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M. Wojtaszak, W. Biały
Problem solving techniques as a part of implementation of six sigma methodology in tire production. Case study
DOI 10.12914/MSPE-03-03-2015
Abstract: Problem solving methods – are an indispensable part of the management and improvement of production. At the turn of decades, with the development of industry, specific techniques have been implemented and refined by the leaders in this field, such as Toyota, GE and Motorola. The foundation of problem solving is to find real root cause of the problem as soon as possible, its understanding and implementation of appropriate solutions that will ensure that the problem does not occur again. This paper provides an overview of methods and techniques to solve problems in the manufactur-ing plant Trelleborg Wheel Systems Sri Lanka, producing pneumatic tires for light agricultural machinery. These techniques are implemented as part of the Lean Six Sigma program.
Key words: problem solving techniques, Lean Management, Six Sigma, brainstorming, pattern braking
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