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V. Moni, F. Helebrant
Temperature picture of a bucket tooth and its’ service life

Abstract: The shape and the geometry of a bucket edge, its material and the material of a mechanical tooth are the key influences on the efficiency and energetic demands of mining processes with bucket wheel excavators. If the excavator units are often changed due to wear or breaking down, it increases the cost of the mining process, of course. It also reduces the service life of the machine and therefore it reduces the efficiency of the whole technological unit [TU] as well. Consequently, all wear causes not only changes to the shape and geometry or material features of the digging unit, but it also increases energy demands of the mining process, as mentioned. The presumption is – increased wear of digging units raises cutting resistances and consequently the temperature goes up due to higher friction and wear. Therefore, the picture of the temperature is the scale for measuring wear.
Key words: thermography, service life, bucket wheel excavator
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