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The structure analytical research of porous permeable wire material
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-02-02-2016
Abstract:The details of making technology of porous permeable material with use of wire are allowed to carry out the analytical research of structure and structural characteristics of wire winding body. Its permit for prognostication the final proper- ties of material, that is produced by the following deformation treatment (diameter reduction). Due to the regular organized arrangement of wire, the coil of winding body is considered as a multispan continuous beam, but a contact of coils – as interaction of two cylinders. Possibility of exactly calculation of the contacts between coils is allowed to go over the single fragment displacements into deformation of whole winding body. During research of deformation processes in regards of winding body geometry and used wire mechanical properties, the structural characteristics of porous permea- ble wire material are expected. The optimal number of winding layers, eliminating the distortion of organized final struc- ture, is established. The material pressure–compactness relation is obtained in order to control the technological condi- tions of winding and drafting for guarantee the product required properties.
Keywords: wire, winding body, diameter reduction, contacting and bending coils, structural characteristics.
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