examined topic were obtained from the company's production workers with the use of innovative BOST questionnaire survey. An analysis of responses using basic statistical parameters, Pareto‐Lorenz diagram and ABC method, correlation coefficients were conducted and the results of using different graphical forms were presented. As the results of the analysis it was identified the series of validity of factors of the second Toyota’s management principle, which is in the examined company as follows: continuous system of disclousuring problems (CP) > stop production when it detects a problem of quality (PE) > the use of visual control (SW) > standard tasks, processes, documents (SZ) > the use only reliable technology (ST) > delagate authority down (EU).
Key words: the BOST study, second Toyota’s management principle factors, statistical analysis, validity ranking
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