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Z. Korban
Radiation of mining grounds - case study forecasting the hazard level of ionizing

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-01-02-2015
Abstract: When analyzing time series we can often observe that they have periodic oscillations (cyclic, seasonal). One of the methods which can be applied to investigate such a phenomenon and which belongs to the group of periodic components models is the method of harmonic analysis. The method consists in analyzing the oscillations around the medium level a0 and building a model as the sum of so called harmonics. The paper presents the applicability potential of harmonic analysis in the forecasting process of radiation hazard on post-mining grounds (mine waters with raised content of radium Ra226 and Ra-228 drained off to the surface), using for that purpose the measurement results of radium concentration from the area of mine water catchment from the years 2004-2013.
Key words: hazard of ionizing radiation, harmonic analysis
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