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1 2(2)/2012/1

Production engineering: some reflexions

Abstract: This paper follows some earlier works of the author, who tried to look widely at important questions, concerning the “Production Engineering” as a new discipline, formally established two years ago in the domain of technical sciences in Poland. In the introduced approach, the author proposes some general structural model which could be a base for identifying and describing the actual and perspective areas of scientific activities belonging to this discipline. Additionally, potential benefits of opening the research on multidisciplinary problems and being active in some new challenges are indicated as well.

Keywords: production engineering, scientific discipline
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2 2(2)/2012/4

Concept of using the indicator method for the purposes of the sustainable development in the forming of the acoustic climate of the city

Abstract: Results of research on sustainable development indicators show that this area of research and scientific analysis has yet to dedicate much attention, many analyzes and studies, and to overcome the problems not only of methodological but also practical, associated with their use. Prerequisite for the creation of sustainable development is the operationalization of the concept development for the purpose of overseeing the implementation of all types of planning documents such as policies, programs, policies, developed at the local, regional and national level by defining the level of the well determined set of measures for everyone. For the author of this article interesting approach towards sustainable development in shaping the quality of the acoustic climate of the city. Subject of indicators in the field of the forming of the sound climate of the city towards the sustainable development, taking 3 dimensions into account simultaneously: economic, environmental and social, fully he isn't used up and requires devoting the greater attention and for analysis. It is possible to minimize the municipal noise, it is possible to fight with it and to manage it. Article in point 2. is describing the state of researches above indicators of the sustainable development. In point 3. there is a speech about the problem of the quality of indicators, comprehending him and the correctness, whereas in the next paragraph of the present article an attempt to explain of the concept of sustainable development was taken exactly in the forming of the sound climate of the city. Point 5. is describing the factor analysis "pressure- state - reaction" (the scheme P-S-R). The article is finishing the brief summary.

Keywords: sustainable development, sustainable development indicators, shaping the acoustic climate of the city, governance for sustainable development
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3 2(2)/2012/7

Katarzyna MLECZKO
Models of knowledge transfer in the organization of hospital

Abstract: The paper presents the models of knowledge transfer in hospital organization in terms of "supplier-recipient" and in terms of resource of background knowledge management processes. Models are based on literature research and personal research in selected silesian hospitals. Models of knowledge transfer include: key actors, channels of transmission , and factors influencing the transfer process at the individual level, inside-organizational, interorganizational, and international level.

Keywords: knowledge transfer, hospital, model
p. 69 pobierz
4 2(2)/2012/9

Karolina JADERKO, Barbara BIAŁECKA
Analysis of a system’s structure of medical waste collection in Silesian districts

Abstract: Analysis of the waste management's present situation in this article was a base to create a picture of waste flow, including criteria like: ecological, economical and technical. As a result of research the process was improved in some of system’s elements, like: accumulation and transportation. These improvements could make minimization of the costs and environmental influence possible, using the best technology.

Keywords: Silesian district, medical waste, system analysis
p. 92 pobierz
5 2(2)/2012/11

Temporary change of production’s organization, from one shift to double sifts – study of operations and results

Abstract: Herein presented an example of temporary change of the production from one shift to double shifts production process. In this article presented an example of additional, large production task, which was realize parallel and concurrently with current production in company. In a very exactly period and time and on the base of this same equipment of machinery, technology, production’s halls and staff. Here presented organizational solutions of production process in two shifts instead one shift production process together with surroundings of acceptation of additional production task in situation of full currently production and in the high season. Herein presents production’s method of the goods to order.

Keywords: production, production management, production of the goods to order, flexibility production, addition large production task (alpt), double shifts production
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