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A. Irimia, G.A. Găman, S. Simion, A. Călămar, D. Pupăzan
Noise in the industry – threat for health
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-04-03-2015
Abstract: The success of certain industrial activities bring both benefits and negative effects such as pollution, occupational diseas-es, exposure of workers and residents of neighboring areas and high risk in case of technological failure.
An undesirable effect of industrial activity which may be considered a threat to workers and residents in the immediate vicinity of industrial sites is the noise. Due to the presence of technology in all activities, is a major problem considering its nature and harmful repercussions on health. Hearing loss and deafness caused by occupational exposure to noise at work are the most common occupational diseases that occur in the European Union.
The development of modern technology by increasing the power and speed of the technical equipment, contributed to diversify and increase the number of sources of noise and vibration, and thus to increase the number of people exposed.
This paper analyzes the effect of noise from industrial equipment and health risks.
Key words: health, hearing loss, noise, noise pollution, occupational noxious, safety
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