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T. Cisek
Benefits and risks of communal sewage management arrangement project realization on the base of cohesion found – case study

Abstract: The paper presents the process of communal sewage management arrangement project realisation , which has been co-found by Cohesion Found. Main stress has been given on the benefits made by apply of assumed solutions for natural environment – the quality of surface water - as well as for communal and household finance. An example of possible financial as well as technical complications occurs during the stage of project realization, which have been unforeseeable during stage of design.coal properties, analysis, the optimal method
Key words: sewage management, Cohesion Found, communal sewage, sewerage
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M. Mierzwa
Kansei Engineering and opportunities of using it for packaging sector

Abstract: In the publication is presented a short description of the Kansei Engineering, described the packaging sector and the packane as a final product and there are put the necessary steps used in Kansei Engineering. The aim of the article is to emphasise the usefulness of this metod for saving time and company’s money.
Key words: Kansei Engineering, packages, packaging sector, designing, application of the Kansei Engineering
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M. Gawron, E. Kitta, A. Zagajewski, A. Shageev
European system of Eco-Labels and its role in the limitation of industrial threats

Abstract: The article deals with the issue of the European ECO-LABELS system and its rolein reducing environmental risks arising from the industries connected to the production of consumer goods and a sample of synthetic assessment of its operations. For a better understanding of this role and its evaluation, in this article, among others, comparative studies were used, conducted on a group of 400 Polish and German students directed at determining the level of knowledge of issues and criteria of ECO-LABEL and consumer choices.
Key words: eko-label, ecotag, ecolabelling, consumer choice criteria,instruments for industrial hazards
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K. Zagajewska, A. Hasiuk
Ecological aspects as overall car sales stimulators

Abstract: In following paper we`d like to highlight connection between operations leading to reduce environmental pollutions in processes of production, exploitation, waste management and market demand for cars identified as ecological.
Key words: environment, green cars, hybrids, car sales, consumer behavior
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W. Biały
Logistic systems in cable manufacturing enterprise

Abstract: Logistic as a method of management is a dynamically growing field of knowledge concerning rules, methods and techniques of forming materials and stock movements and related to them information within systems and between logistic systems.
Company’s efficient logistic system is a condition of maintaining its activity and achieving competitive position. Company won’t be able to last among growing market competition in ongoing and rapid changes without planed, organized, conducted and controlled logistic system.
Key words: logistics, manufacturing, manufacturing enterprise
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W. Gładysz
The health and safety at work system management as a prevention tool of accidents at work

Abstract: This article discusses problems connected with the issue of preventing the accidents at work due to introduction of The Health and Safety at Work System Management to the integrated management system. For the purpose,  the particular definitions connected with the accidents at work were presented and a short analysis of accidents at work in the years 2007-2010 was made. The detailed analysis was made in  the example of a company producing chemical goods in the district of Silesia. The introduction of integrated system of the management should have an influence on the reduced number of accidents at work.
Key words: accident at work, occupational health and safety, integrated management system, The Health and Safety at Work System Management
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W. Paszkowski
Elements of spatial planning in designing of acoustic environment on urban areas

Abstract: The paper presents the meaning of elements of proces of spatial planning in designing acoustic environment on urban areas. There were indicated problems and limitations in statements of strategic municipal documents related to spatial planning. There were also desribed possibilities of shaping acoustic environment using models of spatial structures in relations to the configuration of transportation system.
Key words: acoustic environment, spatial planning, urban areas, spatial structures, transportation system
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J. Mietelska
The evaluation of functioning of the health and safety at work system management

Abstract: The presented publication shows the comparative analysis and the results of two surveys made in a transport company, connected with the functioning of the Health and Safety at Work System Management. First of the surveys was the external audit, the second one was a questionnaire survey carried out for the master’s thesis needs. On the basis of the analysis, I consider that the informal questionnaire survey shows more reliable results than the external audit.
Key words: the Health and Safety at Work System Management, the system’s effectiveness, external audit, a survey
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T. Szulc
Social criteria for delimitation of degraded urban areas

Abstract: The author presents results of research on selection of social criteria for delimiting the boundaries of degraded urban areas for the needs of implementing urban revitalization processes. The research wass done under within the framework of the project no N115 415740 „Application of creativity and strategic management tools in formulating and implementing revitalization programs of degraded urban areas”.
Key words: revitalization, delimitation of degraded areas, social policy, urban development
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