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V. Moni, P. Klouda
Complex long time measurements carried out on lignite heap on Sokolovské Uhelné a.s.
Abstract: Long time in situ measurements carried out on selected lignite (brown coal) heaps in the summer and winter season of 2012 and 2013 are described in this paper. The study was prepared in the frame of the research project TAČR No. TA01020351 “Research of prediction possibilities of infusion occurrence and following brown coal fuel self-ignition” supported in the programme ALFA. The main goal is to inform about the progress in the project focused on the research, development, and verifying of the complex methodology for an early identification of the start of an irreversible infusion state of lignite (brown coal) mass tending to its ignition (fire).
Key words: lignite, brown coal, deposit, heap, coal self-ignition, monitoring, critical temperature prediction, gas emissions, economic loss decrease, environment improvement
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