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A. Wieczorek
Methods and techniques of prediction of key performance indicators for implementation of changes in maintenance organisation
Abstract: The article presents the concept of how to assess the future state of the organization in the area of using and maintenance of technical means, basing on the combination of "classic" prognostic model with models - components of the selected computer tools. Presentation of this concept was preceded by the definition and characteristics of maintenance key performance indicators. It also presents a requirements and method of KPIs selection.
Key words: maintenance management, reliability, prediction, computer support, GIS, CMMS, EAM, ERP, KPI
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L. Chybowski
Safety criterion in assessing the importance of an element in the complex technological system reliability structure
Abstract: The paper presents the need to develop a description of the importance of the technological systems reliability structure elements in terms of security of the system. Basic issues related to the exploration of weak links and important elements in the system as well as a proposal to develop the current approach to assessing the importance of the system components have been presented. Moreover, the differences between the unreliability of suitability and unreliability of safety have been pointed out.
Key words: importance of an element, importance assessment, weak link, system security/safety
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I. Grzanka
Work transformation in the information society
Abstract: The paper presents the basic conditions, positions and related with them trends in work processes in the information society. Particular attention is given to telework as an innovative form of work, based on modern information and communication technologies, and also it consideres the impact of ICT and globalization on contemporary and future work processes as well as the structure of employment.
Key words: information society, the labor market, telework, ICT
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J. Mazurkiewicz, I. Bartyzel, A. Mazurkiewicz
Regional transportation – reactivation
Abstract: Passenger quantity histogram was used to measure the character of passengers’ migration, pick commuter times, equal intensity and minimal commuter numbers. The measurement was done pre and post changes introduced to the train timetable for both working days and weekends (Saturdays and Sundays). The small numbers of passengers made this connection unsustainable without substantial financial support from the government. The changes introduced to the timetable failed to generate increased demand for the service. The Pareto chart clearly illustrates the changes introduced to the timetable over the period of this research. Other disadvantages of the new timetable were also pointed out in this paper.
Key words: number of passengers, intensity of traffic, effectiveness, Pareto, regional trains/commuter trains
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J. Zarębska
Packaging waste management on example of city Zielona Góra
Abstract: The article presents the legal requirements of the European Union's packaging waste, and their most recent transposition into Polish law. The author has attempted to describe selected achievements of the Department of Public Utilities and Housing (DPUaH) in Zielona Góra, which for many years on behalf of the city, in a systematic way it’s developing municipal waste management system (including packaging), consistent with EU policies and objectives of sustainable development. The deficiencies and weaknesses in the system are taken into consideration, whose liquidation is a priority for future investment of DPUaH consistent with the Waste Management Plan for the City of Zielona Góra.
Key words: Directive 94/62/EC, Directive 2008/98/EC, packaging waste, recovery, recycling
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M. Wiaterek
State treasury special purpose entities for organisation of UEFA EURO 2012

Abstract: Under the provisions of the Act to prepare for UEFA Euro 2012, two State Treasury special purpose entities were formed: PL 2012 Ltd. and National Sports Centre Ltd. PL 2012 company fulfils the primary role in the organization of preparations for UEFA Euro tournament because it was formed for the purposes of the coordination and supervision of the preparatory actions.
Key words: EURO 2012, National Sports Centre, Company PL 2012
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