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I. Emerling
Management of inventories in an enterprise in the contex of production continuity
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-01-02-2014
Abstract: Inventories are a very important category in the accounting of every enterprise. Inventory management is one of the major decision‐making areas for the company’s management board. Proper inventory management allows reducing total costs and increasing the quality of production, which is the goal of an integrated management system. Proper financial management can also positively affect the maintenance of liquidity in the company. The purpose of this article is to present issues related to inventory management in a company in the context of continuity of production and fluidity of a subject.
Key words: inventories, accounting, inventory management, cost reduction, production, liquidity
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J. Juraszek
Monitoring and safety of handling equipment
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-02-02-2014
Abstract: The paper presents a new solution for continuous measurement of deformations of the beam of travelling crane based on optical fibre Bragg gratings system. A verification of obtained results was done using resistive strain gauge method and magnetic metal memory method was used. Usage of the results of continuous measurements of deformation of the structure of the crane as actual boundary conditions in FEM numerical simulations was proposed in order to enable the analysis of the behaviour of whole structure.
Key words: optical fibre Bragg grating sensors, overhead travelling crane, monitoring, operational safety, FEM
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J. Kurowska ‐ Pysz, M. Gregor
Variants of determining the manufacturing cost of a product in a production unit in the light of balance sheet law
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-03-02-2014
Abstract: The paper discusses the problem of creation and development of business, technology clusters, aimed at developing knowledge base for cross‐border environment. The discussed example concerns Polish‐Slovak cluster, focused on research of innovative methods for monitoring the safety of structure using fiber Bragg grating sensors.
Key words: cluster, knowledge processes, cross‐border cooperation
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S. Borkowski, K. Knop
An evaluation of validity of the second Toyota’s management principle factors with the use of the BOST research in chosen production company
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-04-02-2014
Abstract: The paper presents the assumptions and method of significance evaluation of the second Toyota’s management principle in the production process of chosen company manufacturing flexible packaging for the food industry. Opinions about examined topic were obtained from the company's production workers with the use of innovative BOST questionnaire survey. An analysis of responses using basic statistical parameters, Pareto‐Lorenz diagram and ABC method, correlation coefficients were conducted and the results of using different graphical forms were presented. As the results of the analysis it was identified the series of validity of factors of the second Toyota’s management principle, which is in the examined company as follows: continuous system of disclousuring problems (CP) > stop production when it detects a problem of quality (PE) > the use of visual control (SW) > standard tasks, processes, documents (SZ) > the use only reliable technology (ST) > delagate authority down (EU).
Key words: the BOST study, second Toyota’s management principle factors, statistical analysis, validity ranking
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M. Tutak
Numerical analysis of influence of exogenous fire in dog heading on parameters of the air stream flowing through this heading
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-05-02-2014
Abstract: Flow of ventilation air stream through the dog heading with a fire centre is the flow with complex character, during which as a result of emission of fire gases into the mining atmosphere, there occur to disturbances of its flow. In the paper there is presented a numerical analysis of an influence of exogenous fire in a dog heading, on the parameters of the ventilation air stream flowing through this heading. Modeling tests were carried out with a use of ANSYS software, basing on the Finite Volume Method. For the made assumptions, there were determined physical parameters of air stream flowing through the heading with a fire centre, and also changes in mass fraction of gases in this stream during its flow through the analyzed heading: oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. As a result of performed analysis over the fire centre, the local increase of velocity and temperature and violent decrease of static pressure were recorded. Model of heading presented in the paper gives possibilities for development, and then the analysis of more complicated problems in a range of ventilation of mining headings.
Key words: CFD, underground fire, belt conveyor fire, airflow
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I. A. Yefremov, S. V. Podkopaev, O. K. Moroz
Protection of the environment and the power supply of the industrial mining regions throught the creation of heat powercomplexes
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-06-02-2014
Abstract: There was presented a method of use of alterantive source of energy, namely coal mine methane, the use of which as a fuel for power and heating generation is a main direction in coal mines. By this means some ecological problems of the region are solved. Highly efficient power and heating technologies are implemented and energy complexes are established.
Key words: energy complex, cogeneration, emission of pollutants, electricity, heat
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