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M. Dąbrowski
The supporting of exploitation and maintenance management within networked technical systems

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-06-02-2015
Abstract: Network technical systems are complex systems, which include distribution networks with devices and engineering objects supporting their work. These kind of systems are used for media distribution, such as: drinking water, fuel, gas, heat, etc. One of specific features of this system is large territorial dispersion of technical objects within the system. The exploitation specificity of networked technical systems requires a special approach for implementing maintenance and repair work, taking into account the large territorial dispersion of their components and limited access to technical infrastructure. The features pointed above show the difference between networked technical system and the typical industrial technical objects (e.g. available in manufacturing plants). This difference also requires the use of specific IT tools for maintenance management. This article discusses examples of selected tools in this class.
Key words: maintenance, Geographic Information System (GIS), water supply system, exploitation, networked technical system, operational events
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