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M. Wirkus
Project implementation in organisations of repetitive activities

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-10-02-2015
Abstract: The study presents the implementation of projects in organisations that achieve business objec-tives through the implementation of repetitive actions. Projects in these organisations are, on the one hand, treated as marginal activities, while the results of these projects have significant impact on the delivery of main processes, e.g. through the introduction of new products. Human capital and solutions in this field bear impact on the success of projects in these organ-isations, which is not always conducive to smooth implementation of projects. Conflict results from the nature of a project, which is a one-time and temporary process, so organisational solutions are also temporary. It influences on attitudes and commitment of the project contrac-tors. The paper identifies and analyses factors which affect the success of the projects.
Key words: project management, project organisation, human capital
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