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R. Hamříková, J. Jurman
Effective energy utilisation with the excavator wheel

Abstract: The optimum utilisation of energy supplied to the excavator wheel rests upon the optimisation of mode parameters of breaking aimed at diminishing the energy demand of the mining process at keeping theoretical efficiency. With bucket wheel excavators, the mining process is subject, similarly to any process in the course of which rock breaking takes place, to general regularities influencing the final effect. Then, theoretical conclusions and practical results can be applied that have been verified in the operation of drilling units and tunnelling machines, in the course of which a considerable energy and thus also economic saving was made by the regulation of mode parameters of breaking. The solution proposed is based on the determination of basic dimensions of the cut mined, especially the width-depth ratio according to the criterion of minimum specific energy by volume.
Key words: energy efficiency, bucket wheel excavator, optimization
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