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J. Brodny, M. Tutak
Numerical analysis of airflow and methane emitted from the mine face in a blind dog heading

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-11-02-2015
Abstract: Ventilation is one of the most common presented problems during the driving of dog headings. During driving such heading has only one connection with air stream routes, which significantly make difficult the process of its ventilation. In a case of its driving in coal in the methane seam, this heading is endangered also to methane emission. In such case process of its ventilation is much more difficult. In the paper there are presented results of numerical analysis of ventilation of blind dog headings using air-duct forcing the air into its mine face. The analysis was performed for four different velocities of the air at the outlet from air-duct. The calculations were made for the excavation of heading with heading machine and conveyor belt.
Key words: methane hazard, ventilation of dog headings, numerical analysis
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