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Perspectives in Manufacturing Engineering and its Education

p-ISSN 2299-0461, e-ISSN 2450-5781


Special issue editor:


Michalene Eva GREBSKI Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor


Michalene Eva GREBSKI has a multidisciplinary background combining Business, Management and Psychology. Her research interest is innovativeness and creativity from a business and psychology perspective

"Perspectives in Manufacturing Engineering and its Education"

Keywords: manufacturing engineering, engineering education


Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to submit a paper for a Special Issue of Management Systems in Production Engineering Journal titled “Perspectives in manufacturing engineering and its education”.

With the development of information technologies manufacturing engineering must offer new perspectives for incorporating improved information system into designing and building variety of high-quality production processes. Companies in all manufacturing industries are constantly looking for ways to use improved project management that encompasses enhanced knowledge management as well as meets the requirements of economics. Further, new psychological dimension of a decision making starts to play an important role in the speed and quality of processes workflows.

This particularly leads to the need for changes in the education of future engineers. In case of manufacturing engineering, the interdisciplinary approach to education encompasses not only technology, management, and economics  but also should include psychological issues. The latter is due to the need to include people being an inevitable part of each manufacturing process. Also, as most of manufacturing processes in modern manufacturing enterprises are assessed qualitatively, the additional dimension of the decision maker becomes more important. The awareness to this creates new challenges for both, the manufacturing processes and education as well.

Related topics addressed by this Special Issue include:

Manufacturing engineering:

  • future information systems in the service for manufacturing engineering: knowledge management systems, designing and building information systems for manufacturing sectors
  • challenges in designing and building systems that meet both, technology and economic requirements
  • technologies improving project management in manufacturing engineering
  • a link between psychology and manufacturing engineering

Engineering education:

  • integrating economics, management, psychology and information systems into engineering education
  • engineering methods as a development tool of economic and management education
  • perspectives of digitalization of education in engineering sciences
  • transforming future engineering teaching through project management
  • sustainability education in engineering courses
  • cross country comparison in the scope of engineering licensing and teaching
  • psychology as a potential for innovation in the education of engineers

Papers submitted for this Special Issue may be research papers (theoretical and experimental), reviews, or analyses of case studies.

Deadline: 31 march 2021





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