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A. Loska
Variant assessment of exploitation policy of selected companies managing technical network systems
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-13-03-2015
Abstract: The article presents the practical conditions of the implementation of the taxonomic method for assessing the exploita-tion policy, developed by the author and described in the article entitled Methodology of variant assessment of exploita-tion policy using numerical taxonomy tools (Management Systems in Production Engineering no 2(18)/2015) [19]. In the first part of the article, the elaborated (by the author) methodology has been verified on the basis of maintenance data of three companies, that manage technical network systems (water supply system, sewage system, heating system). The second part of the article includes interpretation of the findings of assessment of exploitation policy of analyzed tech-nical network systems, as well as indications of possible proceedings into studied companies, in the field of maintenance works realization.
Key words: exploitation policy, numerical taxonomy, technical network systems, maintenance management
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