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D. Tarnapowicz
Assessment of the electric power quality on the polish fishing boats

DOI 10.12914/MSPE-01-03-2015
Abstract: Power quality is an important problem for electrical systems. Electricity receivers should operate at nominal conditions. Each deviation from nominal values may cause the malfunction of electrical devices, decreasing their durability and per-manently damage the appliance. The importance of electric power quality for technical systems and individual electrical devices on fishing boats is fundamental. Utilization of equipment powered by electrical energy with a reduced quality resulting in economical losses and the treat to the screw's safety.
Researches of the electrical energy's quality were carried out almost any type of fishing boats. This article presents the results of researches concerning the quality of electrical energy performed on a representative type of fishing boats. It shortly evaluates the results of tests and suggests solutions to improve the power quality parameters.
Key words: electrical power quality, electrical energy system of fishing boats, quality parameters of electrical energy, passive filter
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