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Z. Matuszak
Particular reliability characteristics of two-element parallel technical (mechatronic) systems
Abstract: The paper characterizes the basic distributions of failure of elements that constitute the technical (mechatronical) systems: exponential, Weibull, normal, log-normal distribution. The description of two-element parallel technical systems with reliability characteristics has been made. Specific cases are studied where up time of the technical system elements have exponential, Weibull, normal, log-normal distributions and where the system consists of two parts with parallel reliability structure and of different types of distributions of elements up times. The order of elements in the analysis does not matter. The relevant characteristics of reliability for a system with two parallel elements are presented: up time distribution function of the system, system reliability, up time probability density of the system, the system failure intensity.
Key words: technical (mechatronical) system, distributions of elements failure, distributions of failures of two-element parallel technical systems
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V. Nordin, Y. Mikhalskaya
About certification in the automobile field
Abstract: The transport industry development in the Russian Federation makes urgent the problem of transportation security, rendering qualitative services in the goods (passengers) transportation field, checkup and repairing motor transport vehicle and etc. Certification is the basic mechanism the work of which should be directed not only at the conformity of service assessment at automobile transport to the specified requirements but also be a regulator of preventing negative developments due to implementing services quality and security improvement. Particularities and stages of conformity assessment are considered in the article also it is offered to differentiate transportation services in levels according to the value of their complex quality level.
Key words: certification, services transport, transport safety
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G. Nicewicz, D. Tarnapowicz
Assessment of marine auxiliary engines load factor in ports
Abstract: For the calculation of emission of air pollutants generated by ships in port it is needed, besides other things, knowledge of the load factor of marine auxiliary engines. The value of this factor in the reports of global organizations, dealing with air pollutants emission from ships, is determined mainly on interviews with chief engineers on board. The paper presents the method of assessment of this factor based on identification tests of marine electric power systems carried out by the authors. The obtained in this way results are compared with the values given in the global organizations reports.
Key words: air pollutants emissions from ships in ports, auxiliary engines load factor
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T. Pauliček, P. Čičo, J. Zaujec, M. Burda
Risk assessment and actions to reduction of risk in explosive environment
Abstract: This article deals with assessment and risk reduction measures in explosive atmospheres, respectively of natural gas filling station CNG for cars, lorries and buses. The filling station was monitored for two years and FMEA have been applied to define and evaluate deficiencies, suggest corrective measures to reduce the number of failures in the system. Application of the method FMEA helped by identifying and minimizing the likelihood of failures in the system, which is of great importance from the viewpoint of preventing the occurrence of adverse events.
Key words: risk, disorder, FMEA, adverse event
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A. Wolnowska
Implementation of qualitative rules in company`s information management
Abstract: In the article there were presented chosen issues of quality management. Important role of information and work processes in companies were emphasized . Based on eight rules of quality management, TQM standards and ideas of discipline pioneers like Deming, Juran, Crosby and Shewart, author has constructed way of using chosen rules and assumptions to company`s information circulation. Analogy, suggested by author, has not only emphasized importance of information as a company`s resource, but also has pointed to possibility of improving ways of managing this information.
Key words: rules of quality management, information circulation, Total Quality Management
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Z. Andrássyová i inni
Improving quality of statistical process control by dealing with non-normal data in automotive industry
Abstract: Study deals with an analysis of data to the effect that it improves the quality of statistical tools in processes of assembly of automobile seats. Normal distribution of variables is one of inevitable conditions for the analysis, examination, and improvement of the manufacturing processes (f. e.: manufacturing process capability) although, there are constantly more approaches to non-normal data handling. An appropriate probability distribution of measured data is firstly tested by the goodness of fit of empirical distribution with theoretical normal distribution on the basis of hypothesis testing using programme StatGraphics Centurion XV.II. Data are collected from the assembly process of 1st row automobile seats for each characteristic of quality (Safety Regulation -S/R) individually. Study closely processes the measured data of an airbag´s assembly and it aims to accomplish the normal distributed data and apply it the statistical process control. Results of the contribution conclude in a statement of rejection of the null hypothesis (measured variables do not follow the normal distribution) therefore it is necessary to begin to work on data transformation supported by Minitab15. Even this approach does not reach a normal distributed data and so should be proposed a procedure that leads to the quality output of whole statistical control of manufacturing processes.
Key words: quality, statistical control, hypothesis testing, probability distribution, normality, data transformation
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V. Nordin, P. Shcherban
Development of recommendations for the effective functioning of the gas system of Kaliningrad region
Abstract: Prolonged and intensive use of the gas transportation system of the Kaliningrad region, led to the deterioration of a number of areas. This article discusses the current state of the gas transmission system and possible options for its repair without interrupting the gas supply to the Kaliningrad region.
Key words: infrastructure, transmission of gas, continuity of supply
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M. Matuszak
Impact tests of micromilling tool mounted in micromilling machine spindle
Abstract: Method of performing impact test of tool mounted in micromilling machine spindle is presented. Due to very small tool dimensions performing impact test in classical way is impossible. Accelerometer cannot be used for impulse response measurement. For measurement of tool displacement laser vibrometer is used. Frequency response function was measured in two directions in seven points of micromilling tool. Additionally frequency response function in three points of machine spindle is measured. Resonant frequencies and their amplitude for points on tool and on machine spindle are compared. Results of performed impact tests are shown. Conclusions arising from performed impact tests are presented.
Key words: micromilling, impact test, frequency response function, micromilling tool
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A. Adamkiewicz, W. Kamiński
LNG Terminal Safe Operation Management
Abstract: This article presents the significance of LNG terminal safety issues in natural gas sea transport. It shows particular requirements for LNG transmission installations resulting from the specific properties of LNG. Out of the multi-layer critical safety areas comprising structural elements of the terminal safety system, possibilities to decrease the risk of emergency occurrence on LNG terminals have been selected. Tasks performed by the LNG terminal, together with its own personnel and the outside one, have been defined. General theses for LNG terminal safety have been formulated.
Key words: terminal, LNG, operation, safety, gas carrier, unloading, personnel
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